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  1. At least on the newer ships, it is not true that the fire doors will always be located at the service wall between two cabins. Below are photos taken on the Royal of fire doors both at the service wall and at the room entry recess shared by two rooms. On the newer ships, look for rooms that have a notch, as shown on the attached deck plan. For that room, that will be the entrance door location and the beds will be on the opposite wall. The rooms will always alternate, with beds back to back, so you can determine the layout of other rooms from tis.
  2. In the current Princess Health Advisory I no longer see the provision about severe, chronic conditions. It lists only two conditions for denial of boarding 1) contact with someone who has or is suspected of having Covid-19 and 2) evidence on boarding of flue-like symptoms or temperature.
  3. I have often wondered why the Passage Contract requires you to "Arrive at least two hours before the scheduled or amended sailing time" and yet the last group of the progressive boarding schedule is 2:30 for a 4:00 sailing. A few years back, due to a series of weather related flight cancelations we were scheduled to arrive at FLL at 2:00 on embarkation day with a connection through LGA. In the end everything went right, our luggage was the first off the carrousel, and there was a taxi right outside.
  4. Uh-oh, I have always carried the Princess sugar packets to maintain glucose levels, particularly on excursions. I had better bring something else.
  5. I don't know if all Princess bathroom doors are the same but the one I measured on the Emerald had a 23" wide door panel which was probably a 22" clear opening. I also have notes from the Royal and it shows a 22" opening
  6. Are you saying they wouldn't cover a medical situation if it happened on a non-Princess excursion? I wouldn't expect to recover excursion cost if non-Princess.
  7. I don't mind the change to liquid in principle, but I hope it is better than that body wash stuff they put in the showers. For anyone who plans to bring their own bar soap, I might mention that I was stopped by the TSA last February for having a bar of shaving soap in my carry-on. After consulting with others she finally let me go. Put it in checked baggage. I seems to me that Princess might well have more left over soap to dispose of if pax bring their own full-size bars and abandon it at cruise end.
  8. We have walked from Berth 21 to 17th Street and back just to pass time, and there is sidewalk the entire way. You have to cross to the opposite side at a couple of places and there are some large gaps at the entrance roads to the piers. We didn't have luggage as we were just walking out between B2B, but we did see a few people wheeling luggage.
  9. I have measured it, at least for an OV on the Emerald. My records show Entry door panel 25" ( 24" clear opening) and Bathroom door panel 23" ( 22" clear opening).
  10. I believe it depends on room type. Inside and OV are on the wall and Balcony in the ceiling.
  11. There was a thread about Princess doing this as standard in some OV rooms a year ago. Most didn't like it. I saw some rooms on the Crown that were arranged this way and it wouldn't be for me, but for a single it might be good. Princess seems to have ended this change for OV rooms, but I would think that it could be done on request. I doubt if the stewards like it.
  12. Deadweight is a measure of the weight a ship can carry not the weight of the ship itself. This is the opposite of terminology for assessing a building where dead load is the weight of the construction and live load the weight carrying capacity. I don't know why the Breakaway has a smaller Deadweight when it is a larger ship carrying more passengers and presumably more supplies.
  13. Shuttle, taxi and walk-in from 17th Street.
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