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  1. Thank you all, I am sure it will be good. After all it is a cruise FINALLY!
  2. Thank you. Just not sure as I am a light sleeper. Unfortunately they didn’t give another deck so don’t know if there are any J4’s on other decks.
  3. Hi all, Just did a Lift and shift for Radiance of the Seas. Cabins were all on deck 10. I chose 1078 and have just realised it is on Deck 10 probably under The Windjammer. Should I be concerned? The category was J4 and Deck 10 was all the call centre would offer. Thanks for any replies
  4. Thanks again. I have found the details listed above extremely helpful. So clever to put together the list. Unfortunately still no website in Australia working, so have contacted Cruise Planner to give me details of ME cabins on Dolphin deck. Fully covered might be better. Although we are partial to Caribe deck.
  5. Thank you all for this information. As the cruise will hopefully be 28 nights, we definitely want some cover. I also seem to be having trouble with the Princess deck plans at the moment, which is making things difficult.
  6. Ho all, Looking at a cruise on Coral Princess and we would like at least a partially covered mini suite. I know on other ships Caribe deck has partially covered but not sure about Coral. Is there another deck and we would also like a cabin AFt. Any assistance would be appreciated. kind regards
  7. Our 12 night cruise has been replaced with an 8 night cruise and the price is just as high. This is for a JS. I will say though that since I rebooked (but not paid deposit) the price has dropped nearly $1500. Deposit not due until 6/11 so will be watching everyday for price drops. The annoying thing was that I couldn’t transfer my deposit from one cruise to the other.
  8. Prices seem to have gone thru the roof for rebooking after a cancelled cruise.
  9. We have booked a B2B with a 12 day cruise followed by an 8 day cruise. Hopefully will happen, but Royal have taken our money, so hopefully will refund if we cannot do this length of cruise. Not until December 2021 so hopefully will be ok.
  10. Hi all, we today received our out of pocket expenses for our cancelled QE 15th March cruise. We now have received everything and have nothing outstanding thankfully.😁 Good luck to everyone still waiting.
  11. Finally received our refund today for our cancelled 15th March QE cruise. Now just waiting for our out of pocket expenses.
  12. Cunard have also said the same to me for our 15/3 cancelled cruise. Our out of pocket expenses though will take 60 days!
  13. We also found out by me contacting Cunard and we booked thru a TA.
  14. I am just happy for some communication. Our TA has been good, but the email from Cunard was sent because I have been trying to make contact with Cunard and, because the TA was getting no where with them. Anyway, let’s wait and see!
  15. Afternoon all, Well finally! Just had an email from Cunard to say our refund has been processed. only problem is that because we booked thru an agent, Cunard send them a cheque which could take 20 days for the TA to receive, so still do not have the cash in the bank, but at least a start.🤔🤔. Will post here when I actually receive the money.
  16. Congratulations hopefully ours will be soon.🤔🤔
  17. Bazzaw great news . Hope it continues. Still nothing for us though. Cunard not even responding to email.
  18. Bazzaw I agree. I do not think many in Aust or NZ have received refunds at this stage. Just some communication would be helpful. Our cruises were cancelled a long time ago, ours was the night before sailing. I feel for you, because you have a lot more money outstanding than us.
  19. Bazzaw Still nothing for us and I have been chasing up this week. TA said they have had no news from Cunard whatsoever and difficult to contact. They did ask for our bank details even though we paid by CC. Just As a token, I would think. Incidental expenses Cunard said they would send a cheque in the next 60 days. I did email Cunard yesterday and the reply was that it will be 10 - 14 days to reply to email. So still no joy for us unfortunately.
  20. Wow, that is good news. ContactEd our TA yesterday as it is 53 working days since 15th March cruise cancelled. She advised that they have received no refunds from Cunard as yet. Other lines flowing thru but not Cunard and she also said it is very difficult to contact them. Just a waiting game for us!
  21. Bazzaw we are 53 working days since our 15th March cruise was cancelled. This is taking out Easter. Still no news. I am contacting the TA on Monday to see what the outcome will be. Then I might contact Cunard to see “if I am in the system” and the Westpac to see what can be done. I think the outcome will be that I have to just wait. So quick to take our money, so slow to return. Just some communication would be helpful.
  22. Bazzaw still nothing for our Cunard 15/3 unfortunately 😩
  23. If you hadn’t told me, I would not have claimed, so greatly appreciated. Sounds like you might be waiting a while though. I understand Princess is not better than Cunard unfortunately.
  24. Well I would like to thank Sydgal for telling me I should claim. . Just received an email from Cunard saying they have approved my out of pocket claim for our cancelled cruise. Payment will take 60 days but I will receive a cheque. Hopefully a refund for the cruise will happen soon too!
  25. I agree with you Bazzaw totally. Your first cruise was cancelled way before all this happened and you thought your refund would have happened quickly. Our 15/3 was also cancelled and we thought we would get a refund also quite quickly. I find a lot of people here are only worried about their cruise happening in the future. There are a lot of us who are awaiting refunds and have had no communication from Cunard.
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