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    Royal Up Questions.

    We got the invite, or actually my 13yo daughter got the invite email. I never get emails addressed to me from Royal, but they have it on file because I'm the one who always books the cruises, they just send it addressed to everyone else in my family but me lol. So, anyway, I bid on her behalf, since I'm the one with the credit card. 😁 I know they may not notify me if the bid was successful until as late as 24 hours prior to the cruise, but does anyone know how quick they let you know if it's not accepted?
  2. 12yo go to the teen program, and you're right, it's not as structured. They can come and go as they please, and activities may change or not happen at all if attendance is low. If he doesn't want to participate, there's Xbox games and such, my middle DD sometimes preferred that. Several times during the cruise they will have teen only events like rock wall, skating and Florida, depending on what your ship has to offer, these are fu because there's rarely much of a wait . One thing I highly suggest is to be sure he goes the first night, they do a bunch of icebreaker games, and often friends are made that first night that continue thru the week.
  3. Not if he's been fired...
  4. Not a good thing...it came totally unexpected this morning, crew was surprised.
  5. Change on Anthem as of this am...Dru Pavlov has left for Administrative Leave. The Activities Manager will take his place for now, no other info available yet.
  6. NanciRDH

    Anthem Roast Beef Sandwiches

    Love this...I usually say warmed up just past moo!
  7. NanciRDH

    Boarding pass changes

    Thanks. I haven't sailed on her yet, so I hadn't heard of this yet. This is her first Royal cruise, so I'm trying to smooth the way.
  8. NanciRDH

    Boarding pass changes

    Has it hit Anthem yet? Asking for a friend, she cruises this week.
  9. Nope, no need to register. There may be an open house if you want to see the teen area for yourself, but you don't have to go. It's the only time you can go in there, so if getting pics is important to you, that's the time to go.
  10. Your kids are both in the teen group, and not really part of Adventure Ocean. They can come and go as they please, you aren't needed to sign them up for anything, but if they want to do group activities that require waivers, like rock wall, ice skating and flowrider, those will need to be taken care of before the activity. On the first night they do some fun ice breaker/getting to know you activites, my kids always said they were fun. Most of the time during the day they would choose to meet up with friends in the pool, evenings they would go to the club, but if it got boring, they would often end up back in the pool or hot tubs. I
  11. And sometimes it looks really ugly out there, and you expect to get slammed, but the storm doesn't cross the street! :'):'):');p
  12. Well shoot. I bought insurance, and will pray for good weather. Thanks for your help.
  13. Ok, because all this is rather confusing, and missing the ship due to weather something I've never had to think about before, living in and sailing from Florida, I've got a question...We booked a cruise from NJ in late December, and I know there's a chance bad weather could come into play. We did book flights out of here very early in the am, day before, hoping for a little wiggle room. But, if worse comes to worse, and we can't fly north, would we be permitted to board in Cape Canaveral, and continue with the rest of the cruise...It still has 2 stops, Nassau and Coco Cay.
  14. NanciRDH

    Coco Cay-What to bring??

    We had fun snorkelling, dragged all our stuff, but you will be required to rent the safety vest. The cost for that is minimal. You'll need to bring towels from the ship, sign out a few the day before to save time. There's several bars as well as guys in golf carts selling drinks, I'm sure water bottles are available at any of those venues.
  15. We did the Water park with my teen/young adult kids, it's been almost 2 years, and they're still talking about it. We went on the advice of a crew member friend, and would definitely go back. They didn't do the zip line, but it's on the wish list for next time.