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  1. I'm loving the beer menu at District!
  2. I am excited about sailing the Encore on October 25, 2020. While I do love Spice, I'll reserve judgement until I come back from my sailing. Maybe Encore will be ok without it.
  3. Sailing on the Getaway on Sunday, October 28th. I just received two decline e-mails for the bids I submitted. E-mail came out at 2:12pm. We are in a mid-ship inside and I bid $135pp to upgrade to spa balcony and $100pp to upgrade to balcony. Both were in the poor range, albeit the balcony bid was higher poor range. Both declined...this means more money to spend onboard!
  4. This has me incredibly excited for Sunday! Thank you for your food review. This foodie appreciates it!
  5. I'm now three days out to my Getaway sailing on the 28th. Anxiously awaiting till the end of tomorrow to find out if we got our upgrade. I'm totally ok if we don't, but a balcony would be nice for my hubby who has never experienced one.
  6. You used to be able to click on the ship link and find all the posts related to that ship and now it just brings up a general search.
  7. Thank you for that! I have not seen her post. Good to know it'll eventually be back.
  8. I am also having the same issue for NCL Getaway. It's very annoying. I wish we could have the ship specific forums back, rather than just a search that brings up everything with the specific word in it.
  9. I think as long as you're not booking the sail away at par you'd still get the opportunity to bid. But keep in mind not everyone will receive an upgrade offer.
  10. I'm not on that sailing, but on my October 28th sailing it was simply listed as Oceanview, no further category specified.
  11. The ship specific forums are terrible!! Nothing like they were before. Am I missing something? 😞
  12. Right, I suppose it does make sense to consider what you initially paid for the cruise! I've still got my fingers crossed for the upgrade, but I'll be happy in my inside as well.
  13. I just went back to review my posts and I can't see anything that would offend anyone. We must have some really uptight people here! 😉
  14. I only noticed this when we went to the new boards. And it doesn't even tell me what it relates to. This is hilarious. I'd love to know how I pissed someone off!
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