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  1. I have never been to Hong Kong but in researching for my future trip, I have found a private transfer for the same price as a taxi/uber. The advantages of a private transfer are: prepaid so no HKD needed PLUS a meet and greet option with your driver at a designated spot within the airport. And a pre-determined cost for extra luggage, as I understand that taxis can only accommodate 3 large pieces or there is an extra $5 charge per luggage. Try Mozio (an app for booking transfers; have not used myself) and Rome to Rio (web-based or app, recently bought by Google. Once you plug in your to/from
  2. JenZ

    Is Hong Kong safe?

    Found this interesting article from a travel security expert: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/commentary/hong-kong-protests-travel-advisory-security-outlook-airport-mtr-11863852 A few helpful tidbits.
  3. JenZ

    Is Hong Kong safe?

    hmmm. I checked my hotel and it is the same price as has been tracking all summer. However, the exchange rate went down after the airport shut down and I saved $100 by booking then. Thanks @Sky shield for the local update. I had contacted my hotel and they gave the same assurances. I respect that Hong Kongers are protesting for their freedom and way of life. I trust it will continue to be orderly. An historic time to be in a great city.
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