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  1. Still no mention of the Yacht Club area...
  2. We never were able to request traditional. Only MyTime has been available since we booked. At this point, I am going to check with my TA to see if they can do anything. I just read another post that said they had MyTime and were able to pre request adjoining tables. I don't want or expect us to be at a table for 19. All I want is to have us close together so it is easy to change seats and to have parents close to their children to make sure they are behaving properly.
  3. We have booked our family of 19 on the June 23rd Allure of the Seas for our 50th wedding anniversary. I have been trying to finalize our dining arrangements for the week. I was able to get us all confirmed with the cruise planners for My Time dining in two different bookings of 10 and 9 people. We have 9 children in the group and would like to be seated close to each other so we can swap seats. We also wished to make arrangements for specialty dining one evening. Plus, change our dining time one evening because the show time changed for Momma Mia. When I called RCCL to make the arrangements, they did not want to change the reservations as they were afraid they could not get the group together. They suggested that I contact the shipboard coordinator for The Allure and gave me their contact e-mail. The shipboard coordinator responded immediately by saying that I needed to make those arrangements onboard. I then followed advice from previous posters to contact dining directly at rcldining@rccl.com. They also replied that dining arrangements had to be done onboard. This is the first cruise for all 9 of my grandchildren. I was looking forward to watching their excitement upon boarding. Now, it looks like I will spend time attempting to get our dining in order. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I might do to have these arrangements made prior to boarding?
  4. It doesn't matter if you go with a TA or on your own. I have two cruises booked with MSC. One for January 2020, is with a TA. The other one I did myself directly with MSC. I have been waiting since March 10th for BOTH sailings to have the 10 percent Bellisimo discount applied. My TA has called 7 times. I have called 10 times. My TA is with a very large Miami based cruise agency. If he can't do anything with his clout, I don't have much of a chance on my own. My next step is to try MSC headquarters in Geneva.
  5. I believe that all those people who were booked on the Oasis are scrambling to get on other sailings. Our June roll call added several people in the last few weeks who had originally been on Oasis sailing that was canceled. Keep in mind that most people who cancel for medical reasons do so in the last few weeks prior to the cruise. We had to cancel a cruise for medical reasons two days prior to sailing. Thank goodness for trip cancellation insurance. Please let us know when you get confirmed!
  6. Thank you all for the great input. We are canceling the 9:00pm show and are suggesting the afternoon show for the younger crowd in our group. I love professional ice skating, but, this show just doesn't sound interesting.
  7. I have been waiting since March 10th for our 10 percent discount to be applied to our January booking. I have been repeatedly told that they are addressing the bookings according to the date of travel and that they are still working on 2019. I checked and both of my bookings show the 10 percent discount notation in the record. At this point, I am just waiting. I'll be sure to post when it is applied.
  8. Does anyone else think that MSC's on hold music is terrible? I dread calling them and being put on hold to listen to techno music that sounds like it is coming from the bottom of a sewer. Once I get to speak to a reservationist, the static goes away and the line is clear. I'm beginning to think that the MSC Corporate office in Geneva needs to be put on hold for 15 minutes and then I bet it would be fixed.
  9. Interesting question. I have relied on reviews and opinions on CC for years. I find cruise critic to be the most negative of all the review sites. Perhaps, it is due to the fact that the hosts tend to let the posters state their negative options at will. I joined a FB HAL site prior to my January cruise. Like many FB sites, they are monitored by the cruise line or a travel agent who specializes in promoting the cruise line. Complaints are squashed. Posts are removed. I was thrown off the site when I replied to a mother who asked if HAL would be a good option for her 5, 8, and 9-year-old children. My suggestion that she would be much better off on RCCL, was not received well. I was warned that I would be thrown off the site if I mentioned other cruise lines. Since I had already decided that we probably would not be sailing HAL in the future, I suggested that the mother check out RCCL's web site and HAL's to compare their children's programs. I am now banned. I would rather deal with the negative posts on CC to get honest opinions than to experience the false narratives on other sites. We have not sailed on MSC. We are scheduled to sail in January. In the meantime, I am enjoying perusing the MSC CC boards to learn as much as I can about the cruise line prior to sailing.
  10. This is a good option. It doesn't sound like it is worth the effort to reschedule dinner around. Most likely, it will just be the younger kids and their parents who want to go to this. Hopefully, RCCL is replacing How to Train a Dragon with another show.
  11. Rather difficult when you have 19 people. I spent 3 hours on the phone with RCCL yesterday and still have not been able to change our reservations. After 45 minutes of trying, (she needed all names and the 7 booking numbers) the cruise planner folks sent me to Allure events. You can only contact them via e-mail so I composed a lengthy e-mail. Cruise planners gave me the wrong e-mail address. It took three more calls to RCCL to get the correct address. Once I sent the message with the correct address, I got an immediate reply sending me back to the cruise planners. Cruise planners said they could do it but due to the fact that they can only confirm a max of 12 at once, they couldn't guarantee that once the original reservation was cancelled that they could lose that one and they might not be able to get the group together at the same time. Since this is a family group; it is important to be together. We needed to change this time since Momma Mia show time changed from 10:30 to 9:30pm. So, if the Ice Show is not really, really exceptional...I don't want to change the dining time. BTW...I still haven't been able to change the Momma Mia night.
  12. Has anyone seen the Ice Show, Monopoly that is now on the Allure? We have reservations for the show on our sailing In June. However, it means changing our dining reservations to see the show and we want to be sure it is worth the effort.
  13. Just did this in January on HAL and it was easy. I just went to the dinner reservation desk and had them change the payment. It took me two minutes and my credit was done the next day. This is a really important point as I am making reservations for 19. I would be very unhappy to lose that money.
  14. Our TA is giving us a specialty dinner reservation. I would like to book that in advance. If I reserve a specialty restaurant in advance of sailing that I need to prepay, can I arrange for a refund and use the TA's offer instead? I was able to do this on HAL, Seabourn and Princess on recent cruises. I don't mind paying in advance; just want to be reimbursed.
  15. Thank you for your review. A 30 percent discount in the casino would make losing a bit easier to take. We are sailing the Davina in January. The Yacht Club experience, as you describe it, is exactly what we are looking forward to. Thanks for sharing.
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