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  1. Thanks @vtcruising for your help...looks like a nice menu.
  2. I had been planning to book some speciality reservations on Reflection, and noticed that the Murano had no availability on Christmas Eve. It re-appeared a few days later as "Murano Christmas Eve" for $119, but there are no details. Has anyone tried this in the past? I'm curious what's offered for the holiday dinner (and higher price).
  3. My guess would be that this is for the new film "Let Them All Talk" which Soderbergh is filming with Meryl Streep.
  4. There is an article posted on the Club site with details: http://seabournclubnews.com
  5. Thanks you, proggieus. If it's 2x odds, I'll probably be walking past the table.
  6. Is anyone else missing a "restaurant" in VP? We're in Princess Grill so I'm not sure if "early seating" is an error or just a quirk of the Cunard site.
  7. Thanks for taking the time to write this up...I found it very interesting. I couldn't agree more on the technology comparison. I'll be on Celebrity in December for the first time in several years, and I'm already impressed by their iOS app and the digital experience so far. It's been fun to play with and I can't wait to see how it functions on board. Cunard, by comparison, has an abysmal website and no app. I realize the different audiences have different expectations, but I hope to see Cunard make some effort in the space in the next few years and at least keep up.
  8. What do you mean? Are the odds different than in a "normal" casino?
  9. It's so frustrating how no one will do this for me at home.
  10. Agree on letting Seabourn do the work here. Our flight wasn't till the afternoon, so we enjoyed a Seabourn bus tour/airport drop-off excursion. It was inexpensive and worked out perfectly.
  11. I believe the first sailings are July 2021, with the ship in Europe for the first few months.
  12. Is it essentially the same as Queen's Room Afternoon Tea, but in a smaller setting? We're trying Grills for the first time next year.
  13. It's down for me too, fadedpages. 👨🏽‍💻
  14. Thank you all for the advice and suggestions. I was struggling with the idea of taking a car to Roma Termini when there is a train station right in Civitavecchia, but I think we'll book a car with Roma Chauffeur. Even if there is no time savings, it should make for an easier time with suitcases. Thanks again!
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