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  1. I’m hoping the Alaska pros can help me. I have recently been emailed my cruise itinerary with shore excursions. To me, it seems like a crazy amount of Princess run tours. In Skagway 49 tours offered, Juneau says 54, and Ketchikan lists 45 tours. From my experiences, this seems like a lot of offerings. I’m wondering if Princess will be discouraging private tours, perhaps forcing a bubble approach. Your opinion is valued! Thanks!
  2. Hi all, Looking at a West Coast to Hawaii round trip cruise. I realize ship must go to Mexico. My question is, must I get off? It looks like an afternoon, evening port, we arrive to home port the next morning. I’d prefer a leisurely day on board, nice dinner and packing. We would fly back to the East Coast upon disembarking. Thanks!
  3. Thank you so much for the Royal Caribbean Song of America flashback! We honeymooned on her in 1983 and have been happy cruisers ever since. It’s so funny to see how small she was and so much less glamorous! Have since cruised on Princess, Celebrity, Oceania, and Viking! They are each special in their own way. Hope we can cruise again soon.
  4. CCWineLover, did you get a real refund from TAP airlines yet? Although they told me on July 23, yes I’d get a refund to my credit card, none has appeared yet. My credit card company is looking into it, but I was curious of your status with them? Thanks....
  5. Lew, According to CLIA, Viking is not affiliated with that organization. When do you expect to hear about October cruises by Viking? i still am unable to review shore excursions on the Lisbon to Miami October 18cruise. The Chat tells me I will see it next week! Crossing my fingers!!
  6. Like yourself, I spoke with a representative who answered the telephone after 15 minutes on hold . We spoke for 5 minutes, put on hold for 5 minutes and then given a reference number, told it was cancelled and refund could take 30 days. That was on Thursday. Now it’s a waiting game. For you, it might be time to involve your credit card company. Good luck!
  7. I’m not sure who mentioned it, but many thanks for recommending to verify possible changes in flights. My airline did revise its schedule, and cancelled my flight so I was able to get a full refund. While I hope to get to Portugal some day, I was not looking forward to having a credit on TAP. Without the knowledge from the Viking boards, I would probably have settled for a voucher and the penalty of a flight change, when in fact I was in a much better position to negotiate. So, thank you!
  8. It is a one of cruise, Lisbon to Miami....two stops in Azores, then overnight in Bermuda. Hopefully, they are working on details and not thinking of cancelling. Thank you for your help.
  9. Hi all, I’m 110 days before sailing, and I am unable to review offered shore excursions. As first selection is at 107 days, I’m wondering what is going on. Any insight is very much appreciated.
  10. Thank you all for responding to my request. This is a first time visit to Alaska, and the thoughts of doing it independently was too much for me to research and build consensus. Traveling as four couple would be like trying to herd cats! Too ambitious for me. We agreed to try Princess especially to sail southward on the Coral Princess. Deposited on this in February for June 2021.....hope we guessed right.....Covid-19, weather, health, it is all just luck, nothing planning can change!😎😎😎😎😎
  11. We are four couples booked on a 6 day Princess Cruisetour and then sail south on Coral Princess in June 2021. I’m doing some early research on the land portion. I can see our tour gives us some unscheduled time and hope to book a few activities. My questions involve the accommodations..... How are the locations of the Princess Lodges? Are their dining rooms the only option for meals? Did you make advanced dinner reservations? Does Lyft operate in these areas to go to off site restaurants? We will be staying 1 night at Mt McKinley, 2 nights at Denali and 2 nights Copper
  12. THANK YOU! I was thinking the worst, rather than the BEST! Can always count on Cruise Critic community. As Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz says “There’s no place like home”
  13. Could someone who knows the 8 Canadians find out, did they in fact leave London Heathrow? As I look at British Airways flights for today, Saturday, April 11, flight to Vancouver was cancelled, as were the two daily flights to Toronto. Were they flying by commercial flights or were they on charters? Really hope they aren’t stuck at the airport. Here’s hope I’m wrong!!!!!
  14. I think you’ll be surprisingly satisfied with VikingOcean cabins. They are very well thought out, the bathrooms are the best I’ve found in 35 years of cruising in a standard room. The extra excitement is the amount of space available around the ship. Lots of nooks and crannies, sufficient bar space, even the World Cafe buffet can accommodate everyone. Never a wait for dining room open seating, either! Have sailed, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Princess and Holland America. Did a segment of Viking Sun WC last year, Sydney to Durban! Top shelf plus!!!! Had our Viking Jupiter March 15 cru
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