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  1. Night of the Iguana with Richard Burton!
  2. Like the OP, I don't like carrying a lot of cash around. But I do like tipping, so I do it when I can do so by adding an extra tip to the bill for the bar or the restaurant. And then I visit the front desk to have the tips for the Butler, Concierge, and Room Steward added to my bill. They give me a receipt which I present to the tippee with a thank you note.
  3. Yes it is a la carte. I loved going there right after they open, very quiet, and had a simple crepe. It was delicious and such a pleasant venue!
  4. Yes, there is a Nespresso machine with coffee and tea. They used to have Lavazza with a milk frother but this is just a simple no froth Nespresso.
  5. We really enjoyed the guacamole prepared tableside!
  6. https://www.ncl.com/fr/en/language-service-en This sounds like French is covered, but other languages seem to be part of the page.
  7. "The main language used on board is English. However, we offer our international guest service in German and Spanish on all fleetwide sailings and in French and Italian on all sailings in Europe and select worldwide itineraries." NCL FAQ
  8. Meanwhile, we can dream. Certainly this will give you a good idea of the wonderful scrumptious possibilities!
  9. I love Galveston! How about a pre and post cruise stay at the wonderful Tremont House? Yes, please!
  10. No, not unless you have a large group you wish to seat together.
  11. JamieLogical thanks for this post! It's so nice to read about all the things we love about cruising instead of the volatile, political, complaining, fatalistic stuff. Not that there's anything wrong with that! 😀 We are crazy about the Haven, both on Bliss and on Joy. We loved the Haven Restaurant on Bliss, but on Joy they had a kitchen fire just before our cruise and so we had breakfast and lunch in Cagneys. But they managed to transfer the whole Haven experience to Cagneys, just for those meals. They also gave us 7 specialty dinners, since there was no Haven Restaurant for dinner. Still had a great time. I will be interested to hear from folks who cruise Joy Haven who have cruised before the great concierge class switcheroo.
  12. Thanks so much for posting that cool video of the Smoky! Loved watching that and remembering that wonderful bar in The Haven on Bliss.
  13. It's just a portable phone in some of the suites. You can take it with you around the ship if you want to, but we never did.
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