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  1. Anyone remember "Wee Jimmy"? he was from Scott land and had a very heavy scottish brogue accent. Best CD we ever had.
  2. here is an unrelated question...sort of.. Where are all these ships right now? are they tied up at their home piers or anchored off shore with skeleton crews?
  3. Not sure I agree with this. I think that Carnival has focused on providing a product that is more affordable. A natural byproduct of that would be novice cruisers so it might seem that a large percentage of cruisers are novice. They definitely target a younger crowd which never bothered me.
  4. Another thing we take with us are the inexpensive blow up pool floats. You can buy a pack of three at walmart for about $4 and they lay flat in your suitcase. We use them on our private island day and then find a family with kids and give the floats to them when we leave
  5. I always take hair bands like these and tie them to the clothesline in the shower. then I can hang hangers on them with wet bathing suit. this way they don't all slide together and dry faster.
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