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  1. Yes, I am very happy. Are there any dates for this yet?
  2. Hi mates Great news--Smokee has been given the all clear so we will be able to cruise! I am so happy that he recovered so well and is back to normal. Only restriction is no jumping, which is easier to control than the "no steps" we have had for 2 weeks. I feel bad we are leaving him so soon after the surgery but he seems quite happy and normal, maybe even a little brighter than before surgery. Anyway, we fly to Florida on Thursday, board the Oceania Insignia on Saturday. Won't be back until December 18. I'll try and post if the internet works! Thanks for all your support ML Go Swans!
  3. Actually getting to go. We thought we would have to cancel due to dog and our medical issues, but it is all OK and we will go. Unless the dog's checkup next week is bad. If we go, I look forward to sitting on the balcony with a nice glass of wine and DH. (And knowing we left a healthy dog at home).
  4. Hi mates Just wanted to drop in and say--Smokee is cancer free!!! Got the results today, I am so relieved/happy, I can't express it. He will need some special food/supplements to help his liver but prognosis is excellent. I think we may get to cruise the Amazon after all. Next Tuesday he gets his post-op checkup. Assuming all is well, we will cruise. Thanks all for your support. I know he is 'just a dog' but he is our boy, we love him, and he is a big part of the family.❤️
  5. Actually, that bugs me too. I prefer your system. And yes, your money is prettier, but really almost every country has prettier money than us 😉
  6. Hmm, I thought that was just a US thing 😁
  7. After i saw this, I checked too. Wow, things have changed since we were there! Wish we were visiting now. And no, I'll keep our USD 😀
  8. That is very open-minded of you Mic and I mostly agree. But I have to admit, there are times when I feel taken advantage of (China, Hawaii!, parts of Europe) and a "tip" is really just a shakedown.
  9. Ha that's funny, exactly the way I thought about paying for a steak in Aus or NZ (or wherever)! "Pity <x> dollar isn't the same value as our dollar". But it always seemed ok!
  10. These get to what I was thinking about. To be blunt: do you feel you are held 'hostage' to other countries standards (ie. US)? I often wonder about this when we travel, and then when we are home and see foreign visitors.
  11. Yes, i know this. I tried to phrase my question to allow for this but that might have been missed. I actually agree with that approach but in the US, it a very uphill fight. I will say, we are great tippers!!
  12. Hi Mr Gut Thank you for the good thoughts, I'm sure it helps. As to tipping, yes, I quite agree. If a server/waiter/waitress anticipates your request, that is worth a lot. And I think the server for a large group anywhere deserves a good tip. Thanks
  13. OK, so I have a question for you Aussies. But first an update: our dog is doing great, eating, drinking, going out to do his business, even barking at "monsters". He is peeing up a storm, more than usual, but I read that could be an after-effect of surgery. Also found out that our house sitter had 2 dogs get splenectomies, so she is experienced. A good sign. I feel better about things. Now, my question. I know you Aussies don't normally tip, and I get why. I have been reading tipping threads that express a range of opinions, from no extra to more for better service. So, when you leave Australia (for example, on a cruise), do you change your tipping strategy? I would love to hear your reasons, not the amount. I know this is OT, but I didn't want to post a new thread that could be hijacked by others. You're my mates, and I would love to hear your perspectives, Thanks for your thoughts.
  14. Yes, the dog needing surgery isn't as high on the list of bad things as sudden illness/death of self or family. Perspective is always good to have!
  15. Fingers crossed. I'm a little concerned about the trouble he has first getting up but it's only been 2 days and he has hip issues anyway. And, we may have to ask the house-sitter to take him to a final checkup appointment. But if things keep going Ok, we'll be able to cruise. Another person just posted on our RC they had to cancel--she needed emergency melanoma surgery 😮 I guess it could be worse.
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