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  1. Not arguing, just stating a current fact. Who knows what will happen down the road, so chill.
  2. It's not just Adventure, Quantum has been doing 5his too.
  3. First off, at 12 he's aged out of Adventure Ocean, but aged into the teen program 12-14 group. Lots of activities, but the ability to come and go as they please. We've been sailing with kids for 20+ years, most without texting lol. They knew I expect them to check in regularly, and we lived by the cabin post it note.
  4. We went on Anthem for NYE a few years ago, our first holiday sailing, and it was lots of fun. As previously mentioned there were free events, and a paid one in 270. The prices for that were insane, but people paid it because it was full. The Seaplex was the family party, more kids there than the other location in the esplanade. There was a midnight balloon drop, lots of noise and dancing, and a free glass of champagne. We decided to stand on the upper level and watch. The Activities manager ran this party, the CD was in 270. She was staged on the top stair, Wonderland side, close to the art gallery, we were right beside the stairs, so we had a great view. And a lucky spot to be if you want extra champagne. They had it set up on tables outside the gallery, and once all were served, the servers walked away from it. My DD was crew on the ship, and was told the extra glasses, and there were dozens, were just going to be tossed out, so we helped ourselves to more. Once the table was discovered it disappeared fast. We later heard we were at the fun party, and all that champagne didn't cost extra like it did in 270. My younger DD went to the kids party, and said it went dead after the midnight balloon drop.
  5. Right now it's not. The rules from Singapore are quite strict about social distancing onboard.
  6. Yes, but the lounges will be open, though with crowd controls measures in place
  7. 100% this. And I'm burned out from arguing the need to vax to people who just don't care. I decided I don't care about them, but do feel bad for the ones who for legit reasons cannot tolerate it, and small children. Those are the reasons for the rest of us to step up.
  8. We are all vax in my house. We were going to do it anyway, I work in the Dental field and DH in a grocery store, so we were able to get ours months ago. Our 16yo got hers just after her birthday, and no, she wasn't forced into it, she understands the necessity. I honestly thought it would be mandatory to cruise...their ships, their rules.
  9. They have been sailing on Quantum without issue, following Singapore rules, since December 1. Even with the city shutdown recently, they're still going out. Yes, with dramatically reduced numbers, but it shows it can be done safely.
  10. We booked ours thru Air2Sea. It's not a limo I'm sure, but $40/pp round trip seemed reasonable.
  11. We did the all access on Freedom, and enjoyed all of it. My husband is a grocery store manager, and seeing the food storage areas was the highlight for him lol. We too got the bags, they're my favorite grocery shopping bags, and I always get compliments on them for some weird reason. One funny thing did happen, when we were in cold storage, with all the boxes of fruit, the tour guide shut the door and said it doesn't lock, so there won't be anyone accidently stuck. But then the door wouldn't open and he had to call security to let us out. 🤣🤣🤣
  12. I haven't done the Waterpark on the island, but go often on land, and I wouldn't spend the $$$ for my teens to have a cabana, they are on the go the whole day, with the occasional stop for food of course lol. I'm sure there are loungers to set up a "home base" for towels and such, that's all we needed.
  13. We have Mariner on July 12, not feeling hopeful anymore. I'm trying to talk DH into making a switch to Nassau, but I'm not sure how that works. I've only ever canceled a cruise once, last year, but it was before final payment.
  14. It is my tradition to have that frozen Piña Coloda as my first onboard drink, no matter the destination. It's just not a cruise for me without one. After that, I'm a vodka girl.
  15. They are still sailing, but many guests opted to cancel...pax count for this cruise is about 200 guests. Rapid tests are being done in the Port terminal, the 3 day PCR test is still required, and if the tracing program red flags anyone, they're denied sailing. Normal activities onboard, but bars close at 10pm, and as mentioned food is takeaway only. The Windjammer has been made temporary crew dining so they can spread out, max of 2 per table. And its working, still no cases reported onboard.
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