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  1. so hard to say what will happen. I looked back to what happened to cruises from H1N1 back in 2009. We in Mexico were basically without flights anywhere and couldn't travel, but they closed the schools in Mexico City at the end of April. Back then, cruise ships did not come to Cozumel in the summer, so this is a whole new thing. Since the travel warning has been raised to Level 3, I think things will change quickly. I know that HAL already has a dedicated group servicing those who call and I believe if you booked with HAL direct, you can change your cruise to somewhere else or another date.
  2. My cruise is fast approaching, a transatlantic on the new Nieuw Statendam. For those who have been on her, has anyone stayed in either an extended balcony forward on deck 4 (over the world stage) or in a deck 10 forward facing oceanview? I am right now in the forward facing deck 10 oversized oceanview at 239 sq. ft. I see I could probably upsell for a few hundred dollars to either a deck 4 over world stage (worried about noise) but it as the extended balcony or on deck 6, a standard balcony cabin. The only downside is I will lose my prepaid gratuities. Since it is transatlantic, my husband says last time we did it, we didn't spend all that much time on the balcony. I normally do, but you go days with only seeing water.
  3. LMM1801

    License Plates

    Probably what most cruisers don't know is the country of Mexico never allows you to have your old license plates. To receive new plates, you must turn in your old ones. I am not quite sure what they do with the old ones, but they are never allowed to be purchased in any way. Therefore if you find anybody selling old plates or new plates, they were 99% probably stolen off somebody's vehicle. The only other way to obtain plates that I can think of is if a car is abandoned that has plates. So if you see license plates for sale, please don't buy them. 2 years ago I went on eBay and worked with them to remove all the Cozumel license plates they had for sale. They promised me it would happen after I explained the situation. They never did, so buyer beware. If you buy these plates, you are contributing to an illegal operation and it is a real hassle for us to get new plates for our cars. Many trips and quite costly.
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