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  1. We have a US booking for YC on Divina for March. We have called twice to upgrade to Premium+, but were told that there is no upgrade and that Premium+ is the drink package included with YC. One of the agents had me on hold as she conferred with a supervisor and insisted that YC included the top package. We sailed Mera in November and enjoyed the +. We paid for it prior to booking with no problem. It appears that we will skip it this time or pay the 15% up-charge onboard.
  2. Isn’t that the truth for all of us! My husband retired last year and we had stashed away for some travel this year. If I had t planned all of our trips last year, I would have waited it out. Maybe by the time you cash in, they’ll know what they’re doing! Lol! Ok. Maybe not.
  3. Thanks everyone. It's kind of funny. It feels like I have won an Olympic sporting event! I'm with Bea when it comes to shopping around. We, too, are stuck with our summer Med. cruises as we have also purchased nonrefundable flights and booked hotel rooms. I'm also saddled with a September sailing in the Caribbean, as I have family flying to Miami to meet us on that trip. I know the on-board experience will be great. I'm committed to not calling to change ANYTHING on these booked sailings. No more headaches! It stinks that they won't allow us to upgrade to Premium Plus in YC in March, but I just can't call back. I'll drink Bud Light if it means not contacting MSC by phone. After September...we're ready to explore other waters...or even lands! We will reach Diamond this summer. Wish the perks were worth the work. I really hope MSC improves their customer service. I want to stay!
  4. Hallelujah! After 7 weeks, 25 emails and phone calls...many of which were dropped, we finally had our ocean cay voucher applied! I called today and the first woman said that she had it taken care of. When I asked her for the amount of the voucher, the line went dead. I looked up my booking to see that they had credited me less than half of the amount expected. It turns out that they gave me 20% off the future cruise cost, not the original cruise. I called back. This woman misunderstood the voucher and thought I was only supposed to get $100.00, which was the amount of the OBC we were given on the original cruise. Now, they were going to give me even less money! Finally, I was able to explain the voucher and had them read the letter from the captain which stated it was 20% of the original cruise fare only. I received an email about 30 minutes later with a confirmation showing the correct price. I double checked online. It's all good! Why was this SO DIFFICULT? Whatever will I do with all of my free time, now? Oh, I can start planning my cruise!
  5. I’m so glad that it finally worked out for you! We’re still calling and waiting.
  6. That sounds well worth it! I’ll definitely keep it mind. It’s crazy that there are no Martha Stewart excursion reviews. Thanks so much for posting!
  7. It sounds like it all depends on who you get. I asked the last agent if I could give her my number and have her call back if the call was dropped, due to previous experiences, but she told me that they can’t do that! I don’t recall if the post was on this thread or not, but I totally agree with someone who said to make sure you are satisfied with your booking when you book and don’t call to change anything, ever! Secret to a happy MSC cruise?
  8. Aerynsun- Did you go for it? Anyone else? We're trying to find reviews on Martha Stewart excursions. There doesn't seem to be a lot of info out there...or I'm not a great researcher!
  9. You called on a week day, correct? I'm just trying to figure out when she might be working. Maybe she'll be there on Monday? The holiday? I'm off that day and will give it another go. I did finally receive a confirmation number from reservations acknowledging that a request has been made to apply our voucher. That's a step forward!
  10. I wish I had been on that sailing with you and Bea! We were on the Nov.. 24th cruise. I’m glad that you have finally received your credit, but disappointed it was not for the full amount. Hope to cross paths on a future voyage!
  11. Same here! We emailed and texted but didn’t hear back. I can’t believe that the voucher number is the booking number! You just don’t know how many hours I’ve spent trying to apply the voucher. I’ll call tomorrow and give them the booking number and see what happens! Join us on Divina in March or Med in June! We booked last summer. We’d love to hear from you. Thanks for the tip!
  12. I logged in tonight to see if I had received a credit for my voucher yet. Not only have we not been credited, but neither of us is able to log into our reservations. I can log into my account, but my husband can' t even do that. He just gets a blank page. We have 4 bookings and are unable to access any. It shows my voyager club info and nothing else. Hoping it's a system glitch and that my reservations haven't been lost. MCS is just too much work. 😡 We can't get in through our MSC account or booking number. As as an aside, one family that we encouraged to book with MSC just got status matched to Gold, received the voyager club and teacher discount and had excellent customer service. Oh, to be a new customer again. They seem to honor them more than the old faithful.
  13. So glad for you! Wish it would happen to me, lol! Seriously, thank you for a bit of hope.
  14. Another 40 minutes on the phone after work tonight. I should get paid for my time. Another guy who says that, yes, we’re entitled, but there’s only one department that handles the OC vouchers and I can’t call them. He can’t call them. He said only that department can look up the amount, too. He did say that there is a note on my account that requests the application of the voucher and that it should’t take this long. He sent another email asking to have it added to one of our future sailings. 😔
  15. We upgraded in YC the end of November. The cost to upgrade from premium to premium plus was $119 pp. for a 7 night cruise. We booked directly with MSC. If you booked with a TA, you’ll have to use them. Just ask them to call and speak with someone else. The MSC rep was not well informed. This is typical MSC. I just posted on another thread that we’re about done with the inconsistency and poor land side customer service. Love the onboard experience, but we’re shopping around. Good luck!
  16. It’s been more than a week since the last email was sent by MSC staff to take care of our voucher. ( They claimed to send an email to the correct department. ) We’ve already made final payment on our YC Divina cruise for March, but we are actively looking for another cruise line to replace our 2 weeks in the Med and a Sept Caribbean. It’s the principle.. If anyone has a name, number, or specific email that we can use to have our voucher applied, please let us know. Otherwise, I think it’s time to move on. Even Carnival has better landslide customer service. Sorry if you’re a Carnival fan!
  17. We loved Armonia when we sailed her last June! I wrote up a lengthy review. The staff was excellent. The entertainment was amazing, although I know that can be subjective! We love the older, smaller ships. We had no issues with ac, toilets, etc. We live in Florida and will definitely sail Armonia again.
  18. We are being told that an email was sent to the appropriate department, but I never hear back and, of course, never get a credit. I too would love to know if someone has a number or email that produces results. We have 4 more MSC cruises this year and then may be done. It’s just too hard to book and problem solve. I feel bad that 13 friends have booked with MSC this year based on our recommendation. Wish I could get a kickback! Can you imagine how hard it would be to get that applied? 😂
  19. Thank you., wetcoast. I’m glad to hear Divina has a good selection of reds. Looks like I’ll have to do without my favorite Moët &Chandon Brut Rose! Little problems!
  20. We upgraded YC drink package on Meraviglia to premium plus and there were many champagne options. Drink menus I've seen for Divina show very little champagne. Does anyone know if the selection is similar to Meraviglia? Loved the Cgampagne Bar. Has anyone be upgraded on Divina? If so, did you feel it was worth it?
  21. I just got off the phone and adjusted the price for my booking. We saved $400. It was a 2 hour ordeal and my call was dropped once. Nobody called back. I had to start all over again. This is the third time we have called and made an adjustment for a price drop with MSC. Our first 2 did not involve a cancellation. This one included a cancellation because we also changed promotions. BTW... they quoted me a price increase!! I had to explain step by step what I was seeing on my end. They finally figured it out.
  22. I just revisited this thread after our YC Meraviglia Thanksgiving trip. We are once again trying to decide if the upgrade to premium plus is worth it for our upcoming Divina YC cruise. On Meraviglia, we were told by the sommelier that MSC's new policy is that only the reccomended 2 reds and 2 whites are served in the YC dining room for both lunch and dinner. After questioning why the main dining room was providing premium plus passengers with any wine by the glass, the response was that it''s what they've been told to do. After that night, we were brought wines that we had mentioned on night 1, but it felt like we were causing a problem and it made us uncomfortable. I may ask to dine in the main dining room next cruise! The other issue that we experienced was that YC "ran out of" my favorite red, white, champagne, and Johnnie Walker Blue! I don't drink that much, so it wasn't me! It was probably Bea and DH who cleaned them out, but they had plenty of time to restock in between! 😂Seriously, I felt like they just didn't want to service the premium plus packakge. They did manage to "find" a little JW and 2 of the wines I requested. I felt like a beggar, though! We did pay for the upgrade. 🙄Outside of YC we were able to get everything we asked for, except JW. We may still upgrade as the service in the champagne bar was excellent. I could drink enough champagne to make it worth the cost! We were disappointed that bar service was better outside of YC. The Top Sail lounge bartender was amazing, but he didn't have access to as many offerings as bars on the rest of the ship. We're hoping that this was just a case of Meraviglia and a new crew working together working out the kinks on a new itenerary. Has anyone been in YC on Divina and upgraded to premium plus recently? If so, what was your experience?
  23. I don’t recall reading that anyone has actually used this voucher as of yet. If you’re out there and you have successfully applied it, can you let us know and give us all some hope? 😁
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