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  1. One thing! Really good questions, many of which I hadn't thought about but bet every cruise line has on their contingency planning.
  2. Looks amazing! Definitely like the Muster 2.0. Glad that they're continue to apply technology to improve the cruising experience. Great work!
  3. Welcome to cruise critic. Looks great. Dress codes not really enforced anymore. Wear what makes you happy. Have a great trip.
  4. This Nov 5th (if it happens) Adventure is going from Bayonne to Galveston on an 11 night and hits A&C but misses B.
  5. I've been spending some spare time reflecting on cruises past and got to thinking of itineraries that have disappeared as well as itineraries I wish were added. For itineraries that have disappeared: #1: 14 day X-mas and New Year's Caribbean cruise out of Bayonne. We used to do this itinerary on Explorer when she was in Bayonne and really miss it. Back to back Bahamas just don't cut it for us. #2: Western Med with overnight in Istanbul, just such a beautiful city. #3: Arabian Gulf Cruises stopping in Dubai, Muscat, etc. For itineraries I'd like added: #1: World Cruise on Royal #2: Cruises that stop in Luxor or Cairo #3: More ports of call added to Baltic Cruises (stops in Germany and Poland)
  6. As we are nearing September, the chances we’ll cruise this year are fading. We had a twelve year streak, but will start another. What I’m going to miss this year is not being on a ship during Xmas or New Years. As soon as a vaccine is available, my DW, DS and I will be at our GP’s and looking for our next cruise. Hope to see you all sooner than later 🙂
  7. I know different strokes for different folks and a lot of you like Cats. For us, it’s almost be a deal breaker. We like attending the shows except that one, so it’d need to be a really good itinerary.
  8. We’re with you, if my DW and I like it we’ll go see multiple times. 🙂
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