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  1. grandma49

    Dawn balcony--coffee pots?

    Just came off the Dawn, yes there are coffee pots in balcony rooms. Porter is suppose to replace your coffee when needed, hope you get a better porter than we had, had to chase him down for more coffee, he was not the best.
  2. grandma49

    Anyone back from Dawn Nov E Carib?

    Samana, Was there this November and 1 1/2 years ago. Just building up for trade with shops and an open market. Market is okay if you like trinkets. 1 1/2 years ago got this fantastic cab driver, took us to beach and stayed with us the whole time. He told us he was our driver, interpretor, went with you to purchase beer and told them what we would pay, he also said he was our bodyguard. Samana is still not the best place to go, every estate you passed there where guards with rifles on their shoulders at the entrances. If you go our cab driver was, Ferman (not sure of spelling), he has an email--yailin-fde@hotmail.com--you could email to see if he is still there. Tortola is nice, they have a nice spice shop, did not go to beach.
  3. grandma49

    Dawn Virus 11/2/08 sailing

    Just returned from that cruise. Heard there where eight in the beginning, But if you noticed lack of crew members, it also hit some of the crew. Also was told two people died onthis cruise. One was snorkeling, and one died in their cabin. We did not get it, but they did annouce if you had an intestinal virus call the medical group. Rumor had it that someone ate local food in St Lucia.