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  1. My research led us to book in January. I learned that the Fall (Oct-Dec) can be the rainy season...and by mid-Feb - certainly March, you can have HIGH humidity rates. However, I've also learned that weather is very unpredictable. You can travel to destinations during rainy season and have dry...and during dry season and have rain....so we went in with an open mind. Our reality taking the cruise mid-January was the weather was absolutely DELIGHTFUL. Warm but never extremely hot or humid. We enjoyed afternoons on the pool deck on sea days and were never miserably hot as I was actually
  2. This may only 'partly' be related to what you're dealing with as our situation was different. We DID have a MAJOR dispute over points with Barclay Princess Visa, but not related to reinstatement of the points. However, perhaps what I learned can be of help to you... 🙂 That is...when you use phrases such as "This is discussed on CruiseCritic"...."there are people unhappy on CruiseCritic" (that was the situation for my problem) etc... etc... it GETS their attention (Barclay). According to their own policy, you're entitled to those points back. I was relentless until they did the rig
  3. What are the movies shown at MUTS (January)?
  4. What are the movies showing at MUTS?
  5. We are wait-listed for an excursion...and I'm KICKING myself for allowing that to happen!!!! UGH UGH! Anyway, is it wise to go ahead and book another excursion to have something to fall back on? With the cancellation policy being 5 days prior to the cruise, if we DID happen to get onto our 1st choice excursion I'm assuming it would be 'at the last minute'. In that case would Princess allow us to cancel our 2nd/backup choice? Or would we end up paying for BOTH excursions? Does anyone have any experience with a situation like this? OK....and I know this isn't something
  6. That's good to know. 🙂 Thanks! I have another question....if you don't mind.... Does the buffet have International themed nights? I noticed on the patters you posted there was a Panamanian buffet...are there others? Thanks!
  7. What are the amenities (shampoo, body wash, etc...) provided in Interior cabins? Are they the same as in balcony's? We've only sailed in balconies but have some in our group in Interiors for this next cruise and I'm trying to give them the information they need for packing. 🙂
  8. Did I understand correctly that you had a negative result on a flu test and were quarantined for a cold? Does Princess always quarantine for colds?
  9. I assume you're speaking of the Journey View? with the onboard activities you would see in the Patters? Like you, I too, hoped to see them after downloading the app....it didn't happen. 😞 However, they did eventually appear....but it was closer to 4 weeks pre-cruise....
  10. We have a hotel that is providing a free shuttle from the airport to their hotel...then TO the port on embarkation day for $10 pp. That was the rate at all the hotels I checked (probably 15-20 🙂 )...... I never saw a $7 rate. Where did you see that? I DID hear back from SAS this morning and they indeed don't do shuttles from PE to FLL. I have looked for other options besides a taxi as we're a group of 4 and really need to stay together. I wondered about the difficulty in finding a cab that would accommodate 4. I've now found Howard's Airport and cruise Transportation.
  11. I"m really liking what I see with SAS...the problem I'm having with the website is that I can't seem to find prices for transports from Ft Lauderdale hotels to Port Everglades...and after the cruise, from PE back to FLL. They quote prices to/from Port of Miami but nothing concerning Ft Lauderdale. I'm pretty sure I've been through every page on the website but perhaps I've missed something.... Does anyone know what the prices are for transports just within Ft Lauderdale?
  12. Is this only for those purchasing flights through EZ Air?
  13. How long does it typically take to get off the ship and through lines and customs at Port Everglades? (I'm reserving our transport.) We like to have a relaxing morning the last day...if possible. Our flights will be early to mid-afternoon so no rush for that. 🙂 Would a 9:45am transport allow enough time for customs, lines, etc... in the terminal? Thanks
  14. We buy Allianz through AAA. I prefer getting insurance through a 3rd party rather than the cruise line. We've only had 2 claims with Allianz....one they paid quickly and without hassle. The other we ended up dropping as we were taken care of by the airline (after they - airline- had originally told us 'no' ).
  15. I read the first page of this a few days ago and thought "Uh-Oh....people are going to get nasty". I stopped reading! (I hate nastiness!!) 😉 Then, today I saw there were FOUR pages. I did NOT go back and read them (the 'hate nastiness' thing....) but see that this last page has some really nice responses. Good!!! Would I surprise MY GROUP like that? Probably not.......but then you'd have to know 'my group' haha!! However, I'd LOVE to be on the receiving end of such a surprise. 🙂 🙂🙂 Please adopt me! Please adopt me! 🙂 🙂
  16. Though we will 'miss' that chair, it's not so very important for us. It is, however, very important for some of our traveling companions who must have a chair with a back anywhere they sit...home, others' homes, hotel and of course, cruise ship cabins. (this is a question they ask before ever booking a hotel room.) I've wondered about the possibility of doing just as you said - taking one back to the room but don't want to be called to the principles office for it. 🙂 🙂 (that was a joke...) Has anyone tried this and it's been 'ok'?
  17. I have searched this forum as I KNOW there are posts about this...but have not been able to find anything. (I'm sure this is user error....) The search just got frustrating after a while. 😀 I'm hoping someone will be willing to just give me a quick answer without reprimanding me for not 'searching and finding my own answer'. Are there still a/c issues on CB while sailing in WARM climates? Were these addressed at her most recent dry dock? (I know she's just come from New England where I would assume a/c is not as 'strained'....I'm questioning the possibility of issu
  18. So....I've learned a lot in the last hour. 🙂 Thought I'd share with you and anyone else who wants to read. 🙂 I called Princess last week to make final payment. It's not due until this week, but I wanted to take care of it so it wasn't hanging over my head...worries about forgetting, etc... haha!! My question to them at that time was -- If our credit card is charged the current 'balance due' at final payment....then the computer 'updates' or does a 'correction' in a few weeks and that extra $37 appears on our account as an amount due, will that cause the computer to see
  19. It's a 10-day leaving mid-January
  20. After composing several responses, I realized that none of them are the person I want to be.... so I'll just 'go' with this one. 🙂 My question in the original post was simple....Are Port taxes/fees locked in the same way cruise fares are? It was a reasonable, logical, understandable question....and I'm grateful to those who answered it...there were several. At first when you suggested that we might cancel over $37, I thought you were being absurd. But perhaps I misjudged.... Perhaps you REALLY thought that was a viable response. 😮 I need to just give you the b
  21. Before I answer your question, I have a couple of questions for you: 1. Did you really take the time to click on the reply box to type that question? 2. Does your question stem from a genuine concern about our future cruise plans? 🤨 3. Have you ever known ANYONE....E-VER.... to cancel a cruise over $37? Now, to answer your question (since you DID ask it....) After much thought....much deliberation....and several sleepless nights (dripping sarcasm just fyi) we have finally decided that we will STILL go on this cruise that we've been planning for 16 months..
  22. Since booking our cruise the port taxes and fees have gone up. Nothing has changed in our "amount due" column...it's still listed at the old price. Are those taxes/fees locked in when you book - similar to cruise fares.... or can we expect PCL to charge that additional amount on the cruise? In the fine print is says Princess "reserves the right" to collect that....but wondering if anyone has information or experience as to whether they actually 'exercise' that right 😉
  23. On our upcoming port stop in Cartagena my husband has decided he wants to purchase some coffee. Since neither of us like robust or dark roast coffees, it seems to me that Colombian coffee would not be the best choice for us. That being said, I'm pretty sure his mind is made up.... *sigh* 😉 That brings me to my questions... Are all the Colombian coffees as 'robust' as the ones you purchase in the grocery stores? Perhaps there are mild varieties out there.... and if so, what are they? And can one sample them before purchasing? Our 'tentative' plan for the day
  24. That link worked. Thanks! Nothing else I tried did... I see now that Thrak also told me about it being on cruisedeckplans.com yesteday. I just hadn't been back to read replies in a few days. Busy life! 🙂 Thanks everyone! 🙂
  25. So...found this post from a year ago as I was trying to get to Renmar site. IS it 'down' again? I've found some things in WayBackMachine (internet archive which I never knew existed until today), but nothing on Caribbean Princess which is what I'm looking for.... Anyone else having problems or is this just on my end? 🙂
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