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  1. 😃As normal, received my final sea pass account bill on the morning we disembarked the ship. Checked it – no issues. A few weeks later got the credit card bill and noticed that as well as the total payment taken it showed an additional payment taken three days later for just over £8. Asked P&O why and was advised this was an administrative error as the amount should have been attributable to the next guests occupying the cabin and the £8 would be reimbursed to my credit card. Fine, however, we sailed on Oceania last year and similarly we were overcharged by £11 which was refunded for the same reason when I queried it. Obviously, P&O wouldn’t deliberately add charges but the point is if it happened to us twice in a year how many times does this occur and is not picked up by the card holder some weeks later? The moral being check your credit card statement against your sea pass account.
  2. Brought an Apple Ipad on Venturia a few weeks back for about £20 less than on Amazon. Also got a 7.5% P&O loyalty discount. Also got one days free internet access to enable Dixon's rep to upload stuff from my old I pad. Good deal. 😉
  3. We enjoyed this cruise as well although didn't really notice the music round the ship but agree there was often something going on in public areas during the day when you might just want to take it easy. If we had a gripe it was the loud noises early every morning and in the evening which sounded like a cross between an underground train coming out of a tunnel and the ships thrusters at full power. Our cabin was on deck 14 close to the buffet above so assumed it was the staff moving large trolleys around - not much you can do about that so no issues on what was a very interesting cruise venue - at least once! 😁
  4. We were on Marina just over a year ago and took a 3 lt box of wine on board at the embarkation port (Montreal) after first asking head office if it was okay to have it in the MDR for a one off $25 fee. No problem. Took the box to the MDR, saw one of the managers, showed him the email from head office and that was that. Every time we went to the MDR told our server we had a box and he would return with a decanter filled with the wine - not the box. Got one or two looks from fellow diners and once heard me being referred to as the "box man" but otherwise no issues whatsoever. Whether that is still their policy I couldn't say. Hope that helps 😃
  5. Done this trip twice in the past few years and wouldn't add much to what has already been fully covered. We had an aft cabin on both occasions which is great for watching the wake of the ship on your balcony only downside is if the wind is blowing in the wrong direction soot with often appear on the balcony. The large number of sea days can be boring to some and we tended to do mostly our own thing whilst ashore. Didn't enjoy the ship shore excursion we did in Madeira to a hotel for afternoon tea as you are treated a bit like second class citizens by the hotel staff. We upgraded to premium economy on the overnight flight home which ioho was worth every penny, but each to their own.
  6. Hi – We are booked on the Majestic Princess on an 11-day cruise from Auckland to Sydney next month. I have heard mixed reports on the norm as regards the automatic deduction of onboard gratuities by Australian and New Zealand cruisers, especially in home waters and wondered what the general view was? Our usual practice when cruising in other parts of the world has been to simply accept the process and pay the required amounts from the sea pass account (plus transfer charges). However, if the usual way of rewarding good service “down under” is to target specific individuals at the end of the cruise, offer them cash, and cancel the automatic deductions we would go along with that practice. P&O (UK) with whom we are sailing with later this year, have announced that from March no gratuities will be taken on their ships, but whether other cruise lines will follow suit remains to be seen. Grateful for any views from antipodean cousins!
  7. Fully agree that seat guru is an excellent site for proving seat configuration and other useful information and where it states that Emirates have three versions of the A380-800, one of which (the 388 2 class) uses the upper deck partly for economy flights from UK to DXB. Whether they only fly from LGW I wouldn't know. Afraid that doesn't help jabie much as obviously they are flying from Manchester.
  8. We are flying Emirates LGW to DBX (then on to Auckland) to pick up a cruise which we arranged ourselves. Economy seats can be booked in advance for £60pp through Emirates if you have a booking reference. Its worth it for the Gatwick/Dubai element of the flight because their A380s now use the upper deck as economy seats and are only two abreast. I cannot swear to it but I think the cruise companies block book a group of seats to fly their cruisers out at a cheaper rate and if this is what P&O have done then your options will be limited - unless you want to bump it up to business class!
  9. We are doing the same cruise as you next March and are fortunate enough to have an S5 suite overlooking the bow. This will be the third Princess suite cruise and have no reason to think the experience won't live up to the previous ones nor those on other lines, such as P&O and Celebrity. What I would say is that you may need to be a little more proactive in order to get the full benefits you are entitled to, mostly little things like you should be able to dine free in one of the speciality restaurants on the first night and other treats are only provided on request. There are no dedicated butlers on other Princess ships so I imagine its the same for the Majestic Princess so if you want to dine in your cabin, for example, you don't get the professional service that some other lines provide. Two thing that stuck in my memory from previous cruises are that on arrival in your suite the steward poured a glass of sparking wine but then took the bottle away saying we were only entitled to one glass, which I thought was a bit penny pinching. The other thing was that we wanted some friends we had made to join us in our cabana on the Princess Island in the Caribbean but they weren't allowed in to the suite guest area even though they explained they were our guests.
  10. We have twice had an aft suite on Britannia on Deck A just below the sunset bar. In MHO the benefits far outweigh any disadvantages. For starters there are two distinct rooms, a seating area and a bedroom separated by a corridor with wardrobes and a huge bathroom and separate toilet. If you want outside space then you cannot beat an aft suite. An average balcony cabin has two glass panels - an aft suite has 16 and there are around 14 items of balcony furniture. As regards soot that can depend on the way the winds blowing, so sometimes we had no soot for days and other times it needed the attention of our cabin steward and a hose although more often than not we just gave things a quick wipe over before using them. The close location of the sunset bar rarely worried us - people above weren't interested in us nor us them. Yes, slight smell of cigarettes occasionally and movement of chairs but nothing to get excited about, although one passenger did manage to drop their glass glass onto our balcony which involved some careful cleaning up but hey these things happen. So I would book another aft suite in a heartbeat. :p
  11. Like others I fell into the 10% off at checkout trap, which in reality didn't exist and was just a dubious marketing ploy to suck people into thinking it was best to book quickly in order to get the required cabin and a good discounted price. I have written to P&O but, perhaps not surprisingly, have yet to receive a reply after nearly two weeks so not holding my breath. A cynic might say this was P&Os way of compensating for the automatic removal of gratuities so much trumpeted by them just a week or so earlier. :mad:
  12. I too booked a cruise on Iona through the P&O website during the pre-registration stage on a select cruise basis where it clearly stated 10% would be taken off at checkout, which of course didn't happen and, like others, was told that it had already been taken off the advertised price so, whilst I am happy enough with the price paid I feel I was sucked in and duped by weasel wording. Had I known that the price shown would not be reduced by 10% I would have shopped around. There is a well known consumer programme on TV that might also take the view that this is at best misleading, or at worse, false advertising.:cool:
  13. Over the past 18 years I have booked 2 or 3 cruises a year, mainly with TA and usually found them to be perfectly fine and reliable. Having said that more recently I have tended to book straight with the cruise line sometimes never speaking to anyone and doing it all on line. Naturally I do a bit of homework first by checking the prices on say the P&O website then comparing them with a few TAs. These days rarely does the price vary much between the two and there can be subtle differences for example the size of the deposit required and the latest date by which the balance must be paid. Also you can find that two on line TAs are in fact the same company. If you prefer physically visiting a TA shop to do business then fine, but I only did that on our first cruise.:)
  14. We have just registered and guaranteed a select price cabin on Iona and was surprised that 10% was not discounted at checkout as stated on the website when we paid the deposit. Spoke to a customer advisor at P&O and she stated that the price shown for the cabin already showed a 10% discount for past customers as our peninsular numbers were entered and the price quoted at checkout was correct. Feel a little duped as this is not what the website suggests and I expect most people will work on the assumption that they will be getting 10% more discount on the price quoted next to each stateroom category!
  15. Pet

    MSC Seaview

    Hi - We are doing the same cruise as you in early August with both daughter and grand kids. A couple of questions I wonder if you could clarify: a. How strict are MSC regarding the time you can join the ship? We have been given a embarkation time of 14:40 but the flight we booked months ago gets in at around 11:00 so we would prefer to go straight to the ship. b. I have seen conflicting comments regarding the need to reserve a place in the theatre - can you clarify? and c. Could you tell whether there are long waits for the main attractions, such as water slides, zip wire, and bowling? Many thanks:) Pet
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