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  1. Currently priced at $61.99/ person for our cruise to use as a reference point.
  2. They decided not to offer. I had heard it was going to be a logistic issue to verify who had a half day vs a full day pass. Not sure if they were offering a morning half day and an afternoon half day, but that would have made it even more difficult.
  3. There is no longer a half day option. Also, any child under 18 will need to be accompanied by a paying adult.
  4. It is my understanding that the tickets for the cabana will be delivered to your spouses stateroom and that name is written on a chalk board attached to the assigned cabana. You can give each person their ticket that they will take to the cabana concierge on Coco Cay and exchange for a cabana wristband. All of you should not be required to go to the cabana at the same time if you choose not to do so. I will know for certain how the process works in October.
  5. Royal’s Twitter is also stating that you can repurchase at the prevailing rate. To me that means if you purchased at $46 and canceled to purchase at $18, but the prevailing rate today is $52....you will be paying $52.
  6. Cabana E is just a place holder. Our group has 2 Cabanas reserved under 2 different reservations and both are listed as E. On a stop to Coco Cay in May, we walked by the Cabanas and they are numbered 1 through 12.
  7. Yes, it is a thin yellow vest. Was not crazy about having to wear it.
  8. We went snorkeling in May and took our own gear. They will let you have a vest free of charge, however we did see a few people out there without one. They did inform us that the plane was no longer accessible but I did not ask if this was temporary or not. Saw a good size sting-ray while we were there.
  9. Also, his Cabana has plexiglass on 3 sides to keep the wind out.
  10. I believe there are four pool side and several located on the deck above the pool.
  11. This is one of the pool Cabanas (his office space) and was taken on the Navigator last month. His is located a deck above the pool next to the smoking section. Port side.
  12. I have already read that discussion and don’t do Facebook, so I may may be SOL. Maybe there have not been many cruise critic users renting the Oasis Cabanas yet.
  13. We have used SAS as well. We stayed in FLL and took the shuttle to POM for our cruise. They are one of a few if not the only shuttle that would pick up as early as 9:30am. The others I contacted needed to be done with their FLL runs before they would pick us up. If you have 5 or more the price drops to $13...and if you prepay with 5 or more it drops to $10/person.
  14. Cruisefan0001, while I do appreciate the attempt to lock me on to a thread that answers my question, this one talks about bungalows, beds, and Chill Island cabanas.....everything but the Oasis pool cabanas. As these have only been available since the first part of May, I am trying to hopefully get some opinions from someone that has been there recently. Thanks
  15. We currently have 2 Oasis Cabanas reserved for our group. It seems we all go back and forth as to if we want to keep them or save the expense. I have been to perfect day and enjoyed having a lounger and umbrella more towards the quiet side of the pool but the idea of having a couple of cabanas together sounds like it could be a lot of fun for our group. Can anyone who has had one of these please comment about what you liked/disliked, positives/negatives etc. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  16. We were on the Navigator for the May 20th sailing. Each pool was closed on separate days due to a young child throwing up in the water. Each was not a full blown up chuck, but enough that when the lifeguard saw it he shut everything down. It took about 3 plus hours to drain/refill the pool to reopen.
  17. We were on this same sailing. After dinner each night we would walk up to the WJ just to see what they were serving as we were originally going to skip dinner on the last night to go to the WJ. We had sailed on the Mariner in September and they had this huge feast of shrimp and mussels on the last night. After seeing the dinner selections the first 3 nights, we decided to make a MTD reservation in the MDR the last night and we were glad that we did. Never saw any shrimp in the WJ although they did serve the lamb shank there on Night 4. The WJ was always crowded when we went to check it out, but I thought dinner in the MDR was more appealing.
  18. I have made monthly payments before. Just log into your Cruise planner. It will say to pay in full, but you can change the amount to anything you want. It takes less than five minutes to complete. You can print the amount paid so that you have record. You will also get an email shortly after with your total amount paid and it will show the remaining balance. I am not sure why anyone would do that garbage payment plan Royal offers.
  19. I don’t believe these are Cabana assignments. Out group of 12 have 2 Oasis Lagoon Cabanas that we booked months apart from each other. We both have Cabana E on our invoice. This is for Symphony of the Seas.
  20. They had these on Mariner in September. Hate them vs the old style.
  21. Here is a link on the story. https://ewnews.com/coco-cay-on-track-for-may-opening
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