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  1. Well, my wife had her own list, but mine ran into trouble early. . . . I've got seven women on my mindFour that wanna own me two that wannastone me one says she's a friend of mineTake it easyTake it easyDon't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazyLighten up while you still canDon't even try to understandJust find a place make your standTake it easy turned out to be too much trouble. :)
  2. Are there electrical outlets near the sides of the bed in a Seabreeze Penthouse? Or do we need to bring our 50-foot extension cord? Thanks.
  3. We were going to do this last year but couldn’t come up with 56 friends.
  4. Symphony has beer on tap now? I guess I didn’t notice 9n our last cruise.
  5. OMG, don’t tell me they still have a bottle of Pinch stashed away for those who know the secret! 🤣
  6. Reading this thread brought back many wonderful memories. First, but not this itinerary, Bob and Victoria, with whom we enjoyed a wonderful cruise on Shadow too many years ago. Glad yo hear they are well and cruising! But then the itinerary. We sailed this as part of a longer cruise on Cloud (Tower Bridge/London up the east coast of Britannia to the Faroes and a couple of other fun spots, then westward around the north of Island to Reykjavik, then back around Island counterclockwise to Reykjavik again then to the Faroes, then around Eire, down the west coast of Britannia and up the Thames
  7. I had to reply to this. My parents took me and a friend to Las Vegas when we were teenagers and I insisted on doing my own packing. Of course, only when dressing for Frank Sinatra’s show ( Dad got us in the front row) was it discovered I had forgotten to pack dress shoes. I only had white sneakers. No worries! My mother said. . . Wear you’re sunglasses; they’ll think you’re a young star. Sure enough, I got admiring glances all night. (Or so my mother said.) I think the expression is “Fake it ‘til you make it.”
  8. Good point. Maybe I’ll just have to learn to make it myself at home 🙂
  9. I know, I know. . . Why mess with perfection, right! But, but, but. . . . Once I did request traditional vitello tonnato as an appetizer (the chef has a very avant- garden version on the menu. . . ?) and received a marvelous dish, albeit enough for 10 people 🙂. So, now I’m thinking a warm zabaglione for desert. Often served in the U.S. as a cold desert with berries, I’m looking for the warm , foamy, ethereal version served in northern Italy. Anyone want to join us? 🙂
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