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  1. Having made 10:00AM flights out of FLL on multiple occasions I feel you will be very safe. This is the easiest port to airport connection that I have used.
  2. Not a disagreement but in some 20+ cruises I have had a number where I have received credit, often some odd number like $6.13 , but I do not recollect ever having an additional port fee charge added in. Credit usually reflects a missed port. We have had port changes during the trip but no add on fees,, maybe we have just been lucky. In any event the numbers are generally pretty small.
  3. I have always had my water in the cabin by the time I arrived and we are often in an early boarding group. Sometimes the room steward has put a few bottles in the fridge but not always
  4. Had one on a fall cruise to New England. We loved the Suite and its amenities. Usually do a balcony but with the colder weather felt we could live without it
  5. I realize that the OP has real concerns regarding a “possible “ allergic reaction to a Covid vaccine but would add the following Caveats. 1. As others have noted, the methodology involved in the development of these vaccines and how they work is totally different from previous vaccines. Thus one cannot extrapolate that previous issues will recur. 2. Having spent my fellowship time in a lab that actively tracked and searched for allergies to Diptheria and Tetanus immunizations and subsequently practiced for another 35 years, I would happily point out that significant numbers of people
  6. Used to be possible with the caveat that the ship made port in Le Havre. But many things have since changed and continue to do so, Brexit and Covid may both cause a rethinking of this option. I would really spend time working with Princess and developing a Plan B. I would give little credence to what has been accepted in the past as I suspect much about cruising especially when one hopes to deviate will be different going forward. Just a personal opinion.
  7. In answer to your first question, there are hotels with park and stay packages near SFO, but no hotels in the city proper offer such packages. As noted above, 55 Francisco is the primary cruise parking lot in the city.
  8. They have always offered them in the past, so likely to continue. I realize that you are not interested in alternatives but that may account for why you got no response. Most of us would not use the Princess transfer.
  9. Actually a very incorrect statement. While certain vaccines are in fact attenuated forms of a live virus, most are either killed products or just segments of the infectious agent. The concept is to trigger the immune system to produce antibodies which would then attack the virus or bacteria at the time of wild exposure. The classic differentiation would be between the Salk and Sabin polio vaccines. Salk is a killed product while Sabin is a live virus. Sabin is much easier to administer, oral drops, and thus remains a mainstay of international polio eradication programs. In roughly 1 case
  10. We did the first of the Coral cruises to Antarctica last December from BA to Santiago. Fabulous trip with wonderful scenery that exceeded our expectations. The crowd was actually quite mixed but may have skewed a little older. Maybe a handful of kids. Especially the Antarctica days you want to hit the hay a little early as you may be getting up a little early for certain view sites. The Coral was a great ship for this cruise with lots of good places to see the sites and easy to maneuver from port to starboard Or back on the upper decks. Neither side is the better side as things show up on
  11. Watched the Giants win the series while on a cruise to Mexico. Princess showed it in a lounge, forget which one, and supplied bags of popcorn and were happy to sell beer and drinks. We have also seen the finals of the World Cup while on a European cruise. It was a lot of fun with all the Europeans actively involved.
  12. Florence has a relatively small airport. Is Pisa an option as that has the larger airport for the area although still not one of Italy’s major airports
  13. I want to open this comment by saying that I do not believe what I am going to say would ever happen but it makes for one more interesting item of discussion. Technically the Metlakatla Indian Reserve is the only Indian reservation in Alaska. It exists on Annette Island roughly 20 miles from Ketchikan, so clearly on the normal route that cruise ships have historically used. The other Alaskan tribes have sovereign rights but no defined reservations. As an example the corporation that runs Icy Strait Point is Indian owned but not a legal tribal reserve. Therefore one could argue th
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