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  1. Belle

    8 November 2018 Thursday Weigh-in

    Still enjoying cruise, miss you all of course!😊 Might not meet my record of not gaining on a long cruise. Someone is making me eat more it seems..who? Me! Really only eating 2 meals but seems more carbs plus have the coffee card so different coffee and teas with "different" things in them and I don't really drink coffee but it's free! Sounds like your mostly all doing pretty good and/or will be better this week. Take care. From me
  2. Belle

    1 November 2018 Thursday Weigh-in

    Hello all! In Naples today in the rain. Had good weather till now. My eating hasn't been to bad or the drinking! Congrats to the loser's and know the gainer's will get it off. Pacruiser and Jan please feel better soon.
  3. Belle

    25 October 2018 Thursday Weigh-in

    Happy Halloween! Party tonight! Was in Kotor Montenegro (sp) 1st time here beautiful. Take care all. Yes it's been warm might start getting a little cooler. Well see.
  4. Belle

    25 October 2018 Thursday Weigh-in

    Hello from Greece. 10 hrs ahead of you all Greece the next 2 ports too. Welcome back Diana. Did you have a good time? Pacruise thanks for starting the post with a poem. Good loss. Shell, Dane and Shell congrats on the losses. Keep them coming. I'm trying NOT to EAT to much.
  5. Where's Mike and the others? Miss you when you don't come in. Know Diana on a long cruise. Taking shuttle at 3: 30 Ca time to the airport. Then the flights. I use to love to fly but they have ruin it craming people in. Luggage fees ect. Some flights empty seat between me and others and empty seats on plane. Hope it stays that way. Will try and keep in contact a little depends if internet works and how busy I am. You all come in and talk. Have a Happy Halloween! Watch out for the CANDY!
  6. Ok got ya now. I know I would love to do the World Cruise but so much money and have to pay double. No way! Like you rather use the money and take many cruises. I follow the blogs of some who take Hal's World cruise every year. I wonder how they do it and they don't just have inside cabins. Have higher price ones. Must be nice.🚢 More power to them. Enjoy it now never know what can happen. I'm all packed, except carry-on. Got it in one suitcase (under 50 lbs) but had to leave a few things out. Suitcase, carry-on and purse will be heavy.
  7. Jo I lost you.. Think I missed something..What lady? What cruise? $60K? What?
  8. Congrats on the weight loss. That meat and chicken LOOKS SO GOOD! I'm with you on the ice cream too! Love Ice Cream but I've been good and not having any for awhile like you.
  9. Jo I'm glad your surgery went well and you can see better. Have fun on your cruise. Packing now for mine. Well I am when I get off of the computer! ( I do have two days to do it!) The longest cruise I had was 35. Can't wait for 45 days! Wish I could do the Around the World one. The prices and I would have to pay DOUBLE! Don't think so.
  10. Where's everyone? We need you! Come back the boards are up and running! We miss you. Hope you ALL have a good weekend.
  11. Thank you all for the good wishes. Wish you all could come with me. Wouldn't that be fun! I lost 2 lbs for the 2 weeks. Did someone fix the posts..the lines together now. Thank you whoever you are. Jan so sorry you hurt yourself. Hope you feel better day day. Enjoy the wedding and the time away. Shellebelle Congrats on your weight loss for the 2 weeks. Glad you found something that helps you. Rose good loss for the 2 weeks. Aren't you at goal or very near? Your doing so good. I can't wait to be gone 45 days. Most before was 35 days. Deb your doing great, losing 57 lbs since January. Great on the exercise, sorry your hurting. pacruise thanks for starting the posts when you can. Good luck on your 5k. Thinking of getting my thyroid checked next year for many reasons too. cruise42 staying the same and losing 2 lbs good outcome for 2 weeks. Hope everyone comes in the next few days. Wishing all a good weekend.
  12. See I made a couple of mistakes..you can read how many are reading our posts. Then I said hear instead of hear. To late to edit.
  13. Well how do you like the new CC? Least didn't lose our post numbers like we did last time. I should have more numbers. Don't like the double spacing. Also now can't see how many reading our post. I'll be on hear till Sunday night then I'm gone on my cruise. Please someone keep the thread going. Mike said he couldn't do it this time. Who ever gets here first start it please. I'm sorry but I think someone said they could do it. Can't remember who. Just get it started for Thursday, we don't want to lose it. I'll try to come in and maybe try to start but you know how cruises are..either your busy or the internet doesn't work. Will be gone six weeks. Thanks.
  14. Come One Come All This will be a two week weigh-in...Do you have a win Missed you all.... You never call Anything exciting happen while CC was down..Or did you just sit with a frown Hope you just didn't eat all the time...Instead hope you had water with a lime Exercising would of been nice...Then tea with ice Wishing you a Good Morning today...Hope the scale has something nice to say (can't get this post to get the lines together no matter how I try..Always double spaces) Help!
  15. Belle

    We're back for Thursdays!

    shootr and Jan..missed you both and "not talking" The worst!