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  1. Too often, posts on CC are automatically subject to ridicule by other CC members. I fear that this is a result of the angry mob mentality that has gripped our society. It benefits us all to be aware of the dangers of tendering in rough seas. Thank you to the passengers who were onboard the Maasdam and reported this sad accident on CC.
  2. Nashna

    Passport theft-warning

    Oh my...you really were in a horrible situation. I would have been hysterical as well. Thank goodness, you were not hurt in the robbery. I had a friend who had her money in a neck pouch. Thieves slashed the strap off the pouch and threw her to the ground. She ended up with two cracked ribs and a dislocated shoulder. She was walking back from a Princess shore excursion in Martinique and was within sight of the ship. She only had 10 Euros in the pouch, but, it took her over a year and several surgeries to heal her shoulder. She did say that Princess was very helpful and kind to her. Thank you for posting your story. It is a good reminder to just take one credit card with you, take a limited amount of money and leave your passport on the ship.
  3. We did the pre-pay option and hope to get the credit once onboard. We have two nights in the Pinnacle and just reserved one night towards the end of the sailing.
  4. Nashna

    Any Time Dining question

    That sounds logical. We know when we like to eat each evening and we enjoy having the same wait staff. We typically eat in the MDR on embarkation day as the Lido is usually a mad house. On Princess last year, we were in Club Class and had amazing wait staff on the first day at a window two top table. We never had a wait and always had the same two wonderful servers .
  5. Thank you for asking this question. We have only used the ship's wifi if it is offered free. We are on the Koningsdam in January and intend to follow the advice given to you on this post. It is amazing how much information I have gleaned just by following other's posts.
  6. Nashna

    Any Time Dining question

    Thank you for the information. Where do you go to make the reservations? I understand that reservations can only be made three days in advance.
  7. Nashna

    Any Time Dining question

    Can you make open seating dining arrangements prior to boarding?
  8. I have added the extra person to our suite. I have found the answer and there is a double couch in the room. My granddaughter wants to stay with her father and that is why it was important for me to determine if the couch would be ok for a child to sleep on. I'm sure we will have no problem getting a cabin steward to make up the room as we would give him a generous tip in advance of the request. In my 43 cruises, on 8 different lines, I have never made a reasonable request to a room steward that was not granted.
  9. Nashna

    Final payment due 20 months in advance.

    We will never buy cruise line insurance again. Lesson learned.
  10. Nashna

    Final payment due 20 months in advance.

    We sailed on Seabourn last year and found them to be very flexible with their payments. I am actually now looking into cruise options other than VO. I do not want to have $18,000.00 tied up for 20 months or even 12 months. Instability in the World or a calamity at sea with a large loss of life could bankrupt a cruise line. VO's policy with Trip Mate states that Number 21 of the limitations and exclusions portion of the policy lists Bankruptcy or Default or failure to supply services by a Travel Supplier. Therefore, our investment would not be protected by insurance.
  11. Do you know if there is a couch in the room or two chairs?
  12. We booked a 2019 VO Viking Homelands cruise in 2017. We had several nieces and nephews schedule their weddings during that time, and were forced to cancel that cruise. We rescheduled the same cruise for 2020. We are now rethinking taking this sailing. Unfortunately, we paid $1475.00 for the Trip Mate Insurance Policy with VO. Has anyone worked directly with Trip Mate to apply the insurance purchased with VO to another cruise line? I know that I could do so if I purchased the insurance directly with Trip Mate.
  13. Does the 2D Ocean View 2 person stateroom have a couch in the room? Is it a pull out?
  14. Nashna

    There she goes. Sadly without me.

    In the past 20 years, since we discovered the joy of a balcony stateroom, we enjoy sitting on the balcony and watching the sail away with a nice beverage. I recall fondly our first cruise on Home Lines where we met new friends and celebrated with streamers, champagne and dancing while wildly waving to those on shore in Miami. I also recall our first cruise with our 21 year old children. This cruise departed from Miami and we were treated (?) with two topless ladies waving from a speed boat as we left the harbor. This was a Carnival Spring Break Cruise where we broke the Carnival record for booze consumption. (This fact was actually announced on the sailing.) The most memorable sail away for us was on Windstar out of Istanbul on September 12, 2002. We actually were under sail, listening to some stirring music, while we toasted each other with Champagne. Great memories. Thanks to the OP for posting.