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  1. Ok. Don’t laugh at me. I leave on November 24th and I pulled out my travel bags last week! Planning ahead makes packing less stressful and getting ready is part of the fun.
  2. Thanks, Bea. I'd rather be sick now than on vacation! Always looking for the positive...
  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to post! The photos and info are so helpful.. We are sailing on Divina next March, and if I understand correctly, she is identical to Preziosa. I'm enduring a pretty bad cold at the moment.🤒 Your posts are taking my mind away from my self pity as I dream about our upcoming cruises!
  4. Dr. Cocktail- I’ll bring my TP just in case! Thanks for the laugh. It was much needed after a long week at work. I just popped open a bottle of bubbly so that I can get in shape for my upcoming cruise. 😉 Island or no island, I’m so looking forward to the getaway!
  5. That’s the spirit and the secret to never having a bad cruise! Always look for the silver lining! It’s there, somewhere...
  6. I’ll be waiting and watching! I can’t wait to here about your experience! It has to be sooo much better than your last trip. Sending good vibes to you and your hubby!
  7. Bea- We're sailing YC on Meraviglia in November and upgraded to the Premium+ package. MSC seems to be getting it and it was very easy to order. Hopefully, you'll have the crew informed concerning the Prem+ in YC on Meraviglia before we sail! It sounds like you were happy with your choice. I'm really looking forward to the Champagne Bar and I'm hoping that someone sailing before us will be able to post a menu. I have searched and searched and not found a menu for champagne by the glass in this bar. I might have to just wait and enjoy the surprise! Loving the wandering discussion on this post. As for the diamond or crystal cards...I'd better go book some more cruises!
  8. If you google Meraviglia deck plans and choose the MSC site that says, "choose your cabin," you'll be taken to a page which shows all decks and categories. Look at the key and you can find what each connecting set of balconies in the Super Family category offer. Hope that helps. This is what we used when deciding whether or not to book a Super for 5 adults. I hope you get more replies from others who have previously experienced this category. It saved us a grand even though we moved from an inside to a balcony!
  9. We just booked an awesome deal on a Super Family Fantastica for next September on Seaside for a girls trip! Don’t ask why... just go for it! I’d much rather go YC, but the ladies I’m traveling with wanted a less expensive option. You can’t go wrong with a group and connecting balconies! Btw, I was also able to get the all in package making it an even better deal.
  10. This was just posted on our November 24th Roll Call. I hope it’s another MSC misunderstanding! If the photo doesn’t come through clearly, It’s an email from Joan P., Community Support Specialist at CC stating, “ We hope to expand our partnership with MSC for gatherings to other ships, but at this time Meraviglia is not one of them.” This was sent this morning.
  11. On another thread it has been said that Meet and Mingle for MV will be available when she comes to the states. I keep checking... Hopefully registration will open soon!
  12. I'm a little late to the party, but I wanted to chime in. We have had 3 MSC cruises. Before MSC, our favorite line was Celebrity. We have sailed Fantastica balcony, Aurea Suite, and will be in YC November. Both of our previous MSC cruises were wonderful. We enjoyed the food, entertainment, service, etc. I read about the negative experiences and think either I'm lucky or oblivious! We feel like MSC has a charm that other lines we have been on lack. Maybe it's the European flair. We always start out at the bottom on a cruise line and work our way up. We book a cheap cruise, and if it's good at the bottom, we feel confident in raising the investment! We had a great time during our Fantastica and Aurea voyages and can't wait for YC! There is a catch, however. We have only sailed small ships. Our November MV will be our first large ship. We thought YC would be the ideal way to test the waters. I can't wait for the experience and to share it on CC. We have booked 3 more MSC cruises on MV, Seaside, and Seaview. I'm hoping our November experience makes us want to keep our future reservations!
  13. We had the Aurea experience last June on Armonia and utilized the Top 13 deck. It was worth it to us to have a place where you didn't have to compete for deck chairs. The attendants were happy to get bar service when you wanted it, provided fresh fruit skewers, and gave us cold misters.The misters were really helpful because there is minimal shade on Top 13. The coveted shady area was usually taken by a couple of families who ran up there early in the day to deposit their belongings. If you just want a place with abundant, comfy loungers to soak in the sun for a short time, it's worth the splurge. If you do not have the Aurea experience, the daily price is well worth it, especially on crowded sea days.I can't say that children were not allowed in this area, but it's doubtful they would enjoy spending a significant amount of time there. As an added note, I wish they would provide true cabanas like those on HAL. They provide privacy and shade along with amazing food and beverage service!
  14. We sailed on Armonia on the top deck, forward, and experienced no motion problems at all. We loved this ship! Our only complaint is the thermal area. Out of date and out of order. Other than that, it’s a wonderful ship and crew!
  15. Bea, so sorry to hear about DH! I’m wishing you both the best. From what I’ve learned about you from your posts, you’ll still manage to have a grand time! Looking forward to hearing all about it.
  16. Oh, my goodness! We are cruising YC on Meraviglia in 91 days. I read your recent review, but somehow missed the video. I wish that I hadn't watched it...I"ll be dreaming about the food for the next 3 months! I'll definitely be ordering more than 1 app/entree on occasion! Thank you so much for the video!
  17. Thanks, Bea! I agree! We’ll be boarding with an open mind, a sense of humor, and a thankful heart. Can’t wait to hear about your experience!
  18. Who knows if it means anything, but YC Cabanas had been removed from items available to pre-book for our November 24th sailing on Meraviglia. They are now available again. I guess this trip will just be full of surprises!
  19. Hi, sparklymoet! We'll be sailing Meraviglia in November. It's our 3rd MSC cruise after bailing on Celebrity due to the attractive pricing yet great service on MSC! Please don't be afraid to ask questions! If you post to the wrong thread, CC members are more than happy to point you in the right direction. That's what this forum is for! We are so thankful for the info provided here, especially from those currently on holiday, like the Captain!
  20. I think I fixed the image problem. 🤞 One would not upload for me, but it’s shown above- embarkation day. Technology and I have a love-hate relationship!
  21. Ok, I took all of those photos in the same position. So sorry that some are sideways. I’m not sure how they were turned. Hope they are still helpful.
  22. I’m attempting to post the Daily Planners. On my screen, they are out of order, turned in different directions, and cropped. I’m hoping that when I post they look better! If not, I apologize. I haven’t posted photos on the boards before. At least you’ll get an idea of what’s happening onboard!
  23. Sandramj876- I’ll see if I can post them. I’m not able to get to it just now.
  24. Jayhawk- I posted an admittedly long-winded review about our trip. It’s under Armonia reviews. I can’t figure out how to share a link to it on here. I didn’t focus too much on the negative, but you pretty much covered it all! I remember sitting up in the coffee bar one night looking down at the angry mob at customer service and feeling scared. I felt so badly for the staff. I just can’t understand why well off people enjoying a beautiful and relaxing vacation would be violent and treat staff so badly! You’re on vacation! Be thankful for the life you have! I was very disappointed about not going to Cuba. I cried for a moment and then headed over to see Ryan at the pool bar. It was all good after that! The CD was attacked and the man was arrested in Key West. I was told that the FBI boarded the ship.There were petitions and protests. We were glad that we had the Aurea Suite up on the top deck and access to the private solarium and restaurant. We just tried to stay away from the crowds and told the staff what an amazing job they were doing despite the craziness being thrown at them. It definitely wasn’t the trip I had hoped for, but it wasn’t the fault of MSC or their staff. Cuba was disappointing, but the guests nearly ruined the trip. We enjoy vacation no matter what and that’s exactly what we did! Fantastic second cruis Fantastic second cruise with MSC!
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