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  1. We were on deck 8 (Breakaway)and our station was in theater. (More on that later). Daughter’s cabin was down the hall and they had O’Sheehans. I hate stairs myself so i headed out somewhat early. Well would you believe the area of the theater i belonged in was ALL the way down, row in front of stage. I would think there was another way to access the lower level rather than going full length of the theater.
  2. I do not have the free air (we live one hour from port). I upgraded to the mini suite at lease 2-3 weeks after final payment. With what i had paid for balcony, mini suite was only 20.00 pp more so they let is pay that it took about a week to get new cabin assignment.
  3. December 8th cruise has been paid off for some time now. I had a balcony and when the rates dropped i contacted them and went to a mini suite and lost nothing.
  4. Yes, i have seen it happen. In fact my last cabin price drop the dining package gratuity had increased. Same dining package, just the gratuity had gone up.
  5. Our local news said a 23 year old man fell on deck on early Tuesday morning. The ship was still in the river and he was medivac back to New Orleans. He was on his honeymoon. If something had to happen the plus is they had excess to New Orleans hospitals . prayers for this young man and his bride that probably had to stay behind on the ship.
  6. Not all all surprised by this. Even in fall time when the sun is blaring on you and people are super packed on top of each other it is not good.
  7. One of the best muster drills i attended was on the breakaway. The theatre was completely full. The guy gets up there and says the drill will start when EVERYONE is quiet. He stood up there until everyone shut up. Yeah,keep talking and risk being mobbed afterwards .you could hear a pin drop and he had the floor the whole time. No side shows. i always hated the outdoor drills where they pack you 15 people deep.
  8. I gave had my Cain assignment for December 2020 for some time now. Who would of thought.
  9. My 2 cents also. After over 20 cruises i have decided to try sail away. We are very picky about location so this was a big step. I will say every location has been awesome. I did have a price reduction on one cruise so that puts you back to being reassigned a cabin. Still another good location. It amazes me how i pay 600.00-800.00 more for 2 people to pick my own location that is no better.lol our December cruise is paid off and there was a nice price reduction so for 20.00 PP we went from balcony to mini suite. Again we waited for location. Got mid ship deck 14 on Getaway. We do prefer near elevator but we will libe with this. BTW the mini suites are a tiny bit larger. The bathroom has two sinks. I was very happy with the balcony on Breakaway. Love the cabin layout compared to older ships. good luck whatever you do but i will continue to try sailaway until i get a cabin from hell.lol we have a cruise for December 2020 also and the sailaway balconies were sold out VERY fast. So this is very popular.
  10. It becomes a mess if someone takes your seat, you pick another seat, throws that person off and chain reaction. Many many tour guides ask that you return to same seat. Avoids a world of problems. We take state side bus trips and casino trips. They always say return to same seat. People today just care about me me me so lets see if me can piss off a bus of people. I really care less where i sit but it just makes good sense to keep your same seat. We will all arrive at same location at same time.lol
  11. IMO parking in the garage in New Orleans is worth every dollar. We use Fulton garage when we sail Norwegian because they just have a lot. to me New Orleans has always been a scramble. Some people say it is smooth. Happy for them but after about 15 NOLA cruises most have been a mess.
  12. I have met people on cruises that live in Florida and yes the deals are great> off the subject but after i became platinum with carnival we discover Norwegian (sail primarily out of New Orleans) anyway it was like a breath of fresh air to come on cruise critic and how nice the people were on Norwegian site compared to the nasty mean people i was seeing on carnival. Well fast forward and yeah, the nasty has invaded Norwegian. Sorta makes you want to just keep good info to yourself and let the fools be in the dark.
  13. Grandson ordered rare then threw up all night. Think their idea of rare is not like everyone else’s.
  14. After cruise in June and the steak being just plain awful i switched to seafood. It will be seafood again in December. No i did not complain because there were 6 of us and I wasn’t going to hold up the train. How can you mess up a rib eye, well it can happen. We use to eat at cagney’s Often. Especially when we had 7 night dining package.
  15. Even after final payment there are perks to price drop. We have a December cruise coming up. Price dropped and for 20.00 PP more we went from balcony to mini suite. I was totally happy with my balcony but though this was a deal. If i had chosen to stay in balcony i would of gotten a whopping 15.00 total OBC. You get 25% of the difference between price paid and new price. We had been offered to upgrade when price dropped on June 2019 cruise but my location was too important to make any changes. So we took the OBC.
  16. You can call. And get an OBC. It is 25% of the total price reduction. It is a one time thing so if it goes down again, sorry.
  17. Been awhile since we did Mobil. Platinum so went early. Yes, once the garage is full it is off site parking and a shuttle. We watched it happen. I do remember that NOBODY got into parking garage until everyone was off the ship. And out of garage. We wrapped around the interstate until that happened.
  18. I had a balcony on Breakaway. No cabins directly above life boats. I will say i mostly sat when on balcony so saw the ocean. Only when standing do you see anything like lifeboats. I did not find it an issue at all. BTW i choose my location and paid dearly.this was not a sailaway rate.
  19. Very well said and on point but you can bet the unhappy campers didn’t GET IT. I believe somewhere along the line i probably ask if this group of grumbles would of rather rode out a cat 5 hurricane on a cruise ship.
  20. Usually 120 days out from cruise. If you want exact date. Click on your reservation. When the list of excursions, shows and dinning shows. It will say to early to book. Click on it anyway and will give you the date. I did that for a December 2019 cruise and marked my date down. The very day it became available i booked my restaurants, shows and excursions. I have two more cruises after that and the dates are written down and will do the same. Only a portion of things are offered online so i wanted to do asap. Now you may see more excursions once on ship. You can cancel the one you do online (do it asap)
  21. They will set your food off side to cook but seriously i think most everything has a bottle of soy sauce, would be tasteless without
  22. At lease he gave you a heads up ahead of time. I had cruise booked (year in advance), hotel in New Orleans (flight city, flights booked, then hotel in Miami. About a month before the cruise my husband said he wasn’t going. I had already read how that works out (financially) i was prepared to loose his portion of cruise and flight. I wasn’t prepared for them to say if i cancel him i would owe another 1,000. Besides what i had already paid. I also lost the money on hotel in New Orleans as i rode with family morning of flight. The reason he cancelled was he didnt want to fly. I was so reluctant to cancel because i thought he would change his mine. bottom line you have a deadline and then no changing your mine. I will say as much as i love my husband and we have taken 20 plus cruises together I truly enjoyed having the cabin and balcony all to myself. One of the most relaxing cruises of all my cruises. Go and enjoy yourself.
  23. The port is way too small and the whole picture is not good. The fantasy (carnival) is the size ship that can sail from there. I didn’t even mention Mobile because that was not an option.
  24. You do realize New Orleans is the closest port other than the east coast and any moron would know that is not a good choice.
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