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  1. I agree an annual vaccination shot, similar to the flu is the most likely case. We (at an Ohio nursing home) are preparing for that scenario.
  2. The State of Ohio has already determined that health care workers will get the vaccines first. I work in a nursing home and we were directly told that by the ODH, followed soon by the residents. They have not said anything about whether they would complete each wave separately... ie do they complete both cycles for HC workers first, then go onto senior centers? Not sure. They certainly don't want to run out of vaccine and have to start all over because the first shot wore off. There very well may be provision for older adults living in their homes (such as yourself) before the rest of the
  3. I don't think so. Once the drug(s) are approved for distribution it will still take some time to make enough doses to send out. The first ones receiving the dosages (in Ohio) will be the healthcare workers, then residents in senior centers..... after that it will likely go to the general population, most likely starting with seniors. Your local pharmacy won't have the vaccine for quite a while, I would guess until at least summer next year. Also keep in mind that both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require a double-dose also.
  4. That doesn't make any sense actually. If they open it up a week ahead of time, there no reason you can't contract it after the negative test. It makes much more sense to me as a previous poster mentioned that they don't want people printing out boarding passes and luggage tags with rooms that may need to be changed.
  5. I would call your PVP or Carnival. They will need to manually apply any payments you've made against the new cruise balance and downpayment needs. I had to do that yesterday. If you book online, the system will charge you a deposit.
  6. You are absolutely correct Organized Chaos! The PCR is a process, not a test. For anyone who disagrees, please read the attached link from the mouth of the person who created the PCR process. https://uncoverdc.com/2020/04/07/was-the-covid-19-test-meant-to-detect-a-virus/
  7. The rapid tests are a problem but so are the PCR tests. Actually PCR isn't actually even a "test" for the virus. Very interesting reading below, most of it directly from the mouth of the person that created PCR. https://uncoverdc.com/2020/04/07/was-the-covid-19-test-meant-to-detect-a-virus/
  8. Nobody is accepting the results of the rapid tests. If anyone tests positive on a rapid test, they are immediately quarantined and then given a full test. The rapid tests are still wildly unreliable and the molecular tests are too sensitive.
  9. Here's one https://www.ijidonline.com/article/S1201-9712(20)30534-8/fulltext Conclusions and relevance In this multi-hospital assessment, when controlling for COVID-19 risk factors, treatment with hydroxychloroquine alone and in combination with azithromycin was associated with reduction in COVID-19 associated mortality. Prospective trials are needed to examine this impact.
  10. I tend to agree that the rush of the vaccine is 100% political, but it's by both sides. The problem is that every day, new evidence comes out that suggests there's a cheap, safe and abundantly supplied medicine that currently exists to prevent and significantly reduce symptoms and deaths, but is not being used, solely because of political agendas. It breaks my heart that the seniors in our country cannot see their loved ones and are dying of loneliness when there's a readily available option. I see it every day 😞
  11. My point is that the people looking for the vaccine to "cure" everything are going to be waiting a really long time. The flu vaccine that's been around forever still isn't very effective. We certainly can't expect a brand new vaccine to be completely effective against a brand new virus.
  12. https://www.google.com/search?q=current+sweden+covid+stats&rlz=1C1EJFC_enUS854US854&oq=current+sweden+&aqs=chrome.2.0j69i57j0l6.4526j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Doesn't look like a fail to me
  13. You just also confirmed there's not much ammo for the "maskers" either.
  14. My point is your are allowing the passengers to exit the vessel every 5 - 7 days and bring new ones on. Totally different than the NBA bubble. The last major cruise outbreak was caused by a passenger the cruise prior to the large breakout.
  15. Has nothing to do with medical conditions or claustrophobia, etc. It's very simple. If the government (at all levels) would be transparent about the risk, number of infections, severity of infections and deaths and report accurate numbers I, for one, would be much more open to listen to their input. By "their" I mean the government and their "trusted" advisors. The number of cases has been reported to be overstated because of counting every positive test as an active case. One person tests positive 8 straight days, reported as 8 active cases... That's not right. Not to mention the testi
  16. apples to oranges comparison that makes no sense. The NBA (and NHL) bubbles are for several months. After a period of quarantine they won't be able to contract the virus because they aren't coming in contact with anyone from the outside. A cruise is only for 7 days and the virus can be incubating that entire period. And then new people can come into a room that was infected from a prior cruise.
  17. And there are numerous other countries that did not wear masks, did not shut down and are doing just fine. Not sure I understand your point. The virus is not going to disappear anymore than the common flu. I have no faith in a vaccine but there are certainly already multiple medicines to significantly reduce the effects of the virus, both at the early stages and advanced stages. Nobody seems to be talking about that.
  18. PVP or customer service would have no idea until the cruise is actually cancelled, which seems inevitable for this cruise.
  19. You cancelled the first cruise and were OK with the terms and conditions of cancellation at that time. The fee isn't added to a future invoice, it's immediately removed from any monies you've already paid. You agreed to the $100 penalty. It kinda sucks since they ultimately cancelled the cruise, I doubt they do anything for you.
  20. If you clicked on the link, Carnival says they're burning through about $650m per month resulting in 12 months liquidity. As you say, pay close attention. This also doesn't account for any future plans to liquidate ships or obtain additional financing.
  21. Yeah, I'm going to call Carnival, hold for an hour and question the validity of a cash credit I received....... for what purpose???
  22. I'm just relaying what was told to me. On the surface, I agree it doesn't make sense. There was a previous forum post that mentioned that some Canadians were using OBC to make profits due to the exchange rate. Maybe the OBC limit is new to discourage that issue.
  23. I'm just relaying what the Carnival rep told me. I had an unasked for credit in my bank account from Carnival. They told me there was a $900 max OBC and the difference was refunded. With Carnival (and most companies) YMMV and was not from FCC or shareholder benefit.
  24. There already is but it's not politically expedient.
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