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  1. I was able to work things out that i did not have to pay any extra. I did end up going solo (in my cabin) but it still cost the price of the two of us. Does this make sense. Originally i was told it would be the fair (say 1800.00) X 2. Plus additional 1000.00 I couldn’t wrap my head around that theory. Anyway i would never pay 3600.00 just for me, but i ended up doing that.
  2. Been on Breakaway twice and had the same balcony cabin. We choose the 2nd cabin from public area. No problem what so ever. Extremely convenient. Family had the mini suite’s further down the hall. Qw are booked in same location if Breakaway ever sails again. BTW we chose same location on getaway.
  3. When reservations open up you will want to make your choices pretty fast so you get date and time you want. We are platinum and get 2 fee meals plus whatever we get with the package. I just make the reservations on line. When i check into the restaurant they will ask if we are using package or platinum coupon.
  4. In this case it was from the cruise line. Someone said cruise line insurance was secondary. Not so! I called, was emailed the form, printed it up and had it filled out and signed, emailed it back and had my money in less than 2 weeks. I will say in the pass i have gotten insurance thru other companies. Aloft of those clearly says it is secondary. I will stay with cruise line insurance because this was way way easy. funny thing i never even dreamed a case like mine was even payable. When i called to cancel the cruise ( this happen just days before sailing) the agent said they would email
  5. Out of 23 cruises i only had to use the insurance once. I was very glad i had it and received every penny back. My grown son had a brain bleed and was of coarse in hospital. It was fast and simple. Doctor signed a form and money came to me in a flash. Actually i received a check and my husband received a check. So bottom line many things can mess up a cruise.
  6. Thank yo Don’t-Use_Real_Name. I have found the perfect cabin on getaway and Breakaway so i just keep booking that one.hopefully they want switch anything up. I too like the sofa by the balcony. After not cruising in a year i would like any cabin.lol
  7. We cruised the Breakaway March 8-15, 2020. It was the LAST cruise and things has been shut down since then. The whole time we was on the cruise i would check the amount of covid cases (especially in New Orleans). We was so worried something would happen and we would not get off the ship.
  8. Just out of curiosity how did you figure out the layout of the cabin. BTW you can change cabins with no issue. We have done it several times before.
  9. We have had the family suite without balcony at lease 4 times and it worked fine for us. We brought 2-3 grandkids on all these trips. They loved laying in bed with the wall of windows. The times we took them and did have a balcony i stayed a nervous wreck. A balcony can be a crap shoot. I cant count the times the weather rendered it useless.
  10. BTW this sale is not going away. I booked the other day and was told it will still be rocking on. My February 2021 cruise that was cancelled was a good deal but what i booked was up in price. I am using cruise next certificates so not out any money (so far)
  11. We usually get a midship balcony on deck 7. Last several cruises (breakaway and getaway) we got a balcony on deck 8. One of the first cabins .(8778 is a favorite) Most of that deck is restaurants and shops. We like it since it is so handy to everything. BTW the view is fine.
  12. The part that bothers me is them wanting to do COVID rapid test as you check in. My son in law had a test pre surgery that showed positive. Since he was totally symptom free he went to another facility and had another test. This time negative. So if you test positive and you have paid to park or fly and denied boarding, what then. My son in law was able to run 3 miles a day in Louisiana humid heat, so he was sure the positive was wrong. also my granddaughter had a wreck last week. She tested positive, they still took her to surgery and her or anyone around her has been sick. so th
  13. I could not believe my credit happened the next day. I have already received my check from Barclays card (carnival master card) I van not tell you how many times i nearly cancelled but glad i waited. I just feel for the people that has been waiting for 3-4 months.
  14. Read an article on the carnival site (addressed to all cruise lines) that cruisers would not be allowed to roam free In ports. Also would have to do ship sponsored excursions. Well so much for the ship being empty on port days. Also this may make or break people wanting to cruise.
  15. Carnival cancelled our January 2021 cruise. I filled out the form and within 24 hours i had credit on the 2 cards i had used. I had a credit to visa and carnival master card. I no long have the carnival master card so i called them and they are mailing a check. I wanted to cancel but kept holding on to hope they would cancel me so i could get my deposit and insurance back.
  16. The locals in all the ports make their living by selling to roaming free cruisers. Shops cant remain open for the 30 minutes they may allow cruisers to shop after an excursion.
  17. The one thing that bothers me is the testing. My son in law was going to have a colonoscopy so he had to have a COVID test. Keep in mine he felt great, running 3-5 miles a day in south Louisiana humid heat but tested positive. Had to reschedule the colonoscopy. He went straight to another clinic for another COVID test and what do you know —-negative. So how many will be denied boarding and not be sick (or really positive)
  18. I submitted my form for refund sept.16th and received it last night. January Valour cruise. Can you believe how fast. People are waiting 3-4 months. I am impressed and shocked by how fast this went.
  19. Our cruise was cancelled by carnival and i did the online request for refund. If i got one of those letters i would probably call also. To say ny john herald to pay no attention to the letter is easier said than done.lol
  20. Exactly!!! what floors me is they cancelled before everyone on the cruise was paid in full, giving little option what to do. Well when i have several hours to spare i will be calling them.
  21. Well mystery solved!!! I got an email from carnival this morning that my cruise has been cancelled. Apparently all due to new dry dock schedule. Anyway 100% refunded (deposit only because cruise has not been paid off) or can be held for future cruise with plus OBC. So apparently web site was ahead of my email.
  22. Thanks for the replies and input. I could care less if it cancels but i just wish they would do it before i pay in full. I am sure they have a system to their madness. Guess we all just sit and wait to see how it all plays out.
  23. We have a little 5 day out of New Orleans for January, 2021 on Valour. Only thing showing for New Orleans is 2/ 7 day on glory. Have not heard a word from carnival. Actually it seems there is not much out of New Orleans. Maybe it is because while most of Louisiana finally moved to phase 3 Friday, N.O. Is still in phase 2. Maybe they are throwing out the welcome mat too fast. Guess i will give carnival a call.
  24. Well with two hurricanes out there it has to be a first nobody is sweating what will happen to their upcoming cruise.
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