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    MSC Orchestra 2/7-2/21/09 Just Back

    Oh... of course! We had to make the best of things. What I told my 14 and 11 year old that afternoon of the missed flight is that in life we have to distinguish between disappointment and tragedy. Missing the ship is a disappointment, but not the end othe world -- that is why that very night we invited another family out to celebrate the start of our February vacation and to enjoy the gift of friendship. And my older daughter is now enamoured of St. Maarten since we had more time there than usual. I would love it if MSC ever did a run out of Boston or New York. Hmmm... Bermuda would be appealing.
  2. Mic-Mac

    Review orchestra 2/14 ~ 2/21

    I am sorry I never met you or any in your group. Your story sounds like material for a movie! When I was unable to get passage to either Miami or FLL in time I called CruiseBrothers, our TA and when they said Catey International Airport in the DR the airline agent could not get me there. So we opted for St. Maarten. The hotel and stay were beautiful. I hope you have travel insurance! I am in the process of submitting my claim. I was fortunate in that the airline flew us to St. Maarten with no extra charge; maybe it depends on who you get (though the insurance would have covered it) I am now thinking if I do another FLL/Miami cruise maybe it is better to leave from a major airport such as Logan or NY. Even when we had to connect in Philly for St. Maarten it was a bit close! As I said I enjoyed MSC better than NCL and there was a smattering of the Italian Line of my childhood (ah, that mold was broken.....)Food was good. I would NEVER order fish on a mass market liner though and stuck to the pasta, salads, and meats. The deck chairs are an issue though. Would have loved to have a chair on outside deck 7, but that may not be allowed as it is a muster station.
  3. Mic-Mac

    MSC Orchestra 2/7-2/21/09 Just Back

    We actually did not embark until the port of St. Maarten because of mechanical delays with our plane the Friday before and the lack of seats for three going to Miami or FLL. Had a great stay on Monday in St. Maarten though. So the four nights we were on the ship were fun, however! So sorry we never got to see anyone from our Roll call group as we missed the Meet and Greet. I can't understand all the negative reviews from before unless this ship has made a drastic improvement. The staff were friendly and efficient and I can't say enough good things for the cabin and dining room personnel. I liked the food, especially the rack of lamb and freshly made pastas -- also great fruits and salads. I did not expect fresly grilled seafood or anything since this is a mass market line. The food is markedly better than NCL. I was disaapointed that the ice cream served in the dining room for dessert is not the same as the ice cream sold for 1.50 by the pool (which we enjoyed a few times). Shanghai Restaurant is tops and worth the extra money! The entertainment was quite classy -- there was opera, Irish dance, Broadway numbers, etc. No comedian though. (unless I missed it the first three nights). Gorgeous theatre with imaginative lighting. The time in ports was a bit short I thought. Because we had done so much in St. Maarten before embarking we actually had the pool area to ourselves! In Antigua we took a cab to Dickenson's Bay for three a person and rented two chairs for ten dollars and a canopy for 5. It is a lovely spot. Did not shop. Because we didn't get into Nassau till 3 and had to be back on board by 6:30 I nixed the plans to do Wyndham day passes at Cable Beach. Instead we went to the Straw Market and went to to town Junkanoo Beach for a few minutes (dirty beach -- avoid). The kids activities were BAD for my children. They group the 7--12 year olds together and nothing was of interest for my tween (my 14 year old declined to go to the disco for teen stuff since we joined the ship three days in and young people had made connections at that point). I do think the mini club for the tots of 3-6 is okay though. I would recommend MSC to fellow cruisers and we enjoyed ourselves.
  4. Mic-Mac

    MSC Orchestra 2/14/09

    [quote name='3dogmom']Joanellen...so sorry to hear this. Hope the rest of your travels are issue-free. See you in St. Maarten![/quote] thank you so much! If all goes well we should have a wonderful afternoon, evening and morning at the Sonesta right on the beach!
  5. Mic-Mac

    MSC Orchestra 2/14/09

    Bad Friday the 13th luck. The first leg of our flight out of Hartford had mechanical problems and there was NO WAY our family of 3 could get rerouted on another plane. Not even to neighboring airports of Providence, Boston, or NY . Spent 6 hours in the airport. It really wasn't feasible to fly into Catey Airport in Samana so we are off to Phillipsburg, St Martin on Monday, will spend a night in a hotel and then catch the ship the next day. I hope the weather is okay. I would have cancelled the cruise but our travel insurance does not cover that. I do have coverage for an attempt to make the ship and so will get reimbursed for the first three days missed as well as hotel and meals in St. Martin. If we get there by 2:40 when we are supposed to we could have a lovely afternoon near beach and pools..... So I won't be at Meet and Greet. Joanellen DD Julia 14 DD Maura 11 And my teen girl is afraid she won't make a friend now coming late!!!
  6. Mic-Mac

    Miami airport to FLL recommendation?

    Do a web search on this company. I paid 60.00 for three people back in Dec. to transport us next week from Miami Airport to our FLL hotel. But by now the price might be a bit higher. They had good reviews and were recommended by a couple of folks I know.
  7. Mic-Mac

    Fort Lauderdale Hotel Day Pass

    This was posted a few months ago -- am bringing it up again to see if there is any info for FLL
  8. [quote name='GIGOLO JUAN']Stay away from post excursion . Bus is to leave at 8:30 am Left at 9:45 am returned to Fort Lauderale airport 12:50 pm No tour .no 30 minute shopping as stated in Msc excursion paper. msc said the bus would return to airport at 3:45 pm Bus operator said MSC has a contract to return at 1 pm. 40 unhappy cruises at $56.00 each What abad way to end a cruise[/quote] You were on for three hours. May I ask what you did during this time?
  9. We were thinking of either going into the Atlantis lobby just to see it and then walking over to Cabbage Beach OR getting a day pass for Wyndham Cable Beach.... but if our time in this port is severely curtailed then we will simply walk down the street and swim in the beach in front of the Colonial Hilton and then maybe poke a bit in the open air markets on the way back to the ship.
  10. Mic-Mac

    Fabulous time! Jan 31-Feb 7 cruise

    Inshape, thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed review. I cringed when I read the description of the drunkards on the Super Bowl cruise -- sounds horrifying to me! I think I will LOVE the Italian style of this cruise line and will appreciate the efforts of the crew. I am going in an extremely optimistic frame of mind. I will save the lobster for Maine and Northern New England and wil instead enjoy the pasta, fresh fruits, and homemade soups. (as well as that lovely gelato)
  11. Mic-Mac

    Msc orchestra

    There is a difference between a thoughtful critique and trolling and I think there's been plenty of the latter lately. I just skip.
  12. Mic-Mac

    MSC Orchestra 2/14/09

    Just wondering about this.... what do you think... some teens may want to pass; not sure. Joanellen DD Julia 14 DD Maura 11
  13. Mic-Mac

    MSC Orchestra 2/14/09

    I will be there and think the idea of a swap with small gift representing our state/region is great!!! Joanellen
  14. Mic-Mac

    Room Service Anyone????

    For those that want to give their children an early evening meal that doesn't involve the dining room or for people returning a bit later from the ports, I would think the Buffet would be an even better alternative to the cabin room service. I think that is what we'll do in Nassau (will try Shanghai restaurant in St. Martin -- ship departs at 8 pm)
  15. Mic-Mac

    On the Orchestra now...Feb 3

    Grace, By express pass do you mean the online "express check in" that MSC asks us to do beforehand, using our info with passport numbers, etc? Glad to read of the good reports! Sorry to hear about the tender issues. I think with us, however, we WILL disembark in that port no matter what the headache. Up here in New England we don't have a warm turquoise beach to swim in during Feb.!