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  1. Maybe Le Meridien, it just opened I think....
  2. We have the unlimited package for our next cruise, I was wondering, do you get your « internet code « automatically by email after the cruise or do you have to register/request it on board ? I didn’t receive any instructions when I bought the package on sale. PS : really nice photo. @awhfy
  3. Last week on the Summit, we had chefs specials that were not on the menu (one entrée and one dessert) on three different Night.
  4. We received our tags last friday, it took exactly 8 days to receive them here in Quebec.
  5. No, but a few sparkling wines from Italy, Spain or California are included.
  6. There was free Zumba and dance lessons poolside on our Carribean cruise in April everyday. The yoga and pilates lessons held at the gym had a fee tough. PS we are both in our late forties and pretty active and Celebrity is our Line of choice.
  7. Hi, we are staying close to grand central terminal prior to our Summit cruise. At what time would you schedule the limo to the port ( on sunday august 25th), is 10am a good call? We have no idea how long it can take on a sunday morning, 45 min? More? Thanks in advance...
  8. I tought of you when I saw this, hopefully the link will work.... http://www.cruiseharbournews.com/infinitygall.html?fbclid=IwAR0nuAuG8XXzDhqbYAZ2swzjvu3hxtUCAjEVA0LPKmMVFkVuG1WI2ePX-O8
  9. We were on the Silhouette at the end of february and we had cold towels and sorbet poolside on 3 of the sea days and the servers also sang on the last Chic night, was very nice for sure !!!
  10. Last week on the Silhouette it was up to 9$ on the classic package and up to 15$ for the premium package.DH had many IPA ´s that were12-13$ and the Auval at 14$
  11. It was on our Silhouette cruise last week, DH had it a couple of times at Celler Masters (all beers up to 15$ were included)
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