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  1. We were also scheduled to sail on March 13th onboard Divina. We called to take advantage of the Cruise Assurance program the same day as you as my husband and I both are in high risk groups. We have nothing but an email confirmation with request number. We did not receive a refund of port fees and taxes. Unfortunately, we had 2 cruises out of Venice in June with MSC. Lost flights, wondering if our cruise money is lost, too. I don’t think Europe is going to be welcoming US citizens in early June.
  2. Looks so nice! Maybe we’ll get it next trip. They will be called Grand Suites soon and will be sold at a higher price. You lucked out!
  3. This is the thread- sorry about the size, I couldn't adjust it! Miami Boarding: New Medical Screening, March 14+
  4. We, too, are following as we cancelled due to being in the high risk group. One person is posting on another thread and seems to be enjoying the trip despite the different itinerary. There are about 2000 passengers onboard. I'm glad they are enjoying and wish we could have joined them. I feel good about our decision, though. I hope to hear more from them when they return!
  5. I know! Such a bummer. Funny thing is I saw on a thread that you had one of the square rooms in the Divina YC that we had booked. We were to be in16034. Were you across from us again? 😂 We are supposed to get the FCC in a couple of weeks...this is like Groundhog Day! Please let it be easier this time! So glad you enjoyed your trip.
  6. I tried to do a booking for that week on Grandiosa just to see and there is no cruise showing up for April 3rd. Since I had to cancel my cruise for this week, I have way too much time on my hands. 😔 Looks like it’s cancelled, but they’re going to make you call!
  7. We decided to make the final payment for our 2 cruises out of Venice in June because of the new cancellation policy. We are currently having a "staycation" at our home as we cancelled our Divina trip out of Miami for this week. We couldn't take the risk due to health issues. I'm cautiously optimistic and know we're probably in for another staycation in June. I'm losing my love of cruising. It has become too exhausting to plan and reschedule. Things will look better down the road. I wish everyone the best as you navigate.
  8. The new booking confirmations and e tickets were for the cruise I cancelled! We did not rebook. I’m really concerned. It sounds like we signed up for cruise assurance, but didn’t actually have our cruise cancelled. Will be on the phone all day again today. 😔
  9. 3 hours after getting a confirmation from MSC assurance concerning our cancellation, I received new booking confirmations and E tickets for our cruise on Friday. My online account still shows our booking confirmed and that we leave in 3 days. Did anyone else who used the assurance program have this happen? Just a little nervous about losing the money as we’ve had several booking issues with MSC before.
  10. They're probably still figuring it out!
  11. Thanks for the positive vibes! Our last call was at 5:01 and we received an email with the reference number by 6:04. A certificate with the FCC should be received within 15 days of sail date. Let's hope this isn't another Ocean Cay 20% voucher that takes months to use! I hope the best for all as you make your travel decisions.
  12. My husband began to call at 8 am. Stayed on hold until 2 phones died. Tried again after recharging. Tomorrow is our last chance to cancel as we sail on Friday. 😔 I wish they would take numbers or emails and reply. They need a triage system to help those who are set to embark first. I'm happy they have made an offer, but hope we can take advantage.
  13. We’ve been calling ALL day, sitting with the speaker phone for hours plus and have not had our call answered. We leave Friday. Tomorrow is my last day to cancel. I feel like the FCC is a farce.
  14. We cancelled a cruise because we found an itinerary we liked better several months back. We were told 1-2 months for the credit of our deposit on our card, but we received it in a couple of days. I hope this is the same for you!
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