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  1. W-----WHY E-----does EATING I-----put INCHES G-----GAIN H-----on HIPS T----THIGHS S-----SIPPING WATER C-----CALORIES LESS A-----ALWAYS L-----LIKE pretend to E-----EXERCISE S-----then SEE H-----How O-----OUR W-----WEIGHT S-----SLIPS AWAY L-----LIKE O-----OURSELVES S-----SLIMMER S-----SMILES😊🌝😎
  2. Susan sorry your having so much rain, nothing flooding I hope. Sorry about the tomatoes. I don't care for okra anyway. Figs are nice. Use to love fig newtons.😄 Biloxi trip I presume is for gambling? I would like that. Have fun when you go. Wishing you a good weigh in Thursday.
  3. Hello Izena and anyone reading this. Izena I'm glad your coming in everyday. Your doing such a great job on your weight loss. Glad it gives you support and you give us support by doing so well, makes us say, we can do it to. Happy you will not have to worry about the man and his dogs. Always someone who don't think the rules apply to them. Yes hope people get the vaccine so covid cases slow down again. Really rising fast now. Take care all--See you Thursday.
  4. Izena--I'm glad, I was thinking I shouldn't of said anything. Yes your son is amazing. Sorry about your friends, we love them but they can get jealous and sure they wish they would of done as well as you are. Your doing this for you and no one else and you did and are doing a GREAT JOB! Yes hope Mel is doing well. Like when Diana left she told us. Mel didn't say anything so we always wonder is everything alright. We've had people leave that had been here a long time. Always wonder how they are. Did they reach goal, give up, stay the
  5. Hello on this late Monday evening but since sure no one is reading Good Tuesday morning. Izena--Sorry you had to go though cancer but glad your doing good. Hope you get your implant done and it's paid for. Know that's what you want. Sorry about your granddaughter, but she's being selfish to you and her parents. You all can get sick even if have been vaccinated. She might feel different about vaccine if she was really sick as others were. (sorry my opinion only but it's how I feel) Not a real busy day here, went food shopping, had lawn guy h
  6. Hello All Chris--Good loss. Glad you found something that works for you and giving us the information. This way people can look into it if they want. Bet you'll have a good Dr. visit. Izena---Your right the scale doesn't always tell the tale. But if everyone just keeps at it the numbers will change just maybe as fast as we want. The main thing for us all in here to remember, WE might make goals in here on much we want to lose in a week, month---We might not make it--BUT BE HAPPY THAT YOU LOST! Your weighing less then you did a week o
  7. Hello Jan and Opti and others reading. Jan---Thanks just things I have to deal with and some are not fun. YES motivation is a big and hard word at times. We all need it Sometimes hard to find. Hope you can find it and wear the shorts you want. Sounds like you had a great time with your grandson. Their so small but heavy when holding for a long time. Glad your getting vegetables out of your garden. Have you see the prices in the store? Opti---Glad you lost weight this week with all your hard work. Bet your losing more inches.
  8. Good Morning Everyone--Rise and Shine🌞 Izena---Your doing good, don't think you an go lower on your cals. Your walking, bet more will come off but slowly. Jan---Staying the same better than a gain. Nice you don't give up and enjoy your trainer and keep going. Jo---You'll get that .06 off soon. Could be just water weight or an extra cookie. Susan---Nice loss and good job walking in the heat. Your friend had a good answer! Ombud---Oh so sorry you had to toss the food money wise and food wise. The 1/2 inch could be water
  9. S---Scary C...Crying A---Always worrying L---Looking over and over E--Eyes can't believe the number That's not US--We're always happy to get on the Scale--Aren't WE? Our numbers are going down on the scale--Aren't They? If they aren't we're not scared--WE just get back on track--Don't We? WE keep at this every week no matter what to Lose Weight and to Be Healthy Wishing Everyone a Good weigh-in this Week.
  10. Hello All Don--Your doing the right thing seeing your up a little and getting back on track. I know why are there temptations all around us. Not Fair!😄 Izena--Glad you had no burning pain when you walked today. You've so well in your weight loss. I bet you can maintain, you do so well in eating and walking everyday. Alright where is everyone else this week? Not much talking. Everyone doing great? I'm having a hard time this week eating wise. Things on my mind that are bothering me and that's when I want to eat something.
  11. Evening All Izena--sorry your having trouble with your back. Hope the brace keeps working and you get better each day. You do great walking each day hope you can do it without pain. I know you want to lose but by being the same as 2 weeks ago means you didn't gain on your trip or if you did you got it right off. Aren't you at goal or near it? The last pounds are hard to lose. Keep up the good job your doing. Hope everyone had a good Monday and have a nice evening if reading now. If not have a good Tuesday as you read this then.
  12. Ombud--Glad your having fun with the grandkids. Glad measurement could be going down with better eating even with grandkids there! Weigh to go! Isn't your weather cooling down a little this week? Hope so. Even if Canada opens to late for them to enjoy the cruise season. Alaska rt out of Seattle. The Canadians will be happy so they could go more place and not stay in a hotel when they come back Almost Monday another week starting for some, us that are at home it's just one day after another!😊
  13. Katia--Florida is a state unto it's self. Crazy, not the people per say but how it's run at the moment. Alaska wants people, they depend on cruises. It's Canada who closed their borders and the CDC who made the 7 day rule. Happy that Alaska are going to get some cruises now with the new rule in place for awhile. Opti--A loss is a loss! Plus by exercising your gaining the muscle and they say muscle weighs more. Some people they say measure once a month and in the morning. I think measure anytime and often as you want. Your working hard at it and i
  14. Hello on this Sunday Morning. Katia--My thought about cruising--- CDC made the rules--you follow them even if don't like them or agree. People didn't book because of the rules and now a few are getting by the rules. I wanted a b2b to Alaska and they said NO only 7 day cruises, no b2b. Like only could have 7 day cruises and there doing an 8 day. How did the cruise line get to do that? People had 8 day cruises cancelled and now their sailing one. Yes a NO Brainer all cruisers should have the vaccine. Having non vaccine passengers doesn't make sense. P
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