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  1. It’s the dollar bus. It’s actually a flat bed truck with benches. it’s far from ideal for a tourist but some people use it. There is no schedule and if they are full they won’t stop for you. They only go one way and run only in the daylight. There may be a map somewhere but they just go on the major roads and not near many of the beaches or tourist destinations without some long walks on narrow dangerous roads The charge $1 or $2 depending on how far you go. You have to stand on the left side of the road in the heat and rain showers. For example from Sapphire to nearby Red Hook you wou
  2. They do not pick up or drop off at the airport. The taxi rates are on the VI Now web site. They do charge $2/ suitcase too. I’d figure around $30 or $35 for two. Taxi’s charge per person so more if you have additional passengers. I am hoping you rented directly from an owner so you know what unit you will be staying in.
  3. There is a car rental agency right at Sapphire that allows their cars to go to St. John. It is All Around Cars and is to the right of the guard shack.
  4. O2b i was at Sapphire for 3 months this winter and there were 4 or 5 power outages. A few came while I was at the beach and the only way I knew was that I had to reset the clocks. Others did come at inconvenient times but were of short duration. If I had been in the middle of a project on my computer then it would be a major problem but it wasn’t to much of a problem for me. Maybe it’s gotten much worse but if it is still the same it’s nothing that hasn’t gone on for the 30+ years I’ve owned.
  5. If you live on the island the black outs are a royal pia Imagine you are cooking breakfast or dinner or watching a favorite tv show. It’s not the same for a visitor. An occasional loss of power is usually an inconvenience but not a constant irritation and it happens irregularly. I wouldn’t worry to much about it.
  6. Most of the SapphireBeach owners list on Vrbo so check that site. The BVI is closed until Sept. 1 so you can’t do those excursions now but there are plenty of nice spots to visit by boat. if you have never done a night scuba dive I’d highly recommend it. They are my favorites Restaurants and bars are probably operating in the same way as near your home. There are seating and capacity limitations and take out is offered most everywhere. You will adapt quickly to driving on the left. The signage isn’t great but it’s a small island so you can’t get to lost. GPS works......somewhat.
  7. The sun sets early, usually around 6 so you won’t have much daylight time to see things. There will be safari busses where you disembark that can take you on a brief tour. The shops in town usually close around 6 but some will stay open later if there are ships in port.
  8. First, the reef is at the side of the beach and most people are in the middle of the sandy beach near the bar and grill. Anyone there would not here any whistles. But most importantly is the need to protect the coral reef. If you walk, stand or even touch coral you kill it. Many people are not aware of that or don’t recognize the difference between a rock and coral. if anyone sees someone standing, waking or touching coral they need to get the person off the reef If one of the security guards sees it happening he will yell or if they have a whistle ( only one does) use it. If I or an ot
  9. The shady spots are first come but the units are on the beach so owners and guests can have their coffee on the beach and choose their location so the shade goes fast. You may or may not find a shady spot on the beach in front but if you search to the left there are shady spots. Chairs are provided for the condo occupant and visitors can rent chairs from the dive shop for $9. Snorkels, sups, and other beach toys can be rented as well. Taxi fares are in the $10 or $12 per person depending on where you dock.
  10. Many of the Sapphire owners ang guests claim their spots about 7 AM. I doubt you can get there before 7. But get dropped off at the main entrance and go left on the beach toward Crystal Cove. There is shade there but you may be sitting on a towel until the chair rental shop opens.
  11. There is time and there is St. Thomas time. The bar opens around 11 so if a 11 AM drink is necessary you may have to be patient. Mater of fact patients is needed in all matters in St. Thomas.
  12. The bag fee is per bag not per person. If it’s a bag that fits on your lab there won’t be a charge but understand that the taxis are multi passenger taxis so they will fill it with other passengers and many transports are on flat bed trucks with benches so there is no place for big bags.
  13. Sapphire usually is windy so often umbrellas don’t work. There is some natural shade but it fills up early so may not be available.
  14. Many ships dock at Havensight so you are there when you walk off the ship. if you dock at Crown Bay you would have to take a taxi.
  15. You can rent umbrellas at some of the beaches but if it’s windy they won’t work. Most of the beaches have natural shade but those places fill up quickly.
  16. There are two ports if you dock at Havensight you can walk to the tram. If at Crown Bay probably around $10/per person if you want to taxi to the top.
  17. On the heavy cruise ship days, usually Tuesday and Wednesday, thousands of cruisers arrive and go to the best beaches and attractions. It baffles me that these thousands of visitors complain that things are crowded. You bring the crowd. You are the crowd. if you want to avoid crowds then don’t come on a ship, fly here and stay for a week or two.
  18. Taxi to Red Hook. Ferry to STJ. Taxi to beach. The traveling takes time so it depends on how much time you have in port to determine if it’s worth the time and expensive.
  19. The natural shade areas are usually full from people staying at the resort as they can get out early. The area to the left of the buildings near the bar is where most visitors go. Sapphire. can be windy and umbrellas may not be viable.
  20. If you’re willing to do some walking you could walk to the dollar bus route and take that to Sapphire.
  21. Your plan makes sense so go to Mages early. A taxi will be $8/person each way and there is an entrance fee $5 per. Get your fill of beach time and head back depending on the time to either town or Havensight. The shops and prices are pretty much the same but if time permits it’s good to see town.
  22. My recommendations for beaches would be Magens, Sapphire, or Secret Harbor. Magens is the most famous beach and has most everything you want but not much snorkeling. Sapphire is a beautiful beach , has good snorkeling, but gets crowded on days the ships are in. Secret Harbor is a smaller beach and less crowded with pretty good snorkeling. Most beaches have natural shade so umbrella rentals may not be an option. mid you go to VINOW,com you can find taxi rates. Private taxis are an option but will likely be expensive.
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