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  1. 1 hour ago, #1TravelMom said:

    Yes, I know the life vests are required. I have read that they will not allow you to snorkel without them. I just would like to know how much they cost to rent. I don't need the cost of all of the gear, just the vest.


    We snorkeled there with our own gear in May. Unless it has changed, there was no charge to add just the vest. We did see several people though without.  I don’t think it’s enforced. If you decide to get the vest you will need to sit through the video before you head out. 

  2. You can snorkel with your own equipment at no cost. They do recommend getting a snorkel vest and we were not charged for this either.  I did see several people who looked like they were using their own gear that did not have the snorkeling vest from Royal. 

  3. 13 hours ago, not-enough-cruising said:

    however it appears they are raising the package price AND more people are buying them; in this reality there is no financial reason for a vendor to reduce their price


    Just curious as to how you know more people are buying them at the higher price?  I wonder if that was the discussion in the last marketing meeting. “People, we really need to raise the drink package from $49 per day to $56 because way more people will buy it at $56  What were we thinking?”  😜.  All kidding aside, maybe they are trying to put the screws to all of us that did not get in on the $18/day goof. 

  4. 59 minutes ago, Ourusualbeach said:

    The number of guests is the issue in making the reservation in advance.  On board the ship you can get a table for 12.  In advance you can only make a reservation for up to 10 guests.  I know this because I have a group of 12 that I booked and I could only book them as a 10 and a 2 just like you had to do.  It must be combined on board.


    What I know is that when I asked if I could book a table for 12 the rep said yes. It was not till I gave the reservation number of the couple booked with the TA that she said I can’t add that one. I have since reached out to Royal on Twitter and they have informed me that the TA can call and add the couple. If I find out that this does not work because the limit is 10 I will report back. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Ourusualbeach said:

    That is absolutely correct.  You  can only reserve for up to 10 guests.  Even if all 12 had been booked by the same person you could only book 10 of them together.  


    The number of guests is not the issue in making the reservation. I was told we could get a table for 12. The issue is with the couple that booked through a TA. I was told they could not be added till we boarded. I would like to find someway to get them added before we arrive. 

  6. I tried to book a dinner reservation for our group of six couples. Five are direct and one is with a big box TA. I have all reservations numbers. Royal CS only allowed me to make a reservation for 10 and a reservation for 2 at Chops. They said the reservation under the TA could not be added to make a party of 12 (they currently have room for 12) and that we would need to stop by Chops on the first day to make changes. I asked if the TA could call and add the the party of 2 to our party of 10 and was told no....needs to be done once onboard. 


    Does this sound correct?  I am concerned that there is the possibility that once we get onboard, they will say they can’t accommodate a party of 12 any longer at which point we would want to cancel altogether. They have allowed me to book MTD (once linked) and shows for the full group, but the Specialty reservation is an issue for some reason. It should not be this difficult.  Any suggestions/help would be appreciated. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Host Clarea said:


    Your automatic daily gratuity does not cover dining staff in extra cost specialty restaurants.


    Thus I am having to double tip. I’m paying a gratuity for the specialty restaurant staff if I book onboard and also to the staff in the MDR for service I never received. Is it a huge amount...no it isn’t. The point is that I should not have to pay both. If Royal did not add the 18% I would be inclined to tip the specialty staff anyway. The fact that they now want to nickel and dime me with the added gratuity makes me inclined to nickel and dime right back by removing a small portion of my daily gratuity for that day. If the gratuity is included if you book specialty prior to boarding, it should be included if you book onboard as well. 

  8. 8 minutes ago, cruisegus said:


    This is the issue I have here. If I book a specialty restaurant on board, Royal is adding an 18% gratuity when I Am already paying my gratuity for the day which includes the dinning staff. In essence, they are getting to double dip on tips for every specialty dining reservation made onboard.  I would certainly be inclined to remove a portion of my daily tip for that particular day in this case.  

  9. 2 hours ago, Cruisegirl6 said:

    I personally wouldn't chose that deck:

    1- public area/space above on deck 12 (chaise lounges that willl be moved alot and deck washed down during the night, pool, fitness center....alot of traffic and possible noise) There are not any public areas above these new cabins. The Panoramic Ocean rooms are on deck 12.  The spa is above the interior rooms; but our kids never heard anything. 

    2-  The doors be kept opening due to the flow of traffic and my concern is that it may be too warm in the hallways Never noticed that the hallways were any different in temperature than any other hallway. 

    3-  I also be concerned that it be too noisy with the traffic flow There is very little traffic with these rooms. Depending on the room that was selected, you would have no more than 5-10 cabins beyond your stateroom. It’s probably much less traffic than most staterooms would have. 


    I only like cabins that have cabins on top of me and no public space.


  10. We were in stateroom 1110 with our kids across the way in an interior. We all loved this location as we also like the panoramic ocean view rooms. The proximity to the pool is a big draw for us and it’s an easy elevator or walk down the stairs to the promenade. With the Bahama trip, we felt very little motion being on the front of the ship. We would not hesitate to book these again. 

  11.  With so many different responses from Royal as well as different reports from people on different ships here on CC, I decided to send a DM to Royal via Twitter to ask about getting our 2 Cabanas next to each other.  The response I received was that we could go by the excursion desk after we boarded. I sent a DM back stating that a member on Symphony went to the excursion desk and found that their Cabana was already pre-assigned before they boarded and therefore could not be changed.  


    Royal then agreed to contact the excursion desk on Symphony with a request that our Cabanas be located together. The next day I was sent a DM that our request would be granted. Hopefully when we board, this will be the case. I will try to remember to report back after our sailing in October whether this worked out for us. 


  12. On 7/28/2019 at 6:31 AM, MaritimeR&R said:

    Some ships will tell you they have no control over the assignment of cabanas on Coco Cay, however the Shore Excursions Desk does have the availability of emailing the appropriate person on the island and putting in your request. They usually will honor it, especially if you have a special need or are traveling people who also have a cabana reserved and you are looking to do a side by side. This should be done upon boarding the ship.



    We will try this approach. Was this your personal experience and if so what ship?

  13. 1 hour ago, kevinkingmd said:

    A few weeks ago, on the advice of the suite concierge, we went to the excursions desk and chose our cabana.  They handed us a letter with our cabana number and that was that.


    However, he emphasized we had to do it on day 1.  If we waited, they would assign it randomly.  (Coco Cay was on day 3)


    That is good to know. 


  14. Has anyone had any success in choosing your Cabana at Coco Cay before or after boarding?  Our group has 2 Oasis Cabanas booked under different reservation numbers for October. We want to make sure we get assigned next to each other. I asked at the excursion desk when we were on Navigator in May about assignments and I was told they have nothing to do with it on the ship.  I have called the number for onboard reservations and they told me to check once we got on the ship.  Is it just random or is there is there a way to find out what Cabana each group will have? 

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