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  1. This is a stretch, but we are sailing on Symphony Papeete to Auckland next week and flying in from SFO on a United Dreamliner. They say our seats have “power outlets and USB ports.” Does that mean my wife can plug in and use her heating pad? Does anyone know? No one at United customer service does. (no surprise there 🙂. Thanks in advance.
  2. “Water, a beach and palm trees,” in Tahiti. That narrows it down. Now, just tell us if there was sky overhead and we’ll pick you up in 20 minutes. 😇
  3. Yes, if you’re safely docked and cleared (by Customs, etc.) they will let you off. No need to swim 🙂 of course as always confirm with your TA, but we have been able to disembark at odd times.
  4. Any suggestions re transferring from airport to this motel would be appreciated. If by cab, is Local currency required or will the cabbie accept US dollars? And, as long as I’m asking 🙂 how’s the breakfast? Thanks in advance.
  5. March 7, 2019 (C190307) Rally (Mike Ferrari) and Love@cruise (Mary Ferrari)
  6. Veal chop, potatoes gratin, “breakfast lamb chops” (not to be confused with rack of lamb,) Grand Mariner soufflè.
  7. We have done this many times, including a couple of times when the bags were already packed. The magic words from Mrs. Rally (aka Love@Cruise?). “Extend!”
  8. We have done this before, too, and it works nicely. (Wish we had this time 😪. We are staying tonight at the Fairmont at the airport which is where Crystal has their hospitality room for guests leaving later in the day. It’s a very nice private area of two large rooms, one with chairs, etc. and one with all manner of coffee, teas, soft drinks, pastries, sandwiches, etc. a very nice spread! Plus the Fairmont has a nice bar and restaurant, too, and we saw several guests there.
  9. Our cruise was wonderful and I plan to write a review in a few days. Unlike Keith and Ann Marie, however, our private transfer, provided by Crystal as part of a milestone award, did not go well at all. At the appointed time we were in the Cove and within a few minutes the concierge and an assistant collected us and escorted us off the ship, at which point we were turned over to Crystal-employed ground personnel who saw us to the area where our private car was to meet us. Then we waited. And waited. And waited some more. The people who were supposed to make this all go easily began blaming each other and Crystal. It see,ed the delay was someone else’s fault. For an hour we watched other Crystal passengers arrive, wait 5 minutes, then get into their private cars. After an hour I had had enough and went to the young man who seem d to be summoning cars. He knew about us, all right, but claimed no one had told him we were there so he had not summoned the car. Shortly the car arrived and we met our very nice but irate driver. According to him ha had arrived on time only to be told we weren’t there yet so denied entry to the car boarding area. He kept telling them, “yes, they are there!” But was assured we weren’t. So, we’re fit to be tied, the driver’s next appointment is fuming because he’s an hour late, and no one is responsible. Such a shame to have a wonderful voyage end this way because someone failed to do their job.
  10. Special orders haven’t changed at all. Ask a head waiter and, with notice and if at all possible, they will be happy to accommodate you. My veal chop on risotto ai fungi last night proves it 😎. The only difference is that because of open seating you will not interact with just one head waiter during your cruise. We just asked our waiter if the head could visit and then asked him.
  11. . We have sailed with Crystal in every cabin type but never yet a suite and have never noticed any relation between our cabin type and the service we have received. This cruise is our first in 3 years, yet when I approached the Silk bar on my own was greeted by Lester with, “Mr. xxxx! Welcome back! A screwdriver with Belvedere vodka for Mrs.xxx?” Now, how he remembered her drink preference after a 3 year absence will remain a mystery to me forever. 😎
  12. Vince, I suspect the delightfully institution folding chairs pre-date Capt. Stubin & Co. 😎
  13. One could say we’re excited. Love@cruise, aka Mrs. Rally, finished packing today, with the usual very minimal help from me. Happy Mother’s Day indeed! Although we’re only a couple of hours from the Post, we are going the slow and easy route this time, by spending the night at the San Pedro Doubletree on Thursday. This hotel is 5 minutes from the cruise terminal (such as it is . . . . . Along with San Diego probably the most basic terminal we have seen) and they have a free (or maybe I should say included :) shuttle right to the doorstep. Dust off the Louie record and turn up the volume :)
  14. Keith is one of those rare individuals who can communicate personality as well as information. Mary (Love@Cruise) and I think of him as a friend even though we hav yet to meet in person. We are proud to call you friend, Keith :)
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