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  1. I have tried to download the M Class Cabin Spreadsheet, and all that comes up is 1 page of cabin numbers... all 9xxx numbers. What in the world am I doing wrong?? Thanks for any assistance.
  2. Did b2b on Summit last month. Production shows the same, guest entertainers changed. Also, early show moved to 7:30, late shows at 9:30. Much better for our schedule!!!
  3. Recent cruisers... Do you keep the robes in Royal Suites? Do you need reservations at specialty restaurants or can you just show up? Can you order lunch items other than the set menu on Retreat Deck? Is there electricity you can use on Retreat Sun Deck to plug in a computer?
  4. Thank you for the fun read! Any chance you might be able to post a copy of the "Spotlight" listing officers names & pictures. Apparently, this is available at Guest Services. Also, if you have access to Retreat Concierge & Luminae Maitre D? Thank you in advance!!!
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