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  1. wheezedr

    San Francisco transfer to ship

    For ease in your case I would do aTaxi or Uber/lyft. They are always readily available at SFO. It will save you the wait while Princess loads it’s bus and a car should be easier in and out than a bus.
  2. wheezedr

    Princess Cays

    Never had the issues that you did, but have never been there with more than our ship in port. Check out if other ships will be there with you. At the last moment you can always make your own decision. If you do go ashore do not wait until the last moment to return and you will not hit the massive group for the tenders.
  3. wheezedr

    Princess pier # in Civitavecchia

    Docks at whatever is available. Often not known until day of porting or at most 1 to 2 days before.
  4. wheezedr

    Viking and the PVSA

    Took a while but I see on the Roll call that Viking realized the error of their ways and substituted Cartagena for a stop in Costa Rica. That makes the cruise legal. Of course they said it was a port problem rather than acknowledge their error in the first place. Typical cruise line action.
  5. wheezedr

    First time Europe cruise suggestions

    Take advantage of the fact that you can get on in one port and off in another . Determine where you might want to spend extra time and try to set up your embarkation and disembarkation to take advantage of that. Based on your initial comments a cruise beginning in Rome and ending in Athens or vice versa would satisfy that. Not sure about this summer but when we did the Med on Princess they stopped every Saturday at either Athens, Rome or Barcelona. People got on and off at each, taking cruises of 7, 14, 21 days, etc. Other lines do similar stops and starts.
  6. As noted this is a port where there is no need to prebook or use an organized transfer. Simply walk out and grab a taxi. It is easy, quick and inexpensive.
  7. wheezedr

    Do you buy wine package on board?

    You are allowed 1bottle per person without corkage. Those bottles are supposed to be for personal consumption in your cabin, so if you take them to the MDR you can be charged corkage. Varies with your waiter if they actually do it. The bottles above 2 are supposed to be recorded at the time you board and the corkage is then processed. You get a stamp or labels on those bottles to acknowledge that corkage has been paid. The wine package does not show up on the website and can only be purchased on board and then usually only on longer cruises. When I have done it I have had to ask my waiter for it.
  8. wheezedr

    DIY or shore excursion in Genoa

    Did exactly the same thing and highly recommend it. The walk from Santa M to Portofino is pleasant and basically flat along the water. We did it only with stops for photos but there are multiple places along the way you could stop for a drink or snack. After some touring and shopping in Portofino we stopped for lunch prior to taking the ferry back to SM. Still had time to wander a bit in SM before catching the train to Genoa. Short jaunt between port and train station in Genoa.
  9. wheezedr

    Charge for safe on Regal?

    Never paid a charge to use ships safe
  10. wheezedr

    River versus Ocean

    Funny but this question usually shows up in the other direction. Lots of ocean cruisers who are trying to decide if a river cruise is for them and not necessarily aware of how different they are. If I were the OP I would first look for an itinerary that interests them and then find both a time and a cruise line that can satisfy that. I am generally itinerary driven. With an ocean cruise I can always find enough to do or not do that the ship to me is important but not the deal breaker it can be to others. I would be remiss to not add my usual line that the only thing river and ocean cruises have in common is that they occur on a ship and on the water.
  11. wheezedr

    Currency Exchange

    Looks like she is sailing 10-4 to Cuba so suspect she wants currency for that trip. I think she will be out of luck. Nothing like planning well in advance.
  12. wheezedr

    Help With Future Cruise Credit Please

    As noted you need to do the initial booking yourself with Princess using your FCC and then you can transfer the booking to your TA of choice.
  13. wheezedr

    Crab Shack on Emerald

    I love crab, especially Dungeness, but was just underwhelmed by the crab shack the one time we did it, so we have never returned. I know food tastes are totally subjective so just count this as one opinion.
  14. wheezedr

    1st Time Princess cruiser Dining Concern

    Quality of food is so subjective. 20+ Princess Cruises. Is the food as good as it used to Be? Probably not. Is it a 5 star dining experience, No. Will the MDR generally have food you will enjoy and find good for a dining room serving your nearest 2500 friends, absolutely. Enjoy your cruise and approach it with positive expectations
  15. wheezedr

    NYC Embarkation

    Not very strict at all. Arrive when it is convenient for you.