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  1. My family is way past AO now, youngest is a teen, but when she was younger and we did Disney, she didn't like their kids club as much as AO. At that point she was a very experienced cruiser, and usually getting her out of camp was a struggle, but on Disney she never really wanted to go...too many kids of all ages, 3-11 all combined, it was a madhouse, so I didn't really blame her. I do understand combining some of the age groups when numbers are low, but that didn't happen with Disney, it was always the crazy free for all.
  2. I haven't done Jamie's yet, but one family member has, and she said it was only meh. I gave her the choice of anywhere onboard for her birthday dinner, and she chose Chops
  3. I get emails for other family members sent to my address, but never any addressed to me. And I just got a C&A welcome letter congratulating me on my newly acquired gold status. I'm D+ lol. But that helps explain why we got a phone call on our Anthem cruise in January...all our typical D+ perks were removed because they were given to us in error they said.
  4. I saw the beach beds today for my 7/6 Symphony cruise, but didn't notice the location, only the price. I paid less than $200 last October, but the price today was $283. At that time they were in S beach, and while we enjoyed it, the "catered lunch" that was included was terrible...we ate as soon as it was delivered, but hot items were cold, and cold items were warm. The shrimp ceviche was so warm I didn't dare eat it.
  5. Sorry, yes. It does work with Voom, I meant the sneaky backdoor to use it, and similar messaging apps, without having to buy WiFi. Crew WiFi is more expensive than guests lol.
  6. Unfortunately WhatsApp doesn't work on all the ships...my daughter is currently crew on Symphony, and we haven't found an android message app that works on that ship, seems they've closed that back door. We had been using that app successfully for years now, until she was assigned to SY. So far she hasn't found one that works, so I have to wait to hear from her when she gets into port and finds a free WiFi spot.
  7. Mine didn't come in until I did the check in online. Then it came to my DH. Last time it was addressed to our 13yo, but we didn't get an upgrade. I didn't think we would, it was a holiday sailing, full ship. But it was fun to play along, didn't cost anything and I might have gotten lucky, but it was ok I didn't, wish me luck this time!
  8. Wow. I just looked at the map, and it all looks so unfamiliar to me! We were there in October and January, South Beach was open, I did the beach beds in October, but the entire island center was behind walls, and didn't look much different from one visit to the next. I can't even envision where the tender loading zone was from this map. We cruise on Symphony in July, can't wait to see all the changes!
  9. Merion Mom is correct, there are no vocal understudies. There's a pre-recorded "sick" track they can use if the performer is sick or has no voice, but the show must go on.
  10. Welcome to Florida! They have been more prolific this year for some reason. Annoying, but harmless, unless you're a car. The bug remnants in your grill after even a short drive will digest your paint job.
  11. My kids were given charging rights when they were 12. Younger than that they were either with me or in camp...I didn't allow self signing out in Adventure Ocean, but at 12 they were with the teens and able to roam at will. They knew I checked their folio daily, so spending beyond the one foo-foo drink or coffee (as an older teen) per day when on their own would only result in the loss of privilege. Trust and verify...
  12. I found a book on eBay years ago that was the history of the company up to its 25th anniversary, starting with how the company was built from the ground up through Legend of the Seas. Lots of vintage pics, and an informative read. I'm hoping they will do the same for their 50th.
  13. At 12 your kid is considered a teen, and there is no signing in necessary. Teen activities are a lot more flexible, and often changes depending on attendance and youth staff desires. My kids loved it, but were apt to make friends and hang out separately from the group if the activity wasn't of interest to them. Be sure they go the first night after dinner...this is when they do the icebreaker activities and it's easier to make new friends.
  14. I'm currently on Anthem, having a great time. Some things have been rather strange...we had the normal welcome onboard C&A paperwork, but early on day 2 there was a message left on the phone saying the D+ tour invite and benefits didnt apply to us, and sorry for the inconvenience. We are D+, and have sailed several times since hitting that level. Last night was formal night, and I realized the normal plates of treats havent arrived...cheese, chocolate strawberries, etc. The perks are loaded on the sea pass, but I just wondered if something was overlooked, or the treats just arent given anymore. I'll check with the LA later, but thought I'd throw it out here to see if anyone else had the same experience.
  15. Well, I cruise tomorrow and have yet to get a yay or nay email on my bid. I'm fine with my chosen room, but a suite upgrade would be sweet! The last I heard was the day initially made the bid, December 4th.
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