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  1. Agree with zdad’s points, spot on.
  2. Many thanks for the highly informative inside information about POA.
  3. Fully in favor of vaccination requirement, but awaiting the day when the anguish of testing is over with.
  4. I took this tour while on Equinox and the bus was very high and somewhat difficult to get in and out of, and the seating was very rough and uncomfortable. The flamingos were plentiful and close and in an area not that far from the pier. You should be able to arrange a private taxi tour to go there.
  5. Agree wholeheartedly that I would be overjoyed to be in any MDR at the moment. Having said that, I think the Culinary Council concept has long past run it’s course. While these may be talented chefs their recipes do not always adapt well to mass shipboard preparation. And many are too avant-garde for my tastes, and I say that as someone who has worked in the food & beverage industry for decades.
  6. Airline gate crew frequently care, those dressing well oft times are rewarded with space available upgrades.
  7. Interesting points clipper, we have been on two QM2 Caribbean sailings out of New York and I recall not the most enjoyable experience dressing in formal attire in that climate after a day at the beach. Totally different on a TA. Which brings up a possible compromise - why not a more relaxed dress code for cruise sailings and more traditional formal nights on TA’s? Also any sailing with multiple sea days like World Cruise segments?
  8. Look closely bits of shower curtain visible at the edge of several photos.
  9. With regard to the discussion on the perceived quality/cost of formal vs regular nights food offerings, agree this is not particularly noticeable on Cunard. A variety of items across the food spectrum are mixed in nightly. On Celebrity, Princess, and HAL though, formal night brings out the better steaks, lobster, upscale appetizers, etc. And regular nights sometimes border on depressing, great motivation to spend extra for a specialty restaurant.
  10. Windsurfboy you are exactly correct, the appeal of formal dress on Cunard is that one is participating in the overall experience with the vast majority of other passengers. Being in a tiny minority while somewhat self fulfilling is not really enjoyable.
  11. Nice to see her sailing trials at the higher speeds for which she was designed. Even better if passengers will get the opportunity to experience that as she has been held to lower speeds in recent years.
  12. In addition to Cunard, we regularly cruise Celebrity, HAL, and Princess. On those lines I primarily wear a golf shirt to dinner. The formality and tradition of Cunard make that an interesting and enjoyable alternative for which I wear either suit or tux. Why is it necessary for every cruise line to be the same homogenized offering? Is Cunard really sure that there aren’t enough traditionally minded cruisers out there any more? I’ve already commented on this thread that the younger generation appears to enjoy dressing up.
  13. None really, but stick to a regular tee not a wife beater, that’s about it. Interestingly at one time Celebrity stated that evening dress was always elegant casual in Blu vs formal and casual in the MDR, though most followed the overall shipboard suggestion of the day anyway.
  14. David your point is entirely correct and I hope and believe that many if not most on Cunard will continue to dress as they always have, not simply to the stated minimum.
  15. I for one would love to see the day that vaccination requirements remain but testing requirements are dropped. Most likely won’t sail till we reach that point. Just too much hassle and stress. JMO.
  16. To concur with what others have said, in recent years up to the pandemic I noted on lines such as Holland America, Celebrity, and Princess that the mid 20’s through forties crowd generally made much more of an effort to dress up than the older crowd, certainly found that a bit surprising as well as sad. One thing I always liked about formal evenings on Cunard was near universal participation versus maybe 25% or less of men in black tie on the aforementioned.
  17. Agree with shipcats6, multiple cruises annually most years since 1978 but just not worth it or fun for us with testing, masking, etc. When double or triple vaccinated will suffice we will gladly resume cruising.
  18. Not to be callous but if one departs from a Level 4 country and visits a Level 4 country, how is that fundamentally more dangerous than remaining at home? Domestic travel is essentially unrestricted so why the onerous rules on cruising and other International travel, particularly to islands/countries with high vaccination rates? I clearly understand why one would NOT want to go to say South Africa right now with only 2% vaxxed.
  19. Sadly, if accurate, this will be one of many things in the cruise industry and elsewhere that will somehow be attributed to COVID, yet in fact have nothing to do with COVID at all.
  20. Reading more details on the sale and rationale for same from various maritime sources. Apparently the ship brought a good price in the $20M range resulting in a net profit to Louis/Celestyal of $3.6M. Even though they are losing their best ship, it was the easiest of the three to sell and eliminates debt as the company tries to come back from the pandemic. Possible buyers rumored to be Ambassador or Mystic or Chinese interests.
  21. Very surprising and difficult to understand without insider knowledge of the true motivation. The references to upgrades needed on another site etc. hints at some major technical issues behind the scenes. Otherwise keeping an older, smaller ship with no balconies in favor of the Experience is baffling. Hopefully whatever those issues are don’t relegate the ship to a one way tow to Aliaga.
  22. What does anyone know at this time about the three month refit in 2023?
  23. I prefer BC for the reasons stated but have no problem with fixed late seating in the main Britannia. What is the reason for the current arrangement in Britannia? I assume to try to space out the crowd re: COVID? Hopefully will revert to the prior system in the future.
  24. If the ship was switched but your itinerary remained they would try to accommodate you in the same cabin grade or an upgrade normally. It does happen from time to time for various reasons.
  25. Note that e-Mail received today for 2023 Antarctica program references new Retreat areas and other enhancements, so presumably they intend to do some work prior to that time.
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