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  1. Another option to consider is the train. Please look at MBTA train schedule for the Newburyport/Rockport Line. The trip is less expensive than the ferry, more frequent and faster. However, you must get yourself to North Station, Boston. take a look and see if that’s the adventure you want! Be sure to buy a few packable witches hats from Target and put them in your suitcase!!!! BOOOOOO!
  2. For what it’s worth, we booked a Deluxe Veranda, which is pretty basic. Our onboard credit was a perk from our Travel Agency, and was applied to our account after we embarked. It took a few days to be applied. I got $1000, the max allowed by Viking, plus I always get $50 additional because I’m a long time customer of the agency. Needless to say, I keep coming back to that agency. I feel as if I take no handholding from my agent, and I know what cruise, cabin etc I want, so effort on her part is minimal. Agency was EXTREMELY helpful when booking VikingAir. Actually a colleague of the agent spent 45 minutes on the three way call to help me get the air I wanted. I was more than happy!
  3. Our credit was from our travel agent. Extremely generous, they apologized for not being able to provide more, that it was the maximum allowed by Viking. I’m not certain when it posted, as I never thought to look for it when I booked shore excursions. I am one of those crazy people who set the alarm clock for three am on the day of my category to book included and optional excursions. We paid for those up front. We knew the tips would take most of the credit, and then the Casio always beverage. With wine at lunch and dinner included, and our refrigerator stocked daily with gin, scotch, rum, etc, the bill in the lounge wasn't much!
  4. Hi Zitsky, That's the point. The Viking Voyager showed under My Account a column of BOTH, then a column for me, then a column for my husband. The column for both combined our purchasing and expenses. I never bothered to look at the television version, however I expect it shows a similar version. On the evening prior to disembarking, the BOTH column showed a credit of 75 cents.....in the morning, it seemed to recalculate and gave Me the full $1050 credit, which resulted in me having a credit balance of $624.25, my husband having a zero balance as they charged the credit card on file for $623.75. That means the BOTH column now showed a credit balance, non refundable of $624.25 and credit card was charged $623.75. Not playing fair by Viking....just my opinion.
  5. Wow! Had a wonderful segment, Sydney to Durban on Viking Sun. Fantastic ports, outstanding staff, insightful lectures and shore excursions. Our shipboard credit from our travel agent was very generous and we planned to use it for the billed tips and occasional adult beverage. The Viking Voyager app allowed us to monitor our spending with headings of BOTH, Jebbs, then spouse. Each heading outlines charges, although when my husband and I had cocktails the charges always came to his column. The evening before disembarking, the account of BOTH showed a credit of 75 cents. We were pleased with our use of credit and expected no charges as we headed for our Durban stay. Surprise, surprise! In the morning the BOTH column now showed a credit of $624.25 (which is noted as nonrefundable] my column says zero balance and my husbands account has been charged $623.50, which means his tips and all of our cocktails! We get an alert on our credit card of pending charges. FORTUNATELY, we have time at disembarkation to deal with this, although our credit card was still hit, and upon calling credit card a few days later a credit had been applied. My point for you all is to check your Viking Voyager accounts in the morning of departure. While we might have been able to argue the issue once we returned home, it shouldn’t be necessary.......
  6. Just got off the Viking Sun. Had slippers and robes.....nothing fancy, but the did the job!
  7. When I investigated for an October 2018 trip, that was true. Do not underestimate using the train. If your Florence accommodations are accessible to the area, train is the way to go. The high speed from Rome to Florence is very comfortable and serviced by stewards . If you can manage your luggage, give a try!
  8. Hi MCazer....you can do three nights at Airbnb. Just prebook a high speed train to Rome Termini for the morning. The train was like an airplane on wheels, perhaps more civilized. We had reserved seats, facing each other with a small table. Our luggage, standard size for several weeks touring could fit between the rear of each seat. A steward served refreshments, newspapers, etc. The transfer in Rome was quite easy, just a few tracks away with decent signage. Even the stairs at Civitavecchia weren’t too bad. We stepped outside to size up our next step, and there was a van loading at 5€ directly to the ship which we took. Other option is a larger bus to gate of port at 2€ then a free shuttle I guess. We did this in October on Constellation. Were you on then when the ship crashed in LaSpezia? Your name seems familiar!
  9. jebbs


    OhToulon! If I could relive our day there, I would. Perhaps the most fantastic day tour I have ever experienced! While I did not know what to expect, someone from our roll call was looking to fill an 8 passenger van and we signed up. Please check 1388 Tours, our guide was Michel. He was excellent. He had a magical day planned for us, to the market, to the shore, to a French bocce type court for wine and games! We fit in a wine tour stop, a few churches and lunch. Hooray for Anne from my roll call, the tour was a home run!
  10. We took a high speed train Florence to Roma Termini, and that way, the walk to the train for Civitavecchia was minimal, just about two minutes walk with no stairs. The stairs at Civitavecchia were even OK. We stepped outside the Civitavecchia terminal and a van was loading and then leaving, 5€ per person., I seem to remember, and dropped right to Celebrity Constellation. This was October 2018, FYI
  11. Can tell you, Context Travel tours are fantastic! In Florence took an Uffizi Gallery, six person, morning tour. Knowledgable, Art History PhD showed us everything, and with such detail. Outstanding. Equally qualified guide did a small tour of Pitti Palace. We saw everything. Excellent English skills. Have highly recommended to friends. You won’t regret a tour with them.
  12. Oh, please look into 1388, France. Michel our tour guide in the South of France was incredible. It was a small van tour organized by an individual on our roll call. Truly a day like no other. To say we felt like locals and enjoyed a variety of activities is an understatement. Michel was happy to please us. Touring the coast, visiting a market day Sanary sur Mer, French bocce with wine along the coast, a wonderful lunch stop, a few church stop and a winery to boot. A wonderful day to remember. You can’t go wrong!
  13. My experience applied to economy plane tickets. I do know all affected passengers were placed in a two different airport hotels. Couldn’t speak as to business class being assigned business class, travel assignments were done one at a time and flights all seemed to be with 24 hours of the original schedule. Again, if you want that much control over travel plans, perhaps Choice Air isn’t for you! Worked out for us.
  14. Choice Air provided all necessary transportation, hotel and new plane tickets on a comparable flight on their dime. We were picked up at port, brought to the Hilton Airport Hotel, in Civitavecchia, fed dinner buffet and breakfast buffet, and flew Air France home via Paris. While my experience left me wanting more communication that day, the fact is it was ALL paid for. I didn’t even need to put down a credit card at the hotel. Considering, Choice Air didn’t seem to have me on their original roster, and as a result probably couldn’t recoup any money on our unused, non refundable air ticket, they covered all charges involved in getting me to Boston. I would definitely use Choice Air in the future for those reasons. However, I was on Celebrity Constellation that had a big weather delay, struck another ship at the dock, bussed approximately 1000 passengers overnight to the airport, and disembarked the 1000 remaining at approximately 4pm. So, this was no normal experience. If you are a control freak or are committed to one airline, you might want to go with other options.
  15. Recently completed Celebrity Constellation round trip from Civitavecchia. We flew in a week early to Florence, via Zurich from our home airport, Boston Logan. With that open leg, and because we had used it before, we booked through Choice Air. Well, for all you faithful Cruise Critic readers, you may recall that the October 19 sailing of Constellation was late returning to Civitavecchia. No question, Choice Air booked hotel accommodations and new flights out the next day. Passengers from the cruise who booked their own flights were scrambling, and many had to spend lots of $$$$$, to rebook. Choice Air for me!
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