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  1. So hurt you didn’t choose Galveston to sail from. Lol. I’ve cruised solo on Carnival and my table mates were all solo. Someone in the roll call did a cocktail 2 hours and I got to meet quite a few people. I think it cost about $30. It wasn’t a bad cruise at all.
  2. Walking the plank to board the ship Sitting on my balcony watching the sky and ocean Martini bar Sitting on deck people watching
  3. I l&s yesterday because final payment was due and I doubt the Apex December cruise will happen. I didn’t want to chance l&s not being an option after September 30th.
  4. I’m a solo cruiser. I’ve taken 3 TA cruises one being a b2b. I spend my sea days reading and attending the lectures. Join the roll call and join some of the private tours. Some don’t mind solo travelers. There is always a good crowd at the martini bar in the evening willing to tell you their story. Nice people watching spot also. Be mindful with the new normal things maybe a lot different.
  5. I retired 12/31/19. My plan was to travel most of this year. We all know how that went. I usually travel solo and thought booking a suite for just me was a waste of money. I’m going to book a suite. I’m going to watch the sun rise. I’m going to live my best me. Now I’m going sing happy birthday to the little guy in the photo. He is 13 today.
  6. That sounds good all but the Covid19.
  7. I have been looking at the September transpacific cruise on the Solstice and the cruise after that. I’m booked on the Apex in December but I think it’s 50/50 weather or not she will sail.
  8. My original hope was September. I have a cruise booked for December 26th and looking at what’s going on here in Texas my bet is April 1, 2021 for $20.
  9. If I understand correctly, isn’t this the travel agent’s problem? Don’t they have insurance for mistakes they make?
  10. Welcome to solo cruising. You’ll be fine. It happens more frequently than you may imagine. Enjoy.
  11. I did a New Year cruise on NCL 2019/2020. Never again unless it’s free. Just to many children. I’m trying Apex this year.
  12. I started in my 30’s. I’m now 62.
  13. I called Celebrity 3 times and got 3 different answers. Has anyone purchased the wine package? Is it wine only or do you get water and soda too?
  14. No. One person in the cabin can purchase and not the others.
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