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  1. We were also there same dates Pearl was the best .
  2. Not long up the hill and down very pretty views maybe 10 to 15 minuets
  3. I asked the waiter where to go thats how I knew about it was very nice clean and easy to get to
  4. Book the cayo beach was great just there last week NCL
  5. get off ship get bus or what ever 6.00 pp each way go to garden cove beach what ever they will tell you was the best short drive very clean and beautiful
  6. to cane cove 6.00 pp each way well worth it .
  7. Hi guys was on NCL booked the island was the best thankyou so much was just perfect !
  8. Just there last week booked it on the Pearl when we went onboard it was wonderful would do it again it was clean friendly nobody bothering you like the place the ship takes you said people every where very poor country we saw none of this ship tenders you right to the private island and back .
  9. thank you sounds like just what I want
  10. Going to be there Feb. on the Pearl where to go and with who do , not want to ride a horse or ATV or watch whales and do not want to spend 2 hours in a truck just want a clean beach with food ,chairs ,drinks and beautiful water where to I go ? and please tell me how to get there .Thank you !
  11. Biggest rip off ther is stay away from them.
  12. 4kids


    Have to agree Half Baked there great I bet we ate like 6 doz between 4 of us
  13. They ripped us off for 300.00 and they use a bait and switched scam the one lady tells you can rent a car for 6 but she knows you 7 in your group sends you to someone else who does the paper work when they see you have 7 they say you broke their suppose contract and forfit your deposit but I cant say to much on the boards because they say I do something wrong they ban me for 3 days so thats my story .
  15. comfort suites also gives a discount if you are a member of sams club
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