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  1. We are booked on our first VO cruise on the Viking Sky Lisbon to Miami in October 2020. Was wondering what kind of activities and entertainment there might be on sea days? There are 4 sea days in a row and am hoping for some activities (other than eating & drinking 😀) to keep us from getting bored. Thanks
  2. I was in Puerto Penasco last week. We asked several local restaurant owners if they know when the port will be complete and nobody seems to know. We didn't go to look at it because there isn't much to see.
  3. I am loving your review! We are sailing on the Allure on the 13th and it will be our first mega ship as well. I appreciate your sense of humor and your perspective. Thank you!
  4. Thanks for the heads up! We planned to go to the forts on 1/17. I will have to make another plan.
  5. Markanddonna, we got the exact times as you for our Jan 20 cruise on Divina. I posed this question on Facebook and got many responses saying we can board much sooner. MSC uses those check in times in attempt to keep things more orderly, but we can check in anytime. Besides, if we waited until 4:15 ti check in we'd miss the buffet which closes at 4:00 - lol!
  6. Is there free wifi at the cruise port or nearby?
  7. Is there free wifi in the cruise terminal or nearby?
  8. Thanks for the review. We are going on Divina on Jan 20 cruise and will be first time with MSC. You provided good, helpful info. I just hope we don't get your room steward as I always request extra pillows
  9. Great! That's what I thought, but wasn't sure after all the confusion with the new drink packages. Thank you and Happy New Year!
  10. I have gotten so confused about the new drink packages vs. the old packages. I upgraded from Drinks On Us to the All Inclusive Classic package, in October, for our Jan 20 cruise. Does the package I upgraded to include the 15% service charge? If I order a drink, included in the package, would the receipt have a zero balance or would there be an additional service charge added? Thanks
  11. We have no plans made when our cruise ship ports in St.Maarten. We aren't beach people but love the beauty of the water. I had read about the outdoor market in Marigot and thought it would be interesting. I have read about Serafina's, which I believe is in Marigot, and would love to check out their boulangerie. I don't know if this is doable because of the damage. We would also like to have lunch at a lolo on a beach somewhere, not necessarily in Marigot. Any suggestions for a good seafood lolo?
  12. Has anybody been to St. Maarten/Saint Martin when there have been 5 ships in port that day? Is it crazy crowded? Will it be hard to get a taxi to take us to Marigot? I'm wondering how this hurricane ravaged island will handle several thousand people at one time? TIA
  13. Thanks for the review! We are on the Jan 20th sailing and your review is very helpful and answered a few of the questions I had.
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