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  1. deputyfl

    Weirdest cruise line souvenir?

    here ya go, beat this :)
  2. deputyfl

    "win cards" & match plays :)

    For those who may not be aware, some cruises have promotions for chips. Royal Caribbean has the "Win Cards" program and NCL has match plays. How these work is that you buy these promotional chips from the cage. For example, on Royal Caribbean, you pay $20 for $30 worth of chips so you get $10 in free play. The only thing is you have to play the chips, you cant just cash em right back in! Its not alot of money, but if your cruising and gambling anyway, you might as well take advantage :) Here is what they look like and i know theres others for other cruise ships to. (by the way, if anyone goes on NCL, i need 2 of the octagon chips for my chip collection!!) heres the full bag of win cards from RCCL
  3. deputyfl

    My new casino chips from the Monarch :)

    Did it look like this one?? If it doesn't, can you post or email me a scan of it cus this is the only $1 i know of from there!!
  4. deputyfl

    My new casino chips from the Monarch :)

    I tipped good while playing and just asked for it :)
  5. if anyone is going on a NCL ship, i would like to buy a few of these chips pictured below!! Scans are of both sides of the same chip. These are from some promotion on NCL i assume its like the win cards chips from RCCL. If anyone could get me any my email is deputyfl@yahoo.com :)
  6. I just picked these up from my trip on the RCCL Monarch. I was on the boat this past weekend. By the way, if you have any chips from cruises that ya forgot to cash in, theres a chance i would buy it from ya if i dont already have it :) My email is deputyfl@yahoo.com
  7. thats funny! I was on that cruise and i just got home. In the second video, me and my friends are in the video at Senior Frogs two tables back on the left from those people...small world :)
  8. deputyfl

    Anyone collect cruise-cards?

    The card with the silhouette of people on it is what they were issuing to people under 21. The star holes tell staff about ages or if they paid for the unlimited soft drink refills if i remember correctly. Yes, i had to beg for the two blank cards :) Im going to try and get some more blanks when i go on the Monarch in a few weeks :)
  9. deputyfl

    Anyone collect cruise-cards?

    I collect cards from cruises and day cruises! There is a message board for card collectors. They trade, buy, sell, and post scans of cards there. the site is www.slotcardbbs.com . My main collectible is casino chips from cruises and day cruises though. Heres just a few of my cards.... :)
  10. Thanks for the info Essiesmom :) The design in the chip is a jockey and its called a jockey mold. Not used anymore. The person who owns that site is a buddy of mine and he found that info after i posted the question. Early Celebrity cruises it is :) Thanks again for he help yall.
  11. I tried that first. Nothing could be found. Thanks for tryin though.
  12. Im looking for any information about the name on this casino chip. I would guess this is at least from the 70s or earlier. Was there a cruise line called Oceanic Leisure or was it a casino management company that operated casinos on cruise ships?? Any info would be appreciated :) Both sides of the chip shown.....
  13. I am looking for casino chips from Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas. Im looking for 2 $1s and a $5!:) Of coarse i would pay a few bucks over face value plus i would pay the shipping fees. If anyone can get any or has any, please email me deputyfl@yahoo.com
  14. deputyfl

    casino slots

    Ive been on a bunch of day cruises. Alot of the machines are sold with the ships. The Maximillion (a day cruise) had machines and tokens that were used on the ship under two other owners when they went out of buisness (Atlantic Casino Cruises and Aquasino). Some are probably leased or purchased from companies such as IGT https://www.igt.com/Pages/Home.aspx .