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  1. and isn't it a relief when those neg tests come back. My wife came down recently sick as a dog. We had to put our lives on hold for a few days until she could schedule a test. No going out, no grocery shopping, no visiting with or seeing the grandkids,,, until the neg results were in. A deep sigh of relief when they did. Yes, we wear our masks, yes, we are both vaxxed,,, just the new norm unfortunately. Safe travels.
  2. Edge will let me login but then it won't let me post. I had to go to Chrome
  3. Myself? I would self insure this trip. Your regular medical insurance is going to cover you for all medical needs as if you were at home since you are in the US after all. Tri-Care and VA Champs works in Alaska as well. Evacuation will be done by the US Coast Guard and is at no costs. Travel Insurance won't do you any good for airfare because the airlines will give you a future travel voucher which the travel insurance will consider you to be reimbursed by the airline. So, what do we have left? Cancellation, trip delay, trip interruption? I self insure those things and if I'm uncomfortable with that, I have some travel coverage with my credit card.
  4. Go to your specific airlines website and see what their requirements are. Some use Verifly, some use an IATA app, and some use a different app. I would imagine it will be a year or so before the travel industry settles on 1 or 2 apps.
  5. Get an adapter and use the 220 outlet See where it says "Input: 110 - 240V" This means you can use it on dual voltages. I do it all the time and that frees up another outlet. You can get these adapters online at Amazon, or even Walgreens or Walmart. Look for Travel Adapters
  6. I guess cash would work for medical services rendered but they accept Visa and Mastercard also. My recent experience in Cancun was a $3600 deposit made on my credit card for ER visit, x-rays, stitches, and hospital supplies. What happens if you don't have the cash or credit limit on the card? Well, you're not allowed to leave the hospital as the couple from Atlanta learned a couple of years ago. Options are: * Maybe the insurance company will pay directly but that varies and is usually only for major major medical life saving measure. * Call home and maybe a family member will pay * Contact the Embassy and maybe the State Department will help * Mayne someone back home will start a g0fund me to help * Or, as with the folks from Atlanta, a local celeb will help bail you out.
  7. To ensure we're talking about the same thing,, a "converter" converts 110 to 220 or 220 down to 110. I "think" you may be asking about an adaptor that you put on your 110 american plug, so it fits into the 220 outlet. You don't need to worry about the center lug. Just a 2 prong adapter will work. As seen here Amazon.com : european adapters for travel Side note: Your appliances that you are bringing,, such as chargers and such, if in the area where it plugs into the outlet,,, if you see "Input: 110 ~ 240" those words mean that your product will work on either 110 or 220 with no problems. If it only says 110VAC, that means you will let the smoke out if you plug it into 220 and thats not good.
  8. Do the cancellation e-mails go to the cruiser in ALL cases? Or to the TA in situations where the cruiser is booked thru a TA?
  9. To use "mobile data" will still require your phone to connect to a cellular tower. The ships tower isn't free and can bury you in fees. As long as you are on land, you are good to go. Just not while on the ship.
  10. Such an individual question. I guess it depends on how you define "worth it", what you expectations are, and what your current internet experience is. Do you live in a rural community where your current experience is 1Mbps speed or do you currently live in an urban environment with 20 devices connected and experience 1 Gbps speed? Is everyone streaming, chatting, browsing at the same time with multiple windows active? You're just going to have to adjust your expectations. The best I've ever experienced on my device on a ship is about 3Mbps with up to 1 second latency. I can do most things to include streaming SiriusXM. However, I'm 64 so I don't do most things teens are doing these days. I would imagine that interactive gaming would be a nogo. Not sure about streaming movies. FB, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Messenger, etc should work fine.
  11. I may be mistaken but even though you have a PRN, and it shows as the ticket is pending, that means that Carnival hasn't actually "paid" for the ticket yet. I believe that Carnival doesn't actually pay the airline for the ticket until 30 days out.
  12. -flight and travel a day or two prior and after a cruise This would be covered under Trip Delay and/or Trip Cancellation. However, unless you purchased "refundable" tickets, don't plan on getting any money back from anyone. The airline is going to issue you a voucher or a credit to be used on a future flight. All travel insurance policies consider this to be paid back to you. So, since 3rd party Travel Insurance is based on the total cost of your trip minus all refundable costs,,, don't include the price of airfare. The dates of travel should be the date you walk out your front door and the date you walk back into your front door. -medical expenses and sufficient evacuation coverage Many 3rd Party travel insurance companies have $100K per person medical and $250K evac. It's also good to note that most of these are "Primary". IOW, you don't have to submit to Medicare or whomever your stateside healthcare insurance provider is first. ALSO NOTE: When you are outside the country, you will be expected to pay upfront with a credit card. Then file for reimbursement when you return. Refund or credit not just if someone tests positive 72 hours prior to or upon arrival for a covid test but if someone on the same reservation is in a different cabin and doesn’t want to sail or feel comfortable sailing and leaving behind a family member in a separate cabin who may test positive prior to or upon arrival at the pier I would think a CFAR (Cancel For Any Reason) would be a good start. Can't answer with full knowledge on multiple various scenarios. You best bet would be to talk with a broker such as Steve at www.tripinsurancestore.com
  13. a very quick google search brought me to this Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record (ca.gov) and this Here's how to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination status in California (ktla.com)
  14. YOU tried to collect on a claim that was clearly spelled out in the Terms and Conditions for something that wasn't covered. Same with me. The Terms and Conditions clearly spelled out that I was to call and notify them prior to any medical treatment. I did not do that. Therefore my claim was denied. I appealed and was denied. My State Insurance Commissioner wrote them and was denied. My State Insurance Commissioner agreed with the insurance company that I failed to follow procedures as spelled out in the policy. Now, I also understand that when your wife is hurt, laying on the ground and bleeding profusely from the head that it is a bit difficult to stand there and remember to read your insurance policy to see what the next step should be,,,,,, but,,,, thems the rules. Accept responsibility for your own failure to comply. I was able to recover about 75% of my out of pocket expense thru another source. Why did I only recover 75% of my out of pocket expenses? Because I failed to fully comply with their Terms and Conditions also. Everything in life has Terms and Conditions one must adhere to so one may receive 100% satisfaction.
  15. I would imagine that this is your post and the one you are referencing. There were many experienced and professional people on that thread who explained what went right and what went wrong. They politely explained that AIG wasn't going to pay out since you received a voucher. A few also explained what potential options you had to challenge the AIG ruling. I'm not sure if you followed up or not. What I do know is that you adamantly felt and still feel you were right and that everyone else is wrong. Even though it has been clearly explained. I recently had a medical need in Mexico. My claim was denied also. Why? Because I failed to consult with the insurance company BEFORE we went to the ER. Was that denial fair? Not in my opinion. However, the policy clearly stated that I needed to seek their permission prior to any covered service. I sought opinions from various sources and they agreed that the insurance company was in the right. So, do I keep whining and crying because it wasn't fair like I'm a 1st grader? Or do I just take it and learn from it? Myself? I learned from it and share my experience hoping I can help others from preventing the same mistake.
  16. They don't pay out for claims that were not covered. That also covers 99% of the bad reviews on BBB.
  17. For your needs? You can wait until a couple of days before you walk out the door to begin your travels. If all you want is medical and evac coverage (and pre-existing conditions are not a concern), list you total trip costs at $500 per person. This will reduce your costs. (Travel Insurance rates are the same if the trip cost is $1 or $500. The price increases at the $501 mark and $500 increments thereafter.) For the comprehensive portion of travel insurance, claims are covered at a %%% portion of trip costs. I say $500 because if I unexpectedly need a hotel stay or a change ticket fee, the $500 will help whereas, $1 trip cost won't cover a cup of coffee.
  18. Most (not all) 3rd party policies are Primary and begin at $100K with evac at $250K and you can select higher coverages. However you are correct in that the cruiselines have uped their game to $25K. In the past it was only $10K. However, it's still secondary and inadequate in my opinion. Myself? I self insure all the bells and whistles of cancellation, lost baggage, and trip delay. Those potential losses will not be financially devastating. Uncomfortable? Yes. Causing a bankruptcy? No. Medical loss though can be crushing. $25K doesn't begin to help in recovering that financial and personal loss.
  19. I agree. You should always buy travel insurance when traveling. But, if you don't know what travel insurance is? what travel insurance covers, or, more importantly, what travel insurance doesn't cover, then there is some research and education to get caught up on. Here are a couple of resources Cruise Critics own site that is dedicated to travel insurance Cruise/Travel Insurance - Cruise Critic Community And a link to a well known broker and sells from 9 different companies and is often on Cruise Critic to answer questions. Has a great FAQ section to help educate His website is Want to Understand How Trip Cancellation Insurance Works? 888-407-3854 Get the Best Trip Insurance Details, Advice (tripinsurancestore.com) To answer your first question though, NO in my opinion RCCL's insurance is woefully insufficient when it comes to medical coverage.
  20. Did you book your cruise with Carnival directly? Or with a 3rd party such as a travel agent?
  21. All I'm aware of with Royal is that you can pre-establish a line of credit.
  22. Everybody has a story and every story is interesting in it's own right. However, some don't want to bring attention to themselves or share their stories. While others will willingly give of themselves if someone takes the time to listen. I've met everyone from soldiers, truck drivers, teachers, policemen, entertainers, doctors, to very wealthy individuals showing me pictures of the art they just purchased for their foyer entrance. I've met straight, gay, bi, young, old, and in between. Everyone I have met has left a mark on me and I hope to never forget any of them.
  23. You're right. My bad. What do I use wifi for? Stream Sirius XM for music in my room, local news from back home, maybe a race or NFL chat. Surf the net wifi calling Maybe Facetime if I've got the grandkids with us. Electronic banking keep in touch with the pet sitter Used to skim e-mails from work (when I worked) just in case my co-workers need help with anything. Also, so I didn't come back to 3000 e-mails waiting for me
  24. a quick google search Can I be tested for COVID-19 at a VA health care facility? We offer diagnostic testing for Veterans who are enrolled in VA health care and meet the CDC testing criteria. At this time, we're not charging a copay for testing. For your safety, please don't go in person to a VA health care facility without an appointment.
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