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  1. @POA1, Jumping in briefly here to wish you, the Mrs., DFIL & Poohby a super Holiday. Just home ourselves from the K'dam so looking forward to settling in, catching up & following along with your adventure now. Cheers. Dogstar.
  2. Will do @canadianbear. I'll take more specific shots but here's a teaser in the meantime ...
  3. Rest assured you will feel the bass! 🤘🏻 Thanks @POA1, much appreciated. Enjoy your cruise. Catch you on the flipside! Rock on !!! 🤘🏻 You can't go wrong with the BB Kings Blues Club & Rolling Stone Rock Room. A few young'uns having a go groovin' on the RSRR dance floor ... everybody's having a great time encouraging them to join in the fun. Cute to watch. 👍🏻
  4. Currently two Main Stage shows nightly right now on our K'dam 11-night cruise. 7pm & 9pm.
  5. *** Posting from Anse Mitan (Martinique) so beachside wifi is slow. Here's a few pics to go along with my earlier comments ... more to follow as time & wifi permits. ***
  6. [ Tue 11-Dec-2018 ] One word: F A N T A S T I C Wow. Incredible. Awesome. Dynamic. Fun. The band rocked the room, the crowd rocked the ship! Do you like to watch, listen, sit, stand, clap, shake, bounce &/or dance? In the immortal words of Nike, just do it! Congratulations to HAL, they hit it out of the park with this one. A Grand Slam home run! For this entertainment venue alone Mrs. Dogstar & I would definitely return to the K'dam, & her sister Nieuw Statendam, again & again. Roll it out across the HAL fleet asap, please. R O C K O N ! ! ! 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻 *** Posting this from beachside bar in Anse Mitan (Martinique) so wifi is slow. Will share more photos & video later. For now it's back to the beach, ocean & bevvies! ***
  7. *** posting from Siint Maarten beachfront bat WiFi so no photos today ~ slow! Will share pics later *** [ @0bnxshs ] Drydock (re)construction ~ completed; no visible evidence of debris, contractors, etc. [ @VMax1700, @diamondj, @flygirl2 ] Smoking area ~ designated permission restricted to (i) Casino (Deck 3, Promenade), (ii) Sun Bar (Deck 11, Sun), & (iii) Sea View Pool 'starboard side' adjacent to Bar, contrary to HAL FAQ's 'port side' notation (Deck 9, Lido). Sorry, as non-smokers we vote 'Fail'. 👎🏻 E-cigarettes ~ designated permission same as Smoking, plus staterooms; mildly noticeable periodically in stateroom corridor. Sorry, as non-smokers we vote 'Epic Fail'. 👎🏻👎🏻 [ @aliaschief ] Rolling Stone Rock Room ~ new venue, replaced Lincoln Center Stage location across from Billboatf Onboard (Deck 2, Plaza); Fantastic! 💃🏼🕺🏼 [ @aliaschief ] Lincoln Center Stage ~ relocated to Queen’s Lounge; shared with BB King’s Blues Club (Decks 2 & 3, Plaza & Promenade). 🎶 [ @rothbury ] Billboard Onboard ~ yes, appies buffet during 1600-1700h cocktail hour (Deck 2, Plaza). 🍻 [ @aliaschief ] Club Orange ~ new VIP program, dining venue replaced Culinary Arts Center space (Deck 2, Plaza). 🍊 [ @rothbury ] Notes, Blend ~ both survived makeover (Deck 2, Plaza). 🍷 [ @*Miss G* ] Wine Steward ~ interactive, knowledgable & attentive 'human' service, not a self-serve 'tablet', in Main Dining Room; we purchased the Somelier Suite 'Cellar No. 1' 6-bottles package in MDR (Early seating, table for 2, starboard window; Deck 3, Promenade). 🍾🍷 HAL Connect ~ Internet data packages are (i) Social Plan ($14.99 USD per day, or $84.99 USD for 10 days*), (ii) Surf Plan ($24.99; $129.99*), Premium Plan ($29.99; $179.99*); *note ~ unknown if there was a 11-day option to match our cruise length since I only checked on Day 2. 📱💻 Other observations ... Stateroom throne ~ angled design unchanged, at least in our 'VA' Verandah; while a snug fit (I'm 6'3" tall) it's functional for the intended purpose. 🚽 Hot tubs ~ operating hours are when? Time is not posted anywhere adjacent to the pools/tubs, in the daily hardcopy 'When & Where' or the online 'Navigator'; For us early'ish risers they were unavailable at 0700h, 0800h, 0900h; Attendant eventually opened Lido Pool tubs at 0920h on Day 2 morning, at least. Remaining days/times TBD. 🛀 Digital Photo Package ~ we paid $99 USD in advance; offered onboard, with prints, for $299.99 USD; digital service not functional upon embarkation; Photo Centre (Deck 3, Promenade) is placing our hardcopy prints into a folio while awaiting system access in the next day or so of this voyage; Results TBD, but in the interim since it's unlimited we're having a ton of fun having photos taken at every opportunity instead of avoiding the ship photographers like we usually do. 📸
  8. Bye everyone !!! * photo grab courtesy of my IT guys watching us from work. 😉
  9. Munster Drill 🤪 completed. Gangway pulled away. Lines are dropped. Sail Away has started. 🎉 *** [ @VMax1700 ] Stairwell still in casino between Decks 2 & 3. [ @mytleturtle] Retreat ~ Family Cabana appears to have 2 x loungers, 1 x sofa, 2 x small tables. *** Lots more of The Mission to complete. But first it's time for another research beverage. 🤣
  10. Happy Monday !!! 🎉 We're now in the Port Everglades Pier 26 Holding Pen awaiting our turn (aka Group 9) to board the Koningsdam, her inaugural post-first drydock shakedown cruise. The Mission put before us by you kind folks for the better good (aka HAL CC Community) is to seek & report back, with the help of fellow cruisers (aka Addicts), is the following: ***  Music Walk ~ re-arrangement Rolling Stone Rock Room ~ new venue, replace Lincoln Center Stage location [ @aliaschief ] Lincoln Center Stage ~ share with BB King’s Blues Club in Queen’s Lounge [ @aliaschief ] Culinary Arts ~ cooking demos in Queen’s Lounge, with mobile stoves [ @aliaschief, @iflyrc5 ] Club Orange ~ new program, dining venue replace Culinary Arts Center location [ @aliaschief ] Queen’s Lounge ~ noise isolation windows [ @twodjs ] Internet 3-tier packages ~ implementation Casino ~ smoke-free [ @VMax1700, @diamondj, @flygirl2 ] Aft stairs between Decks 2 & 3 ~ remove [ @VMax1700 ] Tamarind Bar (Silk Bar) ~ separate from Tamarind Restaurant [ @Krazy Nami Sushi ~ separate from Tamarind, a la carte sushi ordering [ @flyrobinfly ] Pinnacle Grill ~ lunch with cooking classes [ @ Cooking Class ~ 5* Mariner benefit invitation [ @aliaschief ] Wine ~ lists, discounts [ @VMax1700 ] Wine Steward ~ interactive human, self-serve tablet [ @*Miss G* ] Lido drink stations ~ espresso, cappuccino, etc. Mariner discounts [ @VMax1700 ] Retreat ~ Family Cabana loungers/chairs quantity [ @mytleturtle ] Notes, Blend ~ survived makeover [ @rothbury ] Billboard Onboard ~ buffet during cocktail hour [ @rothbury ] Plus ...  Reports [ @Krazy Kruizers ] Photographs ~ just because, major changes [ @canadianbear, @ski ww ] Construction ~ completion status [ @0bnxshs ] *** I will confess now that my responses may be sporadic over the next few days since I didnt purchase an Internet plan nor do I really want to be "connected" too much when on holiday. Plus Mrs. Dogstar will kick my a** if I don't pay reasonable attention to her. We are on vacation after all. 💁🏼‍♂️ So sit back, relax & enjoy the various Live From's, Almost Live's, blogs etc. being shared by others. In the meantime I'll start the aforementioned research ASAP ... as soon as we get aboard, fetch some beverages, prepare for the obligatory Mustard Drill ( 🤪 ) & celebrate vacay-time at Sail-Away with a Bon Voyage wave back to y'all. 🤟🏻 ☀️🛳🏝
  11. Thanks @Scrapnana for these reminders. I usually miss the actual Sal-Away festivities due to weekend chores or weekday work. Hopefully today I won't ... we're sailing away on the K'dam this afternoon. 🎉 🙋🏼‍♂️ Favour from y'all, please ... kindly grab a webcam screengrab or two for our e-scrapbook. You may even catch a glimpse of a rare @Dogstar & Mrs. Dogstar appearance in FLL/PE along the topside railing, port side, mid-ship. Flying the 🇨🇦 & balancing 🍹's. Happy Monday!!!
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