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  1. I've been buying Travelpro. It's pretty sturdy and has large wheels that are inset and can be replaced if damaged. Though I'm not sure if my 28/29" light weight bag wheels are replaceable. The light weight Travelpro bag is lighter than my 24" Travelpro bags. Thought maybe it would be more destructible but it's lasted the last few years with no damage yet.
  2. LuckyLoon Oosterdam Nov. 3 2016 15 day Spanish Crossing - Rome to Tampa LuckyLoon Noordam March 26, 2017 29 day AUS & NZ and So. Pacific Collector
  3. Veendam - 25-Jul-15 - 35 day Voyage of the Vikings LuckyLoon ***- First cruise where we don't have to fly either way!:cool:
  4. We did a b2b in March. It was not a listed collector. We went through our TA and had the same cabin and same ship for both. One issue we had was we had OBC for each cruise. We had separate cruises with separate booking numbers and separate OBC. Cruise 1 got it's $300 OBC. I checked on day 2 and it was there. We didn't have to pack just spend an hour or so on embark2 day going off the ship and back on. Everything was finalized at the end of cruise 1. We even were given new cabin cards. When I checked the OBC due for cruise 2 on the second day it wasn't there. Took a few days and desk clerk called to say they had confirmation of the $350 OBC from the main office. Next day she called to say the their ship accting people said it was an ongoing cruise and deducted the $300 from cruise 1 leaving only $50. It took the rest of the week, an email to my TA, more info from the main office and a different higher level person to force the accting people to give us our credit. I was not a happy camper. I wish HAL would list the stock OBC on their booking confirmation. That, hopefully, would have saved all the grief I endured for a week trying to make them understand.
  5. Have to agree. Keep the pink. The white copy comes back with the cleaned laundry with each item checked off. Never see the yellow again.
  6. A mariner is anyone who's gone on one cruise with HAL. That's usually 90% of the ship. I don't think they check anything but don't really know as we don't go to lunch the first day or usually any day. Breakfast, a small snack, and dinner are plenty for us.
  7. Hi, Thanks for your posts. Could you tell us which veranda cabin you have? We will be in 5170 next week. Just wondered if the damaged window was in our cabin. Hope you don't pick up the norovirus.
  8. So Sail7seas and KirkNC -where do you get this medical insurance?
  9. Hi Sea Belle, We've been on two other TA's in March/early April. The weather was very different each time. The first cruise the captain took a southerly route as the weather was bad on the planned north route. It was 80 and pleasant. Lots of sun time with shorts and swimsuits. The second time the captain took the northern route even with the rough weather. So it was high waves for a few days and a little chilly. But most afternoons there was enough sun to sit outside comfortably. Are you aware that there is a roll call for this cruise? You are welcome to join: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1833102 If you're a US citizen you won't need a visa.
  10. I've booked one-ways from Europe to Boston several times through HAL. Currently I have a Barcelona to Boston flight on Lufthansa booked through HAL for a great price - $507.
  11. I do the same. In an envelope with the room stewards name on it. Though I worry that it will disappear into the cleaners pockets as I don't usually remember to do it until I'm packing the night before. So I hope my suspicious nature isn't right. I really need to remember to do it the morning of the last full day.
  12. I usually book all our air except when doing a TA. Last TA and the one coming up I had HAL book our flight from Venice (last year) and Barcelona next April on Lufthansa to Boston. The April '14 flight is $507 US each. That is way less cost than booking with Lufthansa directly and I got the particular flight I wanted back in October when I booked the cruise.
  13. Hi Dan, Thought for a minute you might be on the Noordam TA on March21. We got a great price on a Lufthansa return flight from Barcelona to Boston through HAL @ $507 each.
  14. I just bought the following: Travelpro Maxlite 2 28” Expandable Rollaboard is made of rugged polyester fabric is water repellent for greater stain and abrasion resistance are well rated and weigh 8#14 oz. If you buy the red color it's less than $88 at ebags. Very light compared to my older 24" Travelpro.
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