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  1. Are the Sunset balconies partially covered?
  2. Is that the same for Aqua class, no real balcony?
  3. So sad here too! At our Starbucks they won't even let you use a reusable cup. They give you a paper cup & then you can pour it in your own cup! I'm getting the second dose of the vaccine this Friday, so early March, we are going to eat inside at a real restaurant. It's the little things 😀
  4. We love the coffee on Celebrity because our first few cruises were on Princess! They have the worst coffee, IMHO. Now when we sail Princess, we must have the beverage package so we can pick up coffee on our way to the dining room!
  5. We sail both Celebrity & Princess and find that they are very similar. One thing we like about Princess is the availability of self-serve laundry. On long cruises or when we are traveling for several days before the cruise , it comes in handy!
  6. I usually book Aqua class especially for blu, but I don't remember having lobster. It's not a favorite of mine unless I'm in New England!
  7. That's great to hear! We are more than a year out but I'm thinking Air New Zealand is probably our best choice for a non-stop flight from LA. We plan to fly from NYC to LAX a couple of days before we fly to New Zealand. We are looking for a one way flight because we are booked on a repositioning cruise from Auckland to San Francisco in April on Princess!
  8. Good Luck to those booked in 2021, here's hoping everything goes your way!
  9. Thanks everyone for the feedback! Glad to here that many of you have had a good experience!
  10. We have a cruise booked for March 2022 on the Eclipse leaving from New Zealand. Booked airfare with Princess in the past but never with Celebrity. We have gotten some great deals with Princess. Should I expect the same with Celebrity? Would love to get the pros & cons with Celebrity? Thanks!
  11. I don't often take Princess tours but did last February on the Coral in Costa Rica. We visited the hot springs at Arenal volcano and ate at a hotel there. It was a buffet with rice, beans chicken & fish and a couple of salads. There was pudding for dessert. It was pretty good & no drinks were included.
  12. Basic cold/flu meds including cough syrup & pain relievers. My husband caught the flu this past September on a 16 day Crown Princess transatlantic. He was sick for the last 8 days. They gave him Tamiflu for 5 days at a cost of $125 which didn't seem to do much plus $18 for 12 generic Tylenol and $24 for a small bottle of cough syrup ( a brand from the dollar store). We have learned our lesson about bringing the basics!
  13. At least they are in Japan, I'd rather be sick there than a lot of other places in the world!
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