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  1. Cabo, Medano Beach, advise.... take your time browsing about the vendors (jet skis are randomly located water front), sign nothing, leave no deposit, pay cash upfront for a single hour
  2. Oops, Oops, Oops El Cid has several resorts, the small El Cid Marina resort is different from the giant El Cid El Morro Beach resort. The El Cid Marina is a much smaller resort that fronts the small artificial harbor entrance. The ocean beach area of this marina club is accessed by a very short water taxi ride, and this area of ocean beach has very little vendor or nearby eatery activity.. This small marina resort is typically very quiet, thus would be preferred by the cruiser seeking an extremely solitary experience. The ocean beach area of this marina resort often hosts the cruise ship beach tours, catering to the "cruise tour only" beach privacy and safety experience. Because of cruise tour security, the Marina resort would very likely limit access to this beach area to registered hotel guests (or wrist banded day use guests). Alternately, the El Cid El Morro Beach is a giant beach front resort, and the resort suggested for cruise passengers seeking an affordable "pay as you go" interesting welcoming resort experience with plenty to see and do. Because of the likely cruise ship tour at the El Cid Marina beach area, it is not suggested that you select the El Cid Marina for an independent affordable day use experience. There are dozens of fine quiet resorts that would provide a similar quiet experience without the cruise tour "stay away" security issue. It would even seem that the El Cid Marina would not allow a $70 paying day use visitor to enjoy the cruise passenger assigned beach area seating, as the cruise line frowns on cruise passengers "sneaking in" joining a higher paying tour experience, thus your assigned beach area seating would likely be away from the cruise passengers. But if ya really got your sights set on trying to join in a cruise tour beach day experience, pay the $70 and go for it. bottom line, better to visit the giant El Cid El Morro Beach resort and not mess with trying (and likely failing) to join your cruise line beach day tour at the El Cid Marina resort.
  3. Mexican Riviera cruises port mid week (slow time for resorts), thus almost all are extremely welcoming to the drink ordering (followed by a generous tipping) typical cruiser. The El Cid El Morro Beach is one of the most friendly and welcoming. Sure, if you walk up with a wad of cash to the front desk, they will kindly accept as much as possible. Suggest you pay the $8 one way fare on a delightful open air pulmonia taxi, walk right in like you own the palce, select a seating location of your liking, spend $20 on cool drinks and tips, take a walk on the beach and purchase a $2 shrimp taco from a nearby kind vendor, have a delightful experience, or pay $70 pp for a marginal all you can eat/drink experience with a "feel included" wrist band and have a lesser experience. In the most unlikely event that a very unusual aggressive El Cid El Morro Beach employee suggests you pay a day use fee, respond with this statement => "My family church is thinking of buying a time share in Mazatlan, and they asked us to visit the resorts... I like this one, but if we are not welcome to try this resort out, we will leave ". Family. Church and welcoming are Mexican life's definition, thus => end of very unusual aggressive El Cid El Morro Beach employee experience. Talk softly, act politely, give respect, tip generously with newer crisp $1 bills = win in Mexico. . .
  4. Just go, they welcome cruisers with open arms, walk right in, pay as you go, no need for an expensive day pass, have a great ride there and back in an open air pulmonia taxi
  5. Cabo water taxis are independent folks with boats, thus you will have no worries finding one
  6. PV has a lively cruise pier scene with cantina
  7. easiest, most cost & time efficient, Walmart PV, 10 minute walk from cruise ship
  8. Interesting. something new... the dolphin pool is small, very popular, and right near the cruise pier. The ships tour usually sells out, as it is a big hit with passengers. And, like yourself, many many folks have asked this Q here before, with always the same not happening. Perhaps Carnival and Caboadventures are not getting along as well as they used to, so congratulations, have fun, saving $ having booked directly
  9. "Extremely nice" was in reference to the walk, the walk (marina stroll) is extremely nice. Breathless is a new resort Marina front. The most beautiful ambiance for most cruisers... is the bay view (not marina view), which includes the cruise ship, and an assortment of other interesting sights. The water taxi's are relatively affordable. The Mexican people are very kind, but will ask high prices. A kind cruiser smile with a calm tone (replying with a low $ counter offer) will reward the patient cruiser with amazing deals. There is a 10 peso government dock fee (usually paid with $1) good for a departure and return trip (keep the small receipt). Have Fun!
  10. No, Cruise line books entire dolphin arena on port day. No one dolphins, but cruise passengers, on port day
  11. La Paz, Whale Shark tour or Tecolote Beach, skip La Paz town center
  12. 2 things, Cabo is a deep water port in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, thus the normal high seas (rough ocean conditions) are normal. Snorkel in Cabo in boring (not interesting sea life to observe). Best to check weather (sea) conditions on the day prior to arriving, and book last minute by email or with the cruise line
  13. Barceló Karmina, expensive Las Hadas, less expensive (Movie "10", Dudley Moore, Bo Derek) Playa la Audiencia, FREE! (our choice) Google each for contact, info and pics
  14. extremely nice and easy marina stroll (all the way around), a $3 water taxi would be faster (Breathless is right across the channel entry from the cruise pier)
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