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  1. OK, I called NCL and confirmed that there is no policy of seating small requesting parties together (if they request, and many MANY cruisers do request this, on other lines). On NCL, by policy, NCL will turn you down. The NCL rep did say that the NCLTeppanyaki restaurant does (by default) serve to large tables only, so everyone can enjoy the Benihana style chef, at the table experience. So if you do choose NCL Teppanyaki, and are in a small party, you will dine at the same table, as some of your other fellow cruiser diners. Thanks for all your tips, as selecting the main dining at rush hour, may be the way to go, for us, cast of characters entertained folk, to get to know as many fellow passengers as possible. I think having an early-n-cruise chit chat with the Maître D on this topic, couldn't hurt either. Think we will give it a try, cause it's been several years since we NCL'd Cya aboard... and maybe, just maybe... get to chit chat with ya
  2. Hi All, We were thinking of cruising on the GEM next season, and we typically avoid Norwegian, due to a Norwegian dining policy, that jibes with one of our favorite reasons to cruise. We enjoy the main dining room for every meal. We enjoy sharing a large table with others on the cruise, other cruisers that we have not met prior. Our typical protocol is to show up for breakfast and lunch at the main dining room, during regular service hours. We approach the main dining room and ask to share a large table, with others. We have had wonderful experiences doing this on many other cruise lines, but not Norwegian. The few times I have tried this on Norwegian, we were turned down. Small table for the 2 of us, no exceptions. Does Norwegian still have this policy of not seating cruisers in group dining tables? !!! If so, no GEM for us !!! Also dinner, No large table dining with our ship mates? Only a small table for the two of us? Not happening for us if this is still the Norwegian rule
  3. Cabo, Medano Beach, advise.... take your time browsing about the vendors (jet skis are randomly located water front), sign nothing, leave no deposit, pay cash upfront for a single hour
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