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  1. Very easy to navigate. We did both north and south loops. Spent a little time at the beach. They will give you good maps and outline your route.
  2. It is doable but is potentially a much bigger challenge than out of FLL. To begin with, it is much further from San Pedro to LAX than from port Everglades to FLL. Then there is the legendary LA traffic. The 405 is never good but can be downright awful. I would want to be first debarking group and out to your Taxi or Uber right away.
  3. St Thomas has many beaches that are easily accessible and with facilities available. They differ in how busy they can get as well as quality of snorkeling, etc. We like Megan’s but it is not a good snorkeling beach. As noted above Coki is also popular for cruisers, but there are a half dozen others as well. You do not say you if you are planning on only doing ship’s tours or if you are up to DIY. If the latter, getting to most of the popular beaches is quite easy off the ship.
  4. Most lines will say to carry on your wines
  5. Actually depends on how the cruise is offered. When we did a 21 day Mediterranean cruise that I had booked as a 21, Princess still looked at it as a series of 3 sevens. We got 150 mins for each segment as well as 3 separate bar setups. If your 20 day is sold as 2 tens you may well get more minutes. By the way Oski, “Go Bears”
  6. We missed Guernsey on our British isles cruise. They compensated us with a nice day at sea.
  7. I’m booked for Nov on RCL but really do not expect anything from them until there is some clarification with respect to the new rules. To send me a note that says they will later be sending me a real note would serve no purpose. Lots of patience would be in order as this administration seems to change its rules and their enforcement on a daily basis.
  8. They have always generated a certain amount of income for the cruise line. If a line finds a better income source for the same space the art will be gone. Who knows what else might appear.
  9. As a local would still put Sam’s and Tadich at the top of the list.
  10. No. You will still pay the full applicable fare and then any added fees above that
  11. I would not count on this. If you really want a B2B then you should try to book it now. They will likely be sailing full and a last minute flight change may not be possible and certainly would entail significant cost.
  12. Both Uber and Lyft get lots of play in the Bay Area, they are local companies. One thing to be aware of is surge pricing which might come into play with lots of people debarking and calling simultaneously. That may drive up the price above estimates at other times.
  13. Would second the earlier recommendation of Tadich or Sam’s, but just for personal preference would put Sam’s first. Either would give you the experience of a classic old SF seafood restaurant.
  14. Generally the limit that you have here still holds. I had a card with a $500 limit. First night on a land trip to Spain I kept asking for €500 and was declined. After third try, my brain, dulled by too much time in the air, said ask for less and like magic €400 appeared. So calculate what your max would be in dollar equivalents.
  15. By all reports the Star should have replaced the Grand as the ship home ported out of SF by then.
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