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  1. Hope you had a great last day. Thanks for bringing us along and all the pictures. Sorry to see this end but it also signals it’s my turn to board. 😀
  2. Thanks again for the review and ride along. Quick question did you have your seapass given to you at the dock (on the first leg) or was it waiting at your room? I know the newer ships have the keys at your room now but wasn't sure if the Brilliance went to this or not.
  3. Great review. We join the ship the day you leave and we too are doing a B2B. Thanks for the parking idea. I've cruised out of Tampa a few times but never heard of that site but if it's just right there then sounds like a winner. Looked like it was on the shopping side of the Chanelside parking garage but for as you put it about half off looks like it's a win win. Look forward to reading your adventures.
  4. I have to agree with some of the posts before me. They are still a company and need to make $. Yes it's a shame that some of the "benefits" are going away but they do make sense. For example... limit lounges (or drinks) makes sense for cost, limit or remove reserved seating makes sense because I've often seen this area not used as I think many more D,D+,P don't go to shows anymore (according this thread they are too busy drinking to attend shows 🙂 ) If they can make more money by selling things like "the key" or suites then go for it. If it keeps the basic fare down then I'm all for it. I agree if they limited or removed the free drinks but increased the package discounts they would get more people buying packages (and to be honest I think they would be real happy if the whole ship bought a package) and less lounge crowding. To the OP (or anyone that is mad about the lack of reserved seating) have you ever talked to a concierge about this? Seams that if it was something real important to a few people that a good concierge could take care of that. Then again if shows are important then getting to the theater early should be standard. Except for major production shows I've never seen theaters close to full and there are not that many "bad" seats.
  5. Not really sure why not. Probably because the person didn’t put it on there and i forgot to mention it. I don’t think they would go back and apply it so not that big of a deal just a learning for next time I guess.
  6. Great report. I love how they have that virtual balcony in the DL. Would of been nice if they had the same on the Harmony's DL.
  7. I just booked a cruise though the casino and while they were nice to combine two coupons on our cruise (one for me and one for DW) I'm thinking something might of been less than desirable than it could of been. First I noticed that even though we are D+ our C&A balcony discount wasn't applied. I'll let that one go since they were nice enough to allow two coupons to be used at the same time. Second and the one I have a question for the casino experts is I noticed on my invoice the normal code that I've had on previous cruises isn't there: YHO7-Club Royale - Casino Should I be concerned about this line is missing? There is another code for the casino coupons and was booked via the casino but this is the first time I've not seen this code listed. Not 100% sure what this code stands for but if I've learned anything over the years with RCI is to know what you're to get and ask questions. I'm Prime level and do I need that code on my invoice or are they not using that anymore? Just checking to see what anyone's past experience is.
  8. Thanks everyone for their responses on their passport times. We are keeping an eye on ours as the post office lost one of ours so we seam to be about a week apart. Cruising at the end of March and I was getting worried it was going to be too close but if they keep with the times people are showing here should be ok. (hopeful)
  9. Too bad they aren’t clear if you will earn points on the initial amount. As others state if you wouldn’t get points on the initial amount then it’s really a non deal.
  10. Combined with the other thread about "the key" sounds like some of what I call simple perks (things that don't cost the company any money) are going away so they can charge them. As most people say it's not that big of a deal but it is disappointing. I think though this was an easy change for RCI as they can blame the port folks and the port folks can blame the cruise line. Now of course I'm a bit irked as the last two cruises the welcome aboard gifts were not correct requiring a visit to a concierge or LA. Maybe it's been this way for years and years and it wasn't until places like this (CC) came along that we could all talk about it that we start to notice. I do wonder though how many people don't get everything they are promised because they didn't get it and weren't aware they should of.
  11. YIKES that is much smaller diamond lounge. Do you know if they do an overflow area given that D+ can't go in the SL?
  12. Yes it's possible (but maybe not the first night.) The hours vary and are posted at the nursery on board but most of the time they open for night around 6pm (but I've seen earlier.) Normally on the first day you can sign up for a few hour blocks then as the cruise goes on you can sign up for more hours depending on the number of kids in the nursery age range they have on board. In our past experiences out of other ports / ships we never ran into a time when it was "full" and we couldn't drop a child off. When you sign up they will let you know what to bring with the child. (they used to give you a bag you could bring back but not sure if they still give you that.) You would want to bring a few extra diapers, change of clothes, and any bottles that you want your child fed while you're gone. They will feed a child any bottles brought in but I'm not sure if they will "warm" them or not anymore. It's a great service and a real good way to enjoy dinner / night. There is a fee but so worth it for the child to enjoy their night (going to sleep early or normal time) and parents to enjoy their night (dinner without kids.) Some ships also have toy bags that you can check out and bring to your cabin so you might want to ask once you get there.
  13. I thought the same thing on my last cruise. Would of been nice not to print it out but knowing their IT department it’s best to have paper just in case. For EN recently I didn’t seen anyone using the app at the terminal and if I had used only that I think I would of had to give my phone over to the check in agent as they took my paper document from me. As Bob mentioned not sure they are fully ready for it yet.
  14. Just off EN and found it strange they did a beach event for D+ P and suites on MJ last year but nothing on EN this year. Doesn’t matter but the really consistent inconsistency is very true.
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