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  1. It was very ballsy of "someone" to call out to you :eek: unless they were a very good friend or family member. You know you can just pull the suit to the side. Learned this years ago when I wore a lot of body suits.
  2. Strikes me funny how the people who make 'those' comments cruise on Carnival, yet assume it's the 'other' Carnival cruisers are the "lower class". :rolleyes:
  3. Every cabin I've ever been in there was a cooler. There are towels. Just make sure you bring it back with you. Yes there are dispensers in the shower. Shampoo & gel. Bar soap on sink.
  4. Cruisinpeg - No idea if you're crazy, or not, but the 'search' does seem to be MIA. ;)
  5. And your answer to the rest of my comments? Somehow it wound up between your comments.
  6. My DH had an opened bottle of water. They made him dump it. I told him so. :rolleyes:
  7. We were on the Pride 12/2. No "doling out" of the bacon was going on.
  8. The Pride does have a covered pool. We've sailed out of Baltimore a few times. Usually a very easy process.
  9. You will find all ages on CCL. As far as how many kids ... depends on when you go. Give it a try. That's the only way you'll know if it's for you. We've sailed RCCL and Celebrity, they really aren't all that different.
  10. I don't know where the "best" place to leave the tray is, ... but we leave ours in the hall, ... in front of our neighbors cabin. ;) We usually only do coffee/croissant in the morning. Very rarely is there any food left on the tray.
  11. You may change your tune. You can't unsee what I've seen.
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