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  1. We took our child on many cruises and in the age range that was asked (and younger.) If you're comfortable with having a child in the nursery then it's a great experience. We would book the night (just before dinner) and drop off our child with bottles and go eat then come back in a few hours and pickup the kid for bed. The bottles were not warmed up but for our kid not a problem. I sometimes think that sleeping while being carried back to the room is how our kid sleep past anything these days 🙂 Back in the day they used to give parrents phones to take with them when they dropped off a k
  2. We finally had to call for two canceled cruises back at the end of March. Received the FCC but still waiting on the taxes and tips. I didn't think of it until someone else in our party got money back and we haven't. Of course we called and the answers they gave were disappointing and lies. For one cruise they said they just started the refund process the day before (then how come our other party already received money back almost two weeks ago?) I would love to rebook my FCC but I'm not putting in any more money until I get what I'm owed back. I'm going to give them another few weeks but
  3. Did you get a return on your taxes / fees / any prepaid gratuities? Just trying to see when I might get those back compared to others (these are for the cruises they canceled but you got the FCC for.)
  4. This should be interesting to watch for a while. We had two cruises booked for Spring Break. I had a feeling it would be canceled and waited to see what they would offer. Sounds like that was a good idea. Hopefully by mid week next week they will figure out what they are going to offer and I won't be on the phone forever. I used a gift cert on one cruise so I'm sure that will add something to the mix that they won't be able to figure out. 🙂 Anyone know if the casino will move offers they applied to a canceled cruise to another?
  5. Ahh ok. Funny that was the first thing I did when I booked my next cruise was to "check" the status of that. Sad that I was expecting it to be wrong and surprised when it wasn't. Anyone know if the casino host will allow my DW to buy a beverage package for one? I don't need one (though maybe if I did I would save money in the casino)
  6. What website is this? I looked at the offer website but don't see a place to see the status. On my last cruise I took a picture of the total points on my phone that showed my name on it as well so I could "make sure" as I trust a RCI computer as far as I can toss it.
  7. I had the same problem when someone else bought us a cert. I wound up contact C&A and sent a copy of the receipt that I had from the on-line check out. A few days later I received an email from rcclgiftcertificateinbox@rccl.com with the cert information. Note on the certificate is that you can't use them to pay from the cruise unless it's more than 10 days before final payment as the only way to use them to pay a cruise is to fill out a from on-line. We missed out on one cruise as we booked past final but did use it on another. On the one we used it we expected to get som
  8. The few times I've been on a ship when this happens they have set the clock ahead the same night as you would at home. Yes that might be the night before you leave. I was actually on a cruise where the did the normal move ahead two nights before we left and then again the night before we disembarked. I was surprised many people weren't late. 🙂
  9. I thought this is why people drink in the casino. I figure the amount drinks kills anything else. 🙂
  10. Over thanksgiving we were downtown. What a great change!
  11. It wasn't on there at the end of November so not sure what "a while" is. Thank OP for the notice. 🙂
  12. Has anyone been able to buy only one drink package because the other person in the cabin is prime (or higher?) I know I've read about people calling and getting one refreshment and one ultimate drink packages but with someone having prime it doesn't make that much sense to buy a drink package. I guess since the casino program isn't like land casinos that if you book on a casino rate or discount I don't think they are going to ding you that much for a no play cruise. Just wondering if anyone else out there has tried or asked. I think as it gets closer to our sail date I'll contact the casin
  13. Correct and it was a surprise when they didn't carry the "event" over to NE when she rejoined the fleet. Originally the event was only beer and wine too and was a surprise at the time on the Monarch and Majesty as they didn't have a CL and that is how the event started. The few times I was on the Majesty the event wasn't attended that well but had what I thought was the best setup. I always wondered how you could have something like that on one ship but then look at Empress and them have nothing. Did make me rethink ever booking Empress (and since the removal of Cuba I've looked but never
  14. I was going to say this site is cracking me up. All the people with the "oh well" and "ship happens" comments of course are now in a level where these changes don't bother them. Of course some of the same people were all pissed off many years ago when Diamond were kicked out of the CL and before a DL was created. Funny how getting to P makes a difference to some. Here's an idea give better discounts on drink package and create a standard price so people know in advance what and actual sale price is and none of this matters anymore. They are still a company and out to make mon
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