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  1. I bought a Citizen Echo Drive on board several years ago and it was a good deal. It’s Titanium and pretty hard to find. Like anything you you need to be educated consumer before you make the purchase. Google and Amazon are your friend before you get on board. If you find find something on board look at the stores while in port. Compare prices when you have free WiFi. My thoughts If you find find the right price get it. If you are just looking for a special piece talk to your local jeweler before you go. You may be surprised what they can do.
  2. We sailed out of Mobile in August. We parked off site (SpotHero) for $30 for the 5 days and used Uber and it was very easy. I would reccomend Uber.
  3. I’d try Nachi again. We have been there multiple times. Once or twice the service has been OK, but I think it definitely checks most of your boxes. We are try Mr Sanchos next month for the water toys. I will report back.
  4. They were right about $ 50 a carton in August. Marlboro were the same price on ship and on shore in Cozumel.
  5. nydney1

    Starfish island

    Thanks for the info. We were looking to do this through Carnival.
  6. That explains it. Our sitting area area was over on the right. There was a wedding going on over on the left side. I am not sure if it was at our resort or not but I tried to stay away and not intrude. Last thing I would want at my wedding was a guy walking around in swim trunks with no shirt.
  7. I have left a hardback or two in the library after I’ve read it
  8. I was there last Wednesday. I still can’t believe I missed the pool.
  9. We were there several years ago and are going back in October. Form stories and posts on Social Media it appears that a lot has changed since our last visit. When we were there the animals appeared to be treated well. The cages were large and the animals looked healthy. I was told they had several vets on site. They are no longer doing photos with the Jaguar. When we were there they did it and the big cat looked very domesticated. We did not do it but it looked very structured. Not sure when you are going but I would be happy to report back. I have had concerns as well after hearing all the bad press.
  10. No argument from me on any of your comments. Just wish I had saw that #$!! pool. I am am a big beach fan and was looking forward to the water. We were given every option to cancel. If if you are looking for an excursion in Costa Maya I recommend them. I just wanted folks to be aware that the seaweed may be worse than expected. Again I am not implying we were deceived at all. As you said the price paid is a bargain even without ocean access.
  11. I am as well. I checked with the wife and she did not see one as well. No mention of it or pictures on the website. My wife did say that after her Massage she didn't know there was any seaweed on the beach. She didn't even know who I was. I guess that was a good massage.
  12. I don’t remember seeing a pool at Maya Chan.
  13. We just were at Maya Chan last week. The place is nice and the service is great. However the sargassum was so bad we could/chose not to even get in the water. I thought it it was a wasted day. To Maya Chan’s defense, the gave us the option to cancel up to the time we boarded the van. They had photos of the beach from that morning. They also had 3-4 people on working on cleaning up the area. The sargassum did not look that bad as we came into port. I though it would be ok, but I was wrong. Again, the service was great.
  14. We are just off the Fantasy yesterday. I did did not see any of the issues that are described. I did did notice the following: The staff on lido was taking any silverware that was still wrapped on a table and unwrapping it and placing in the dirty bins. But there were times there were dirty dishes everywhere. (It was not a rush time, looked more like not enough staff scheduled or their was a meeting, 10 minutes later 5 people came out at the same time and addressed all the dishes) There was a crew member wiping anything that was spilled at the buffet as soon as it hit the counter. I had never noticed it that fast before. Dining room service was very slow. Overheard the water telling another member of the crew his other person was pulled to work lido and would not be back tonight. There was an attendant at Serenity keeping kids out of the area, They were actually turning smaller kids away. There were a few between 18-21 that were laying out, but they were very quiet. Not sure how old they were. i just now say the article so these things just stood out to me before seeing the review.
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