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  1. Ugh. My cruise was paid off, before final date, and I cancelled it one month before final date, and I still have no refund. We opted to refund because 1...it was a lot of $$$. 2...I'm out of work because of all this. 3...we will cruise again, but with the way the world is, who knows when we might be able to cruise again. I had heard it could take up to 30 days. Guess it's time to get on the phone myself. Thanks for sharing your result.
  2. Club Royale thinks they will be cruising this summer. Got a free cruise offer, first time ever! It's for a Bahamas or Caribbean from mid July thru August, on Liberty, Symphony, Mariner, Independence, or Navigator.
  3. Explorer was originally going to France for drydock. I know crew who was on board, and looking forward to it.
  4. Explorer sent home more crew too, we just picked up our daughter in Miami. Many more to go home, if flights are available. If not, they're staying with the ship. She said it's been a crazy few days.
  5. Shipyards probably closed as part of the quarantine, some subcontractors probably couldn't make it due to travel restrictions if they weren't locals
  6. She said drydock was cancelled, and doesn't know if that will change. She had to turn in her hardhat and ugly steel toed shoes lol. They're just sailing around, possibly stopping in Freeport, and there was talk of crew days in Coco Cay. #EvacuationVacation She's cruise staff, usually in charge of trivia, bingo and such, so I'm not sure what she will be doing besides working on her tan lol.
  7. My daughter is crew on EX, got this text from her this am... Our dry dock was canceled as of last night. We will port in miami on the 15th - the 18th (in and out not over night) and for the remaining time we were supposed to be in france we will be floating around Freeport. Docking when it's free. Ship is hoping everything changes by may and we will sail to europe for cruises without enhancements
  8. Just quoting what I heard from a current EX crewmember earlier this week. It may well be gossip from them. It wasnt the drydock as a whole, but subcontracted work possibly. I'm sure behind the scenes rumors are a rampant there as they are right here lol.
  9. Explorer is also about to head over to Spain for her drydock after they complete this weeks cruise. No guests aboard for the crossing. Biggest concen I've heard is the majority of the contractors are from Italy, so that may confound things for a while, and drydock may take longer than expected. I'm supposed to cruise on her, from Rome, in July. (And yes, I know its not actually in Rome, it's just easier to spell)
  10. No such luck for me. I looked today, and it's still more than my original booking from last October. Maybe it had been higher at one point and dropped, I hadnt looked until today. But, seeing as it's a Med cruise, anything could happen between now and July.
  11. Mom to a crew member here, she has been assigned to different ships after being home for a few weeks, sometimes longer depending on the time of year, there's a break around the holidays when new contracts are on hold, just because it's a busy time. Her contract has been 6-7 months, and she usually knows her next assignment before coming home. I know she had to request top 3 ships, so maybe that's why some crew seem to return to the same ships. I know she picks different ships based on itinerary. I like it best when she's got Canaveral as her home port, it's less than an hour from home lol.
  12. Probably for the reason Blueridgemama said, to give you a sample of what's available in the fleet's specialty restaurants, even if they aren't on your current ship. Chances are someone will do this dining event, and then book a future cruise on a ship that has one or more of them. And even if nobody does, they still spent more $$ onboard for something extra instead of eating a meal already included in their cruise fare.
  13. Troublemaker 😂😂😂 Sometimes links aren't allowed if they're for a competing site, or affiliated with a travel agency.
  14. I'd have to agree with this. 18yo are not allowed at all, and many in the 15-17 age group are more likely to wander on their own. My middle DD didn't want to "age out" when she turned 18, but on the last cruise she was 17 and still able to join, she decided not to because the age range for that particular week was heavy on 12-13 yo kids, and she felt too grown up for them. She was always one of those kids who would choose AO over any other onboard activities, even swimming lol.
  15. Lots of experience with all the kids activity groups here...12 is the youngest in the teen group, but they generally combine the ages if attendance is low. And it's very casual, no sign in or out. On night 1 there's an icebreaker kind of party, and my kids say most friendships start that night, so they try not to miss it.
  16. I was wondering how much effect this might play in the bidding game. Might prove interesting for some! We don't sail again until July, from Rome. I need to check my paperwork to see what I paid, maybe there is a chance to grab a suite for a great price.
  17. And airplanes are (have been) taking it globally. Cruise ships aren't to blame, they just provide a small community in close quarters an increased chance of sharing the virus.
  18. I usually buy one for my teen DD, she only ever wants a small, so the double punch isn't an issue, she's been able to get non-dairy without an upcharge, and she gets great pleasure "treating" me to a cup once in a while.
  19. My family is way past AO now, youngest is a teen, but when she was younger and we did Disney, she didn't like their kids club as much as AO. At that point she was a very experienced cruiser, and usually getting her out of camp was a struggle, but on Disney she never really wanted to go...too many kids of all ages, 3-11 all combined, it was a madhouse, so I didn't really blame her. I do understand combining some of the age groups when numbers are low, but that didn't happen with Disney, it was always the crazy free for all.
  20. I haven't done Jamie's yet, but one family member has, and she said it was only meh. I gave her the choice of anywhere onboard for her birthday dinner, and she chose Chops
  21. I get emails for other family members sent to my address, but never any addressed to me. And I just got a C&A welcome letter congratulating me on my newly acquired gold status. I'm D+ lol. But that helps explain why we got a phone call on our Anthem cruise in January...all our typical D+ perks were removed because they were given to us in error they said.
  22. I saw the beach beds today for my 7/6 Symphony cruise, but didn't notice the location, only the price. I paid less than $200 last October, but the price today was $283. At that time they were in S beach, and while we enjoyed it, the "catered lunch" that was included was terrible...we ate as soon as it was delivered, but hot items were cold, and cold items were warm. The shrimp ceviche was so warm I didn't dare eat it.
  23. Sorry, yes. It does work with Voom, I meant the sneaky backdoor to use it, and similar messaging apps, without having to buy WiFi. Crew WiFi is more expensive than guests lol.
  24. Unfortunately WhatsApp doesn't work on all the ships...my daughter is currently crew on Symphony, and we haven't found an android message app that works on that ship, seems they've closed that back door. We had been using that app successfully for years now, until she was assigned to SY. So far she hasn't found one that works, so I have to wait to hear from her when she gets into port and finds a free WiFi spot.
  25. Mine didn't come in until I did the check in online. Then it came to my DH. Last time it was addressed to our 13yo, but we didn't get an upgrade. I didn't think we would, it was a holiday sailing, full ship. But it was fun to play along, didn't cost anything and I might have gotten lucky, but it was ok I didn't, wish me luck this time!
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