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  1. This is an interesting question. If you had asked this question in April of this year, I would have said I would not cruise under those circumstances. In our first 15 or so cruises many years ago, we would take the ships excursions maybe half the time, after one has cruised so many times to the same ports, we pretty much just go off on our own as we are familiar with many of the ports and what they offer. The cruise ship excursions take you to the “Popular” areas of each port or venues that most people would possibly like to see. As we have been to those places, we wi
  2. We have flown in to Calgary rented a car then drove to Lake Louise. We stayed there a couple nights after driving around the area. We then boarded the Rocky Mountaineer Gold Leaf service with an overnight in Kamploops, then on to Vancouver, up to Whistler by car then back to board a ship. The train travels along and in areas you wouldn't see by car in that trip to Vancouver. The rivers are spectacular. We were in the Dome Car, and there was an outside viewing area on one of the last cars that we enjoyed standing and taking pictures. Service was very good on the train. Kamploops was the
  3. Eclipse Oct 11 has been canceled like many other cruise and they are just not showing on the public website yet. Internally Celebrity calls them Phase 7 cancellations. It does show canceled as do several of my cruises on the the Travel agent specific websites. It seems that the public would like to know at the same time travel agents do. Richard Fain has numerous YouTube videos addressing the travel agents. Neither he or any senior Celebrity management provide videos on YouTube addressing the loyal celebrity cruisers. Hence much spe
  4. It will be interesting to see what else Celebrity adds as eligible for points. Mirage
  5. So the OP is a travel agent I surmise. She has posted on numerous boards here Princess, Royal, Celebrity etc. the same message. Although I believe her statement to be misleading at best. https://www.travelmarketreport.com/articles/Cruise-Lines-Protect-Commissions-on-Canceled-Sailings-and-Future-Cruise-Credits March 10, 2020 "Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. brands on Monday announced that they were adding commission protection to both cancellation reservations and future bookings made with a cruise credit that was given after cancellation — commissions will not be reca
  6. We have used SPB tours 4 times. St. Petersburg, and Germany, Viktoria and her crew perform a wonderful tour. No issues.
  7. We have booked our back to backs as two cruises, if the same cabin is available, you can book that. We have received either $50 or $100 OBC, which you need to request based on the length of the B2B cruises. If you change cabins, it is very easy and your stateroom attendant moves all you hanging clothes and you just put your loose items in your suitcases.
  8. We received them for the canceled April 5th Edge sailing. As others have said -automated procedure. Although in time of financial uncertainty for Celebrity and as a shareholder, please management could we stop that immediately? Significant waste of resources. Easy to stop that drain with zero impact on cruisers. Mirage
  9. We were on a B2B in August 2019 in Europe and found the ship in good shape without complaints.
  10. Thank you for your review we have the Edge booked for April. Open minded about the Infinite Veranda, I do think as you described it is actually a Ocean view with a window that opens. I does not seem it is possible like other ships to sit on the Veranda, close the drapes and keep the air conditioning going in the room.
  11. I have inquired if I could use Non-Refundable OnBoard Credit for future deposits, a number of times when I booked on board. Years ago I was able to use NR OBC to buy Passages Certificates for some future cruises. Not sure if they still offer those. I wouldn't buy those certificates again if they did as it was difficult to use them. The most recent time I inquired about NR OBC for deposit was this last summer. Each time the answer was no. If it is possible to use NR OBC, I have not been able to for future deposits.
  12. My thoughts are that chasing points by taking an "Extra" cruise, really is not a goal worth pursuing on strictly a points basis. I would suggest that any cruise that is "Extra" is great. If your in to the cruise experience, then a side benefit of hitting the next tier, and getting a few benefits is nice, yet focus on the points is not anyways for us, why we reached Elite Plus. Chasing Zenith is not a goal either, it would be nice as it would suggest we have cruised more which we enjoy strictly for the experiences. Your mileage or preferences may vary.
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