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  1. Hello- Life took over and I am down to like 5 days before we leave for our 7-day Mediterranean cruise. I feel pretty 'ok' about everything except for our day in Florence. We are docked at Livorno until 7pm on 10/9 (Wend). I would very much like to get my husband to see David, but am overwhelmed with options. Do we hire tour company once we get to Florence? Do I look at excursions that pick me up at the pier? Have I already waited too long to even get tickets! Please help a girl in need! Any advice is appreciated this late in the game! Our ship excursions are not an option-prices are insane! THANK YOU
  2. We are on Crystal Serenity. Thank you.
  3. HI! Who is this Roger! What a help he is to this board! Was wondering if Roger (or another informed traveler) could rate my Mallorca plan. We arrive at 8 am on October 4 (Friday). We plan to take free cruise shuttle to city center to see the city and church. Then, hopefully catch a cab to a beach club. Based on my reading that would be Balneario. I have emailed them about reserving a sunbed. Hang out there, enjoy the sun, and grab a taxi back to pier around 230. Our ship leaves at 5pm. Any flaws? THANK YOU!!!!
  4. thank you to you all! I will start reading the sticky thread and the post Nancy referenced! I should add, we will *not* have our child on the cruise with us. I may break into tears or a cold sweat depending on the day. The longest (12 days) we have gone without her on. Celebrating 2 years cancer free for my hubby and 10 years of marriage! Thank you again!
  5. Thank you! I have done a general reading of some of posts. No specific question(s), just looking for some tips. We have been on our fair share of cruises, so really just looking for Crystal specific advice. I would *love* to read thru all the posts! But being a mother to an active 6-yr old and a full-time federal research scientist, I find my vacation planning time to be *much* shorter than I would like! I will take any advice anyone is willing to share!
  6. Hello- Myself and my husband will be on our very first Crystal cruise on 10/2 (Serenity leaving from Barcelona). We are not new to cruising, but new to Crystal. I have spent so much time planning Europe that I have not prepared for the cruise itself! I would really appreciate any tips or 'secrets' that loyalists can share to help me prep. We are both 44 years old and parents to a 6 year old daughter. Thank you! Hope T. (vizgal)
  7. this is great to hear! Yes, we enjoy cruising as a family but can't stomach Disney-which for a typical Europe cruise is DOUBLE that of other lines.
  8. thanks! that's what we have read as well!
  9. Wow. We looked into MSC but I too was hesitant. Your review sounds amazing! Great, now I may have to open the excel sheet back up and add another cruise line to our considerations!
  10. Ha! thanks, but I am *not* going on NCL or Carnival! Not going to happen in this lifetime!
  11. thank you for the tips! We just are not RCL fans. Have been on two RCL cruises (pre-kids) and just not our product. With that said, it is in the running for this Europe trip. We are pretty much between Celebrity and Princess. Our kid is a typical only child - much older than her age and already a pretty darn good traveler. Not looking for kid-friendly activities persay, just wondering about the general vibe onboard. If I recall, Celebrity was more mature than other lines, but many lines are now jumping on the family friendly 'ship' so to say. Thanks!
  12. Hello! We are considering Princess on a 2020 Summer Europe cruise with our 7-yr old daughter. We have sailed princess before kids and enjoyed ourselves. Disney has now priced us out of the market and we are looking for another more upscale family cruising experience. Can anyone comment on a recent princess sailing with children? How did the 'new' discovery kids club go? This option is very appealing to us but looking for advice! Thanks You!
  13. Hello! Starting some research on going to Europe with our 7-yr old daughter next summer. Looking at several options. We have sailed Celebrity pre-kids and it was our favorite. Disney is also a favorite but what they are asking for cruises is insane. Was wondering if anyone had any advice if there were good or bad ships for kids/families. I am looking at the Infinity, Constellation, and Silhouette. We have been on the later. Much appreciated!!
  14. Hello- Looking for feedback. We are cruising next summer as a family and it will be my daughter's first Europe trip at age 7. Going in either June or July. Looking for feedback on cruising the Norwegian Fjords (leaving from Southampton) or doing a more southern option with an eastern Mediterranean route. Any feedback on which one would be more well-suited for my child would be appreciated!! Thank you!
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