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  1. Still no reimbursement as per their website and an email I had originally. Has anyone else yet managed to get their reimbursement. I've tried ringing Celebrity a few times and spoken to different people and no one seems to know anything about it.
  2. Apologies, I should have said that I was in the UK.
  3. Hi, on the email I received before I went it said that if I was organising the PCR test myself, rather than using Eurofins who Celebrity use, then they would reimburse the cost if I submitted receipts / PCR booking details.
  4. Hi, I submitted my receipts for PCR test reimbursements with Celebrity about a month ago, as per their website, and the money hasn't yet been reimbursed. I've chased Celebrity but haven't had a response. Has anyone else requested a reimbursement and, if so, how long did it take? Many thanks.
  5. Yes, I'll let you know what Celebrity say when they reply.
  6. I've booked my parents a Boots PCR test for their upcoming cruise and I went into Boots today to see if it's the same as the rt-PCR test which Celebrity ask for and the pharmacist said it's different and it's a test which isn't offered in many places. He found it strange they were asking for that as he said not any holiday companies are which he was aware of. I am therefore waiting for Celebrity to confirm in an email if a Boots PCR test is acceptable.
  7. Hi, this is the issue I had as my parents needed a printed boarding pass. I checked in for them online and when I had done that it said I now needed to download the app. I did that on my own phone but that's no good for them and I couldn't see a way to print it from there. About an hour later I went back to my parents check in page and there was a link to 'print xpress pass' so I was able to print paper copies for them. Therefore they won't need to use an app at all.
  8. Thank you to everyone for your help. My parents are all sorted and can now enjoy their cruise. I've just got to go through all this again before their next cruise in August 😄
  9. I've just tried that and in the summary box it says 'View boarding pass'. I click on that and it says to download the app. That's a good idea about doing it on my phone. I'll try that now.
  10. I've just managed to do the check in but I can't print a boarding pass. I can print the luggage labels. It says I have to download the app for the boarding pass. My parents, who I'm doing this for, are elderly and don't have a smartphone so I am at a loss as to what to do now. Not sure I can get my mother up to speed with a smartphone and technology before they go 😁
  11. Thank you for this Bluewake. My parents had an email to say the check in was open a couple of days ago. I signed in yesterday and could see that the check in was open but I didn't have time to do it at the time as I was about to go out. I've tried to sign in today but just get a blank white page when I try to sign in. I am surprised that the check in has opened so late as the cruise is only in a couple of weeks.
  12. Thank you graphicguy for your quick reply. I am actually doing it for my parents who don't have a smartphone so ideally I need to do it online so I can download and print their boarding passes out for them.
  13. Hi, I am trying to sign in to my account on the Celebrity website to do my online check in. I signed in yesterday and could see my cruises but didn't have time to complete the check in so am doing it today. However, when I click on 'Sign in' I just get a blank page. I've tried various browsers (Google, IE and Edge) and it the same with them all. I have tried to ring Celebrity but couldn't get through so just wondering if anyone else has this issue today. Many thanks.
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