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  1. I may be reading this wrong but they were asking about a water bottle. You can take an empty water bottle onboard. If you are looking from bottled water, the easiest way is to purchase from Carnival.
  2. Thanks for the info both of you. I have ave read allot of Mitsugirly’s reviews and respect her opinion. I will also look them up on trip advisor. I was aware of the spat with local authorities but was not of how serious it has become. i really appreciate the information.
  3. We went to LFK several years ago and thought it was fantastic. I know there have been some issues with the animals and a fire, but in the last few months there has been very little talk about LFK on the boards good or bad. We are scheduled to go back in October. Is LKF still a good option? Can I get some input from anyone that has been there recently.
  4. We are on the Fantasy in August and Glory in October if you still need them
  5. You used to get an obj for doing so. $50 for up to a 5 day and$100 for a 7 day
  6. Does anyone know if the Fantasy allows you to book a new cruise on board? If I remember correctly this was only done on certain ships. Looking to get the additional obc credit for booking onboard.
  7. We stay at the Hampton Inn Cruiseport. There is a shuttle from FLL airport for free. There is a McDonald’s in front of the hotel that you can walk to. There is also a Dollar Tree and a grocery next to the hotel. We walk there and get our pre cruise items in the morning before we leave. No way Uber XL will fit everyone. (I’m an Uber fan) it’s not worth the risk and stress on the morning of a cruise. I’m a big fan of QLS transportation. We have used them many times. They will pick you up infront of your hotel and take you direct to the port. Sorry no stops unless you rent the whole van. Last time we went it was $15.00 per person. They have a trailer they tow behind the van to accommodate all the luggage.
  8. lele100 email me at cfontanez@comcast.net. I’ve got one I can send you. Just pay it forward sometime. Chris
  9. It depends on the staff and more importantly on the kids and family. We have two kids that are 14 months apart. The are more like twins. We have asked on several of the cruises to move the younger one up. We ask politely and sometimes they say yes on the spot, many more times it depends on how many kids are on board. We don't argue and neither do the kids. Often by the second day the kids have either moved up to the same camp or the younger one said that she is fine where she is and has made new friends. The key is to be polite and just talk to people. (Which is true in life).
  10. We go $5 per day per child. We have 2 kids. Baaed on if they liked camp
  11. Jules, which plan of travel insurance did you use?
  12. On our last cruise our son was in a wheelchair with a broken femur. (2nd time). We had a cabana booked at HMC (cabana 10 or 11). It was a fiasco. We ended up coming right back to the ship and fought with the shore excursion manager to get a complete refund. If you want details on the issues you can email me for more info at cfontanez@comcast.net. No need to go into it here. Not sure what your guest handicap is but if it is a wheelchair I would pass on the cabana. We are still big fans of Carnival as you can see by our past cruises. The just botched this one day.
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