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  1. The excitement built as I read these posts. Had my fingers crossed the Swans would win. I'm surprised to see "overwhelming favorites" referring to the Swans 😁but glad for the win! Sorry your Bombers lost Leigh--do they play again this season? Thanks for posting the scores. Go Swans!
  2. Sort of figured it was something like this. Thanks.
  3. This happened pretty fast, didn't it? Yesterday it seemed like all was still on. From what I read, I guess the teams were trying to beat some new restrictions on travel and the league was trying it's best to stay on track? I sure hope all of you are OK. Go Swans!
  4. Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm not even sure our Med/Israel in Oct '22 will go at this point. I sure miss cruising...
  5. I missed the whole episode. Glad Buddy is back. What do you all think--did he deserve to be charged?? In other news, our cruise to SA/Antarctica was canceled 2 days ago. Much sadness, 2nd year in a row now. Go Swans!
  6. Completely agree, boring. Maybe they will meet again. At the lake for our annual vacay, wifi ranges from non-existent to OK, so I can't get on as much as I want.
  7. What??? Buddy didn't do anything wrong, it's just the game. (Actually, when I re-watched it, he might have had a misplace elbow to the face). I'm sure the officials are all over it. Go Swans!
  8. Right back atcha Mic 😉 There's hope--Sweden made us look really bad and the Kiwis scored more than they should have. Go USA!
  9. Oh nooo. Buddy, why do you torture me so 😁 How are the Aussies doing in the Olympics? US not so good. Big soccer game Tuesday--AUS vs US! Go Swans!
  10. Hi Leigh I saw your first email and was depressed. As I logged in, I saw your 2nd, which was way better. Hoping the Swans hold on... Go Swans!
  11. Thanks for the link Cruisegroover, that was a good read. “It was pretty stressful..." Indeed. I was stressed and I didn't even test positive.😁 You have to admit, you get more than the ticket price with the Swans--lots of drama and intrigue, all thrown in for no additional charge! Go Swans!
  12. Another week, another no Swans on TV here. I hope to see them play again someday but I might have to go back to Sydney to do it 😁 Swans should beat the Dockers...right??? Any news on players who can't go due to covid? I will just have to depend on the news here to see how the Swans do. Go Swans!
  13. Cruisegroover Thank you for posting this. I was able to watch it. Quite fun and inspiring. Happy to hear (and see) that the Swans really do care and are working together to build success. I hope I get to see one of their games on TV here again sometime 🙂 Go Swans!
  14. Wow! I turned my back to go over to dinner at some friends' house and come back to read all this. What a storyline--covid strikes, another Swans win, and Buddy comes to life. I hope all the players and staff are OK and don't end up with any long-term medical issues. And that Australia gets thru this soon. Go Swans!
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