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  1. That wouldn’t surprise me a bit. We have other cruises booked, but I just wanted to use it and forget it. The letter stated that we would receive it in 7-10 days. It’s been 10 days. Glad to hear from Nikkiw60 that we can use to book cruises further out.
  2. That sounds good. Thank you so much for keeping us updated!
  3. That’s for sure! They were able to send my final payment due for our upcoming cruise last Friday, too!
  4. Thank you for the info. Nothing in the spam folder and we booked directly. Interesting that you received your voucher from the Fort Lauderdale office as they told me they have nothing to do with it. It’s been 8 days. I’ll give it a couple more and then listen to the awful hold music on speakerphone for an hour again. 🙄
  5. We are still waiting for our voucher. Calling MSC doesn’t help. We were told that the vouchers are processed on the ship and that the land side has nothing to do with it. They stated that they have no way of communicating with the people who process them. Communication still seems to be the number one issue MSC needs to address.
  6. Thank you for the replies! EMc- It was a pleasure to meet you as well. Both excursions came together and were enjoyable! Let me know if you receive your voucher as we were on the same sailing. We will do the same.
  7. Thanks, DCGuy! That photo was pic a from our 25th anniversary cruise. We were trying to replicate a wedding photo. It's our favorite!
  8. Super! They were so vague about it onboard and when we called customer service they had no idea. I’ll stop worrying! 😁 I am thankful for the gesture. It was generous.
  9. Thank you for the reply. That was fairly quick! I’ll keep my fingers crossed...
  10. We were on Meraviglia last week and saw both shows. We loved Sonor. We had the cocktail package for Viaggio and sat in the second row and center. Nice seats! We booked the dinner and show for Sonor, but skipped the dinner. We were seated at a dinner table in the corner which had an aisle leading to the stage. It was fantastic. We reserved our prepaid shows with the concierge in YC upon boarding. The dates and times were already limited, so I’m thinking people were able to book prior to boarding. Having said that, there were many empty seats at both shows.
  11. We disembarked Meraviglia yesterday and the staff did say that the minibar changes are coming. The service is so good, though, and the staff really try to provide what pax like. I'm sure we'll still be happy. We didn't use it much, but we did take snacks on excursions and they were replenished. We also had a delicious lobster tail on the last elegant night and we were offered a second. We inquired about the lobster at the pool grill and were told that it was too expensive and that the company was cutting back. It seems that like with all lines and experiences, they change. During our trip, we noticed offerings were different than those recently posted. That's the danger for planners like me. I get my mind set on something and have to shift to the new reality. Regardless, it was a great experience. We were told that wine and liquor offerings are changing for the Caribbean market.
  12. We are just back from a wonderful Meraviglia cruise on 11/24 and wondered if anyone has received the 20% refund voucher for missing Ocean Cay. We have a final payment deadline for our next cruise fast approaching and are hoping to use the voucher. if you did receive it, about how long did it take? Was it in an email? Also, if you used it, was it fairly straightforward or filled with rules and exceptions? Thanks in advance!
  13. Sorry, I just noticed the UK in the heading. I did want to note that after 31 minutes on hold I was informed that I have to send an email to existing reservations to apply my voucher AFTER I receive it by email and that there is absolutely no answer to how long that could be. She stated that they handle the refund vouchers on-board and that there is no way for the land side to get that info. That didn't help at all. 🙄 Left hand/ right hand...never to touch each other
  14. i am currently on hold to inquire about our 20% refund voucher. 26 minutes and counting with no interaction with a human. Wouldn't it have made sense to deliver to our stateroom on the last night and free up the phones for new bookings? Final payment for our next cruise is approaching and I'd like to apply it.
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