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  1. We're primarily looking for a CLEAN & nice place to just sleep the night before a cruise. We like for the hotel to have a free breakfast, shuttle service from the airport & to the cruise port. We will be in CA for a few days before the cruise visiting family. Unfortunately the closest family lives 90 minutes from the port.

  2. I'd like to hear more. We're going to Hawaii and with so many sea days I don't want my butt going flat from just reading all day. :D
    Hi ChrisB -- we're on the same cruise to Hawaii :) Have you joined that Roll Call yet?
  3. Thank you. Glad to hear they still have some crafts on their sailings.

    I am a crafts person, although not knitting or crochet.


    Ceramics was back in 2012. There were quite a few sea days. Also in 2012 was a card making session.


    I know on the Hawaii cruises there is a Lei making class and you can take Ukulele lessons.

  4. What do they offer to eat in the MDR on Embarkation day for lunch? We usually go to the Horizon Court, but thought we would try something different this time. We did do the MDR once YEARS ago and had the hamburgers (which we didn't care for). This time I am cruising as a Vegetarian, can I find something in the MDR for lunch? Thank you

  5. Hello! DH & I are taking a 15 day RT from Los Angeles - Hawaiian cruise in Oct 2018. We are going to get the Deluxe Vow renewal package. Neither of us have ever done a Bridge Tour (this will be our 10th cruise and our 10th different Princess ship!) This is for our 20th wedding anniversary.

    I do have a couple of questions:

    #1 - Is the ceremony in the chapel or up on deck?

    #2 - I know they give you a bouquet, can you give that to someone else and bring your own? I read that the bouquet is Orchids. I'm not a fan of Orchids.

    #3 - Can you arrange a small party in one of the clubs afterwards? (ie, Skywalkers - we'll be on the Star).

    #4 - I've read that some people's ceremony was on the first formal night. Are they all on formal night?

    Thank you for your help :)

  6. We are considering a Hawaiian cruise out of "Los Angeles". Princess' port is in San Pedro.


    What is the best / cheapest way to get from LAX to San Pedro?


    Are there any good / clean hotels to stay at near the cruise port that is under$200 / night?


    Thank you for your help :)

  7. There are so many experienced travelers on this board. I love it! I'd like to ask some advice. I'll be in Venice in October for the first time. I'll arrive two days before my cruise so I have a little time to enjoy Venice. For context, I'll be traveling solo and arriving mid-morning. I'll have only a backpack and one carry-on sized roller suitcase. I plan to purchase a 48-hour vaporetto ticket.


    Would love your advice on the best way to:


    • Travel from the airport to my hotel (Best Western Olimpia). There's no such thing as too much detail in your directions! Can I travel via vaporetto and start using that 48-hour ticket right away?
    • Travel from my hotel to St Mark's Basillica.
    • Travel from my hotel or St Mark's to Burano.
    • Get from my hotel to the port (I chose this hotel because I understand it's close to the port).
    • Travel from the port to the airport when I return to Venice the following week.

    Thank you so much in advance!

    Hi Quilter. We too are staying at the BW Olimpia in October. We are on the Regal TA cruise. We are taking the airport bus from the airport to Piazzale Roma to get to the hotel.


    We were planning on either walking or taking Vaparetto to St. Mark's as well as Murano & Burano. Looking into getting the 36 hour pass.


    I have arranged for a private car to take 8 people from Piazzale Roma to the ship. You can email for the information on that (in signature). It is only 52 Euros for 8 people & their luggage. So it comes to 13 Euros per COUPLE. The car will drop us off at the ship. The People Mover (from what I understand) drops you off a bit from the ship and you have a walk to get there (ship).


    This too will be our first time to Venice.


    I have a question: We are wanting to do a Gondola ride. Prefer daytime - that way we can see the buildings and beautiful architecture. Would prefer a smaller canal (not the Grand Canal) - but not one that goes down an "alley" and all you see is the bottoms of buildings. Any suggestions?


    Thank you!

  8. Generally when we are in the Horizon Court eating, and see people looking for a table, I ask if they would like to join us. I think it's a great way to meet people. I've met some really nice people that way. Then when you see them around the ship, you say HI. :) If we are looking for a table and I see one that only has 1 or 2 people sitting at it, I will ask if anyone else is sitting there and if they would mind if we joined them. I've gotten both Yes and No answers.


    The seating area I was asking about are the wicker looking sofas. I saw a picture of some that were near the Fountain. It seemed to be covered. Not the cabanas.

  9. Hello. We will be on the Regal in Oct for their Maiden Trans-Atlantic sailing. I have a few questions:


    #1 - when booking / renting a Gondola - any recommendations? We will be in Venice for 2 days before boarding the ship and would like to do this. We have contacted Princess and sadly they are not offering any Pre-Cruise excursions in Venice. :(


    #2 - Can you confirm if you can get Milk Shakes on the Regal? I've heard Rumors that the Royal & Regal do not serve them anywhere on the ship? Is this true?


    #3 - How crowded are the seating areas the Horizon Terrace? Looks like a great place to relax, read, talk, etc.


    Now that the ship has a few sailings under it's belt, how is the service? Food? Production Shows? I heard the shows in the Theatre are only 30 minutes long and that you have to get there 45-60 BEFORE the show starts to even get a seat (never mind a good one). Is this true?


    Thank you for posting, for your opinion and your help!! :D

  10. Av8tor -- your answers to my questions from earlier were helpful. Thank you :D

    The Promenade looks interesting and has some nice chairs (open area under sea walk). The Aft Promenade looks interesting with the few chairs on the corner / edge.

    Love the pics! We leave 4 months from tomorrow (10-17-14)!!! I soooooo need a vacation :D

    Did you happen to have any drinks at Bellini's? If so, how much are they?

  11. Thank you for posting about your trip and the ship. I do have a few questions:


    Does the smoke from the casino drift upstairs?


    Do they have Milk Shakes at Swirls (or anywhere else on the ship)?


    The photo gallery - are the photos pre-printed or are they digital and only print what is wanted?


    I notice in a picture on the Royal that there are only 2 dispensers in the showers. Which 2 things are they?


    In the States when you buy any drink card on Embarkation day, you are charged a local sales tax - on top of the 15%. Do they do that in Venice?


    I also saw a picture (not sure which ship) that they have Power Hours (like Happy Hour) and the drinks are $3.99 each (from 2-4pm and 10p - 12a) Is this available on the Regal?


    Thank you!

  12. The Spa is amazing on the Royal and I'm sure it's the same on the Regal. This area is the only one on the ship not run by Princess.


    We are looking to our voyage on the Regal in October as she makes her maiden voyage back to Port Everglades from Venice.

    If Princess is not running the spa, who is? What do you get for $49?
  13. What about the Afternoon Tea - do they still do it? (on the Regal) Hopefully they won't start charging for that now.


    I was looking forward to trying Alfredo's but don't think it's worth $20 (for 2). I heard they do serve pasta dishes, Calzones, & salads. Is this true? Yes, it comes with A glass of wine, but what if you don't drink wine?


    We will be on the Regal in Oct for their Maiden TA. While these extra fees are a bit unnerving, it won't stop me from enjoying my cruise. This would have been the first ship we've been on with Alfredo's. All other ships either don't have it or were "installed" after we had cruised on that ship. This will be our 9th cruise and 9th different ship on Princess.


    I feel sorry for the crew on the Regal right now. They are having to deal with upset passengers, some may be irate for the whole cruise. Some may even take it out on the crew and not tip them or not be nice to them That IMHO is not fair. The crew has nothing to do with what the corporate office does. I also heard that there is significant less staff - so the staff/crew that is on the ship are working crazy hours and LONGER hours. What? The already 14 hour days there were doing wasn't enough? :mad: The crew tries their best to make us happy. We are always nice to the crew. We say Hi, Good morning, Thank you, Please, May I, etc. We smile at them. We occasionally give a tip to a server (in cash). Even without the issues happening on the Regal, being nice to the crew can make for a more enjoyable cruise. They may remember your name and say Hi the next time they see you. It also makes them feel good when you are nice to them. Some times all they want from a passenger is a nice smile and a "Hi, how are you?" We have learned this from experience.


    Ok, that is my 2 cents ;)

  14. Sorry - this has nothing to do with Deck 9 but. . . . . . Has anyone used the laundry rooms on the Royal? I've heard you can use your room key to pay to wash your clothes instead of using quarters. Is this true? I think using your room key would be better & easier than carrying around quarters. How much does it cost to wash & dry one load?


    Also, I understand that you have to put your room key in a slot to turn on the lights in the cabin. To turn them off you take it out. Question: do ALL of the lights turn one & off with the room key? Or can you just turn the bathroom light on without putting your key in the slot?



    Thank you for your help! :)

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