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  1. Actually a very incorrect statement. While certain vaccines are in fact attenuated forms of a live virus, most are either killed products or just segments of the infectious agent. The concept is to trigger the immune system to produce antibodies which would then attack the virus or bacteria at the time of wild exposure. The classic differentiation would be between the Salk and Sabin polio vaccines. Salk is a killed product while Sabin is a live virus. Sabin is much easier to administer, oral drops, and thus remains a mainstay of international polio eradication programs. In roughly 1 case
  2. We did the first of the Coral cruises to Antarctica last December from BA to Santiago. Fabulous trip with wonderful scenery that exceeded our expectations. The crowd was actually quite mixed but may have skewed a little older. Maybe a handful of kids. Especially the Antarctica days you want to hit the hay a little early as you may be getting up a little early for certain view sites. The Coral was a great ship for this cruise with lots of good places to see the sites and easy to maneuver from port to starboard Or back on the upper decks. Neither side is the better side as things show up on
  3. Watched the Giants win the series while on a cruise to Mexico. Princess showed it in a lounge, forget which one, and supplied bags of popcorn and were happy to sell beer and drinks. We have also seen the finals of the World Cup while on a European cruise. It was a lot of fun with all the Europeans actively involved.
  4. Florence has a relatively small airport. Is Pisa an option as that has the larger airport for the area although still not one of Italy’s major airports
  5. I want to open this comment by saying that I do not believe what I am going to say would ever happen but it makes for one more interesting item of discussion. Technically the Metlakatla Indian Reserve is the only Indian reservation in Alaska. It exists on Annette Island roughly 20 miles from Ketchikan, so clearly on the normal route that cruise ships have historically used. The other Alaskan tribes have sovereign rights but no defined reservations. As an example the corporation that runs Icy Strait Point is Indian owned but not a legal tribal reserve. Therefore one could argue th
  6. I have done each of these at one time or another. Most recently did the Grand for 10 days out of SF in Feb, just before Covid outbreak. For us the tipping point was a drive 45 min to the City. In your case, where you will be flying in, I would do the Grand out of LA as I found Loreto and LaPaz much more interesting than Manzanillo. The overnight in Cabo is no big deal either way. I generally describe Cabo as a southern suburb of LA.
  7. I just miss travel in general, of which cruising is one option. Actually miss the planning component of travel as we generally go very independent.
  8. Wanting to be different I will answer Both.
  9. Having done both versions I cannot say one has much over the other except for point of embarkation and whether or not you prefer longer cruises. We have done the 7 day a couple of times arriving in LA either by car or by air depending on how much time we wanted to commit and other activities we wanted to pursue. We live in N Cal not far from SF. Last time from LA we drove and upon disembarking on Sat AM went straight to Pasadena for a Cal-UCLA game. I’m an alum of both so cannot lose either way. Thats why driving worked then. This past Feb we did the 10 day out of SF because we were part
  10. Notwithstanding the rest of you argument, I suggest you recheck your math. Your number is off by a factor of 10. 14/1000 would calculate out to 4,900,000.
  11. Without getting into the argument of benefit to each individual with respect to the vaccine, there is another reason why the individual cruise lines as well as the ports may still require proof of vaccination. The company’s will wish to avoid in any way possible the fiascos they found themselves in earlier this year where even a single case of COVID 19 played havoc with their itineraries and added layers of extra costs required when they were made responsible for transporting passengers back to points of origin. I suspect, again an opinion, in no way to be construed as a fact, that some p
  12. I would guess that a cruise from Florida with some combination of a private island stop, Mexico, likely Cozumel, and one of the Caribbean islands looking more aggressively for the tourist dollar as your ports of call. It will be somewhat later for the Mexican Riviera as California ports will be slower to open than those in S Florida.
  13. Actually just celebrated our 50th Anniversary last month. We spent a week on the then MS Boheme of Commodore Cruise Lines as part of our honeymoon. That was not as common a thing in those days, 1970. Amazingly the ship is still afloat and operated by the church of Scientology of all people. Had a very bumpy first 3 days as we rode along a hurricane and actually had a few passengers who disembarked in St Thomas and did not return. Cruise stopped in Freeport, a very brief nighttime visit to the Casino, St Thomas, San Juan, where we overnighted and Cap Haitian. Was turned off to cruising b
  14. Clearly all things cruising are in a state of flux. You will need to be prepared for lots of changes in how cruises operate. Being allowed to tour only on organized ship excursions seems to be one of the changes that may be in place for a while. It reduces the likelihood of my booking a cruise for a while, but how soon independent land touring will be available is also open to question. I do not see a lot of overseas travel on my agenda in the near future
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