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  1. wheezedr

    Charge for safe on Regal?

    Never paid a charge to use ships safe
  2. wheezedr

    River versus Ocean

    Funny but this question usually shows up in the other direction. Lots of ocean cruisers who are trying to decide if a river cruise is for them and not necessarily aware of how different they are. If I were the OP I would first look for an itinerary that interests them and then find both a time and a cruise line that can satisfy that. I am generally itinerary driven. With an ocean cruise I can always find enough to do or not do that the ship to me is important but not the deal breaker it can be to others. I would be remiss to not add my usual line that the only thing river and ocean cruises have in common is that they occur on a ship and on the water.
  3. wheezedr

    Currency Exchange

    Looks like she is sailing 10-4 to Cuba so suspect she wants currency for that trip. I think she will be out of luck. Nothing like planning well in advance.
  4. wheezedr

    Help With Future Cruise Credit Please

    As noted you need to do the initial booking yourself with Princess using your FCC and then you can transfer the booking to your TA of choice.
  5. wheezedr

    Crab Shack on Emerald

    I love crab, especially Dungeness, but was just underwhelmed by the crab shack the one time we did it, so we have never returned. I know food tastes are totally subjective so just count this as one opinion.
  6. wheezedr

    1st Time Princess cruiser Dining Concern

    Quality of food is so subjective. 20+ Princess Cruises. Is the food as good as it used to Be? Probably not. Is it a 5 star dining experience, No. Will the MDR generally have food you will enjoy and find good for a dining room serving your nearest 2500 friends, absolutely. Enjoy your cruise and approach it with positive expectations
  7. wheezedr

    NYC Embarkation

    Not very strict at all. Arrive when it is convenient for you.
  8. wheezedr

    Leknes Lofoten Question

    I initially booked through Avis online. I was then able to contact the local Avis agent and arrange for pickup and drop off at the pier. He had a number of cars there the day we were in port. He charged 450 NOK for the service which was a little over $50 at the exchange rate when we were there in June. We drove into the outskirts of Leknes to fill up the tank before returning the car at the port. There were 2 of us but I put out a note on my roll call that I had a rental car and where we were planning to go. We got multiple replies and arranged for another couple to join us on the tour. It made for a nice day for four and cut the cost in half. Think we ended up spending about $220 for the car itself, divided by 4. Given that the cruise line wanted $150 or more for its tours that was a bargain. Driving was easy as there is only one main road so you can’t get lost. A little more traffic than I expected, especially in the most popular tourist areas, but nothing overwhelming. We stopped many times and took pictures galore.
  9. wheezedr

    Civitavecchia port to Rome ?'s

    Don’t know if you have 3 full days or if one of them is partially eaten up by travel. In any event I usually recommend dividing up ones time in Rome by area and concept. I would devote 1 full day to Ancient Rome, the Colesseum, Palatine Hill ,etc and one full day to the Vatican area. Within those days you can add some other sites as time allows but those are your main points of interest for the day. The third day can then cover other things that you find to your interest. Certainly there are many more things to see depending on your time and speed. Most tours or tourists will of course want to at least say they have been to the Trevi fountain, the Spanish Steps and the Pantheon. Don’t forget time for a wonderful Italian lunch and some gelato. Just don’t try to do everything in one day. Save the Amalfi for the future.
  10. wheezedr

    Carrying of Passports compulsory ?

    With respect to the driving argument, I have rented cars in 9 or 10 European countries without any issues over the past 15 to 20 years. Have only gotten an IDP once, for my first rental in Italy, and was never asked to show it. Just does not seem worth it in a risk benefit analysis
  11. wheezedr


    We had a balcony, but totally agree that being on the deck is your best place on this cruise. You also really want to traverse the old locks in a Panamax ship, especially if you are a history buff. Also take some time to read about the building of the canal. I highly recommend McCullough’s The Path Between the Seas.
  12. wheezedr

    Leknes Lofoten Question

    There was a shuttle but from those who we talked to there was nothing of great interest in Leknes. The Lofoten’s are beautiful and you really want to get out into the islands. I rented a car and drove to Å. It was a wonderful trip with many photo and other stops available.
  13. wheezedr

    Princess Cays Food and Drink

    The food and standard drinks like ice tea and lemonade are included. Soft drinks and alcohol depends on your package or you pay.
  14. Honestly I think it simply depends on your personal schedule. If that does not matter then I guess it would relate to how you want to begin your trip to Europe, on a slow method or a quick flight.