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  1. On the other hand, the cruise line should have little control over passengers ending cruises at, say, Barcelona, Civitavecchia, or almost any other port.
  2. I second Banjo's recommendation for the Tulip. Rooms are modern, clean and spacious, but the restaurant is average at best. We've dined twice at La Locanda, about 250 yards north of the hotel. It's typical Roman fare with pasta and seafood. Check ahead because it could well be among the zillions of restaurants shuttered Sundays and Mondays.
  3. Decades ago,t I overhead a man at a bar in Lusaka, Zambia tell another that he was from Seattle. I butted in, mentioned that I, too, was from Seattle. He introduced himself as Bob Strom. When returned home, my then teenage daughter introduced me to Bob Strom, her new boyfriend, and the son of the Bob Strom I met in Lusaka. .
  4. cirpi

    Tap Air

    We were in a similar situation with TAP which refused to issue a refund on a canceled flight to Lisbon. We filed a credit-card dispute and, after six weeks or so, we got our money back.
  5. Update: The agent checked further and found the fare still stands, but economy plus is at least $1,500 on most carriers and don't even think of business class unless you have around five grand to spare. Also, be aware that fares are changing -- mostly up -- almost by the hour.
  6. I've used Choice Air several times for return flights to the U.S. from Europe and I have had no problems except for this week. After a May TA, we plan to spend a few days visiting extended families in Italy, then fly home from Venice. The Choice Air website lists $577.48 as economy fare for several flight options. The Choice Air agent, working from home, yesterday quoted us $2,500 p.p. for the flights. I think we need to get on the same page.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, Mercruiser. If things settle down with the virus by fall, we might do a road trip to Walla Walla. We have cruised half a dozen times with an elderly couple who told us they live in Walla Walla. If we can remember their names, we will look them up and perhaps we can join them for dinner at Brasserie Four.
  8. I agree that Walla Walla has much the same feel and vibe that Napa Valley had in the 60s and 70s. Can you recommend a restaurant or two?
  9. Our Apex sailing is next May 1 and we have the same concern. Fingers crossed.
  10. After after a Reflection TA last May, we spent two days in Dublin, then flew to Italy to visit friends near Asti. I felt fine when I arrived, but within a couple hours, I spiked a 103.8 fever and for the next 72 hours I was in the hands of the village doctor and parish priest with double pneumonia. A temperature check at the Dublin airport would have been useless because I did not have fever then.
  11. My wife and I live in Olympia, WA, two counties removed from the Seattle/Kirkland area, the original U.S. epicenter for the coronavirus. Everything except for grocery stores is in lockdown. Bars and bistros are shuttered, events canceled, parks closed, and the fishing season shut down. We order groceries and medicines online. We are frequent Celebrity cruisers and truly love the line, but we are in our 80s and had to cancel a June Adriatic cruise because of too many uncertainties. We hope to return with a spring transatlantic to visit several Italian friends who have been severely impacted by
  12. I read that ALL 20 regions would be affected, so that would include Sicily and Sardinia.
  13. We are booked on the Infinity for an Adriatic cruise in June, but likely will cancel and do a two-week West Coast road trip. We are not planning to cancel a September Alaska cruise on the Solstice.
  14. Steve, Our predicament is similar. We are booked on the June 28 Infinity sailing from Venice with hopes of visiting Italian friends in Rome and Padova. To complicate matters more, we also are expected to attend our granddaughter's wedding in Portugal a few days before the cruise. If we cancel before March 30, we will have no hope for a refund on air fare.
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