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  1. Good question as all I have ever seen are the SailAway or pick your room options. I still think that some of the "free" perks get built into the pricing. This will be our third time on our third different cruise line rolling the dice on cabins! First one was RCL and got a balcony guarantee room that was in a great location, second time was Celebrity in an Aqua class room and ended up in an awesome room (they allow you to switch rooms) and now on NCL. I am okay with the cabin location but wished we had rooms above us and not pool deck area. Best bring along some ear plugs! snow bunny
  2. We have booked a guarantee balcony (Breakaway) and have been assigned a BA category. If we had picked our cabin with the free perks our total cost would be almost $1700 more!! No thanks! We will pay the corkage fee on a couple of bottles of wine and pay as we go for drinks. snow bunny
  3. I too think they will get this sorted out but not back to what I booked it at. I purchased OBC two weeks ago at the 1.30 but it is now 1.35 so their wording is not correct as I booked this cruise last year. snow bunny
  4. As a Canadian, my booking shows up in Canadian. OBC, excursions, specialty dining, etc are all in Canadian dollars. Effectively they all went up 5%. I understand that they can change policies but it would be nice to have been informed of said policy change. Princess has previously held the rate on your cruise based on the booking window. But hey, at least we Canadians will be able to continue visiting Cuba! Just wanted unsuspecting cruisers to know that if they check, they will now be paying a higher rate of exchange. snow bunny
  5. Just an FYI since the rates have changed, Princess is no longer holding the date of booking exchange rate. For example, when we booked it was at $1.30 and now it is at $1.35. Others may have a significant jump as I have heard about someone who had a $1.25 rate and it is now the $1.35. Not happy since there was no notice provided that they were changing their exchange rate policy. snow bunny
  6. Thank you very much. Trying to figure out for my SIL if it would be good to pre-purchase. snow bunny
  7. Can someone please tell me the cost of the new card in US$? Thanks! snow bunny
  8. Linda, thank you again! This review was engaging, informative and very entertaining. Wishing you a very Happy New Year! snow bunny
  9. We used Choice Air in December to fly from our home to the port, FLL, and then from Orlando afternoon our family vacation. It was a very good experience. We are using Choice Air on Friday for our upcoming cruise. Had a bit of an issue as hey switched our flight to an unacceptable flight. However, they did wonders and managed to switch us at no cost so I am one happy traveller. snow bunny
  10. I used Uber to go from the Renaissance to the port. Guess I didn't do it right, first timer, as what the app said and what I paid were different! In saying that, I think I would stick to a taxi as I wasn't too fond of the experience! Have taxied to 17th area with no issues! snow bunny
  11. Thank you again Linda! We fly out on Friday morning so I hope you have the last two sea days posted before then! So looking forward to being back on the Silhouette as this will be our third time. First was the Mediterranean when she was very new in 2012! snow bunny
  12. The best part is the heated lounger area. I also enjoyed the steam room. snow bunny
  13. I am trying to find current beer pricing on the Silhouette. We have the classic drink package and he wants to know what kind of up charge he is looking at for a few different beers. TIA snow bunny
  14. Going to feel like -53C which is something like -63F in the morning!! Just hoping our cold spell snaps quickly!
  15. Linda, as someone getting on the Silhouette in two weeks I want to express my thanks for your review! I am so excited to escape our brutal weather and enjoy being back on her for our third time! snow bunny aka Missy
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