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  1. Thanks for the details Docker. It will be easier to find the games knowing the times.
  2. Thanks Mic. Looking forward to being in cooler weather--it's still bloody hot here!
  3. Thanks for this Mic. We are leaving for about a week and get back on 10/2, so maybe we'll get to see some of these games.
  4. Yeah, I forgot there are still one game to play. I'll have to go see if it will be on here--but I have an early tee time tomorrow! Just checked, it will be on at 3 am. If I wake up, I make give it a go but I'm sure I won't last long.
  5. Richmond eh? Hmm, it seemed like they faded a bit at the end but I didn't get to them much. And I'm a little surprised Port is lowest. But maybe you didn't put the teams in any special order?
  6. It's my fault, I fell asleep at the half, couldn't stay awake to cheer them on 😉 And we don't even get the first draft pick. It's the end tp a perfect season <sigh>. Are Brisbane the favorite to win it all? Or maybe Geelong? What is the current betting? Go Swans (there's always next year)!
  7. Yep, watching it now. Waiting for the Swans to implode... But hoping they don't! Isn't this the last game of the regular season?? Go Swans!
  8. I thought I saw both teams wearing them last night. Pretty sure it was this game, since it came on at an early enough time I could watch. I also watched part of the St Kilda game, so maybe that was it! Tonight, if I can stay up, the Swans are on. I am going to try and watch the first half--but I bet I fall asleep. Go Swans!
  9. I thought I saw it in the Essendon game, both teams wearing black armbands. In the past, I have seen 1 team wearing them but not the other. And maybe not all the players on the same team? It's an interesting tradition.
  10. Yes, both teams were wearing black armbands. Maybe a death due to covid? Thanks for explaining. Go Swans!
  11. Got to see Essendon--Melbourne last night at a very reasonable hour. Saw the first half, which was close. Switched to something else at half, by the time I got back, the game was very different! Sad loss for Essendon 😞 Now, I have a question--I see a lot of players wearing skinny armbands. Is this part of their uniform or something else? They seem too small to offer any actual use. And they look tight! Go Swans!
  12. Saw that, Swans are still on top .... of the bottom! Go Swans!
  13. Yep, they were! I watched the first half, then gave up and went to bed. Swans will be on at 2 am tonight. I doubt I will make it 😉 Go Swans!
  14. Tomorrow night we get to see North Melbourne--Dockers. I'm not expecting a lot but they are sort of evenly matched. Go Swans!
  15. Nooooo. They just couldn't quite execute 😊 Go Swans!
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