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  1. S...Struggles T...Tension R...Relaxing Or Running Around To Much E...Eating Right Or Wrong S...Sleeping To Much S...Sleeping Not Enough I'm sure what I posted above we've all had these feelings or actions at one time or another. With the Virus going for so long, staying home and now the fight for everyone to be treated equal. Some doing it the right way, safe protesting and others not. Some areas might not be safe for you. All this adding to the unknown about the virus. Stress, depression show up in many different ways. So Please take care of yourselves. We're all trying to lose weight to be healthy and wear smaller sizes. Right now main thing you don't need more stress. Please don't get upset if you don't lose like you want each week. Know some can diet at this time no problem others it's to hard right now. Just go with how you feel now. Keep checking in, if losing or not. Need to know your alright. You'll know when you will want to eat better and try to lose We've lost people who use to come in, please come back and just check in each week. If staying away because your not losing. Don't stay away. Everyone's welcome. Just nice to talk and say how your day is going. F...........A.........H..........E.............D R..........R..........E..........V.............A I...........E..........R...........E............Y E......................E...........R N...................................Y D... S... Sorry no poem today, thought better to express feelings that some people could be feeling now or have felt and could be feeling soon. Could be us, some that don't come in any more or those that are reading. Everyone has to know whatever your feeling now is alright. But please get help if your really depressed. This is a world we don't know right now.
  2. HI mama and Diana... Mama..Heard on how NCL was going to do their cruising. Other lines will probably do the same. Yes flying will be the hard part. Diana..I did that the other day, clean the outside of the house with the hose, got the dirt and cobwebs gone. Yes got to get the veggies in. Got others veggies to cook too. I did take a nap, couldn't help myself. Hope to sleep better tonight.
  3. Good Morning Pac and Mel...... Unusual start to my day. I couldn't sleep at all last night. Tried everything. Gave up. Got up early (which I hate) Did some laundry and cooked some asparagus before it got hot today. (needed to be cooked) So had some for breakfast with some toasted bread and tea. Who said you had to have breakfast food for breakfast..I have breakfast food for dinner! Got you both beat..5' 5' Mel like what you read..yes I would like to walk pass 2020. First 5 months have been something and don't know how the summer will be or even the rest of the year. Only can wish for the best. You two take care, stay awake. I don't usually take naps but might today. Off to try to do some work. Won't promise!
  4. Hello Pac, Diana and Mel..Having hot weather here too. Just made a cold drink with strawberries ans banana. Not doing much... just wishing our world will stop spinning and get well and peaceful for everyone. We all are ONE human race. Take care.
  5. Good Morning All. Hope you all had a good nights sleep and have a bright happy day.
  6. Good Afternoon All. Having a good Sunday? Staying Safe? Take Care. Mel sorry you can't take the free cruise, hoping another might come along in the next few years that you can take. I had another offer from another cruise line won't take it because you have to fly even thro next year don't want to fly yet. Just hope another will come along.
  7. Diana I have 2 coastal booked for next April just waiting to see what happens till then. Always can cancel. I know cruise lines want to make money but with so many ships taking crews home and ports closed..I think with winter coming and not knowing about virus coming back then, I think Jan, 2021 sounds like a good time to start cruises. But I know they will start Mexico and the Caribbean as soon as they can. Forgot to say my take out lunch with my son and daughter was very nice. Nice to see them at the same time. Weather was nice, sat outside on the patio under umbrella. Mexican food and drinks, then cake and ice cream, I know to much food. But son was surprised with cake and ice cream for his birthday. So a good day. Then in evening watching TV, so sad what starts out as peaceful protest turns ugly. Now in so many states. Always the ones who are trying to make a peaceful statement and then the others who use it to loot, start fires. People get hurt or killed. They steal and destroy their own towns. So sad. The world going thru so much and now this... another sad point is there will be some people getting the virus by so many people being together yelling, shouting and not wearing masks. I forget where everyone lives but please be careful out there. Wear your masks, main thing stay home if you can.
  8. Good Afternoon All..Hope your day is going well even with everything going on the world today. No wonder everyone likes the 1950's seems like it was a worry free time or the 60's could be a Hippie! ( of course those times had problems to but people seem to forget) Just a shame it seems our world will never be the same again. Rose..Thank You, your so sweet. Happy you lost a few ounces. You know you'll be at goal soon. Your there.. just that at times you'll be a little up or a little down at times. Hope your husband can work from home...if not.. could he retire early? Diana..So glad your dinner out was good. That you felt safe and enjoyed your dinner. Sounds like they had every thing down pat. So sorry you had to cancel your cruise. It hurts. I was sad when my Europe one was cancelled. Aren't you looking for one next year? Mel...So sorry all that running around about the free cruise. Did you know she can get the free cruise and if you stay in the same room with her it's free for you too. Or whoever stays in the room with her. Each just have to pay the port taxes. I have a free one for April and my daughter will go with me for free.
  9. Good Morning All (will be when you read this I'm sure) No night owls like me or you just don't come in late. See we had some "ups and downs" which is par for the course. We would like "downs" all the time but sometimes it doesn't happen. These times are hard with everyone staying home and what's at home.... Boredom and Food! (even with having many things we could do..but don't want to) I think we're all doing good with our" Ups and Downs" we're coming in here being aware of what we're doing even if not doing as well as we want. Just think at these terrible times we're holding our own and not gaining "Tons" Where would we be if we didn't come in these months.. could be up 10--15 pounds. Mel...Nice loss. Think we're all on the same rollercoaster Jan...Your back gotten any better? Hope so. Sorry you had a gain. Why are desserts bad for us? Not fair! Diana...Good you stayed the same after the steak BBQ. Hope your dinner out was good. How did it go? Jo...Nice you loss too and was able to have a few light snacks. I know time is going by fast but slow too. MaiTia...Glad you stayed the same too. Can be hard at the "time of the month." Watch the Chocolate! Pac...Sorry you had a gain but holidays can to that especially with family at home. Mama...Nice your down since March and doing exercise. I can't get up early anymore becoming an afternoon person. Me...I lost a 1 lb. I tell you this same lb keeps going away and then coming back. Hope it doesn't come back. Having a nice day today. Both my son and daughter are coming over for lunch. Take out, on patio with distance, 1st time, remember had each separate days for mothers day. Have to be careful for my son because daughter working in market. Going to celebrate his birthday late which he doesn't know. Cake and ice cream. I can see the lb wanting to come back! Won't let it. Enjoy your Friday and weekend but still come in and talk.
  10. Did you have a loss or stay the same this Thursday You did good no matter what.. you came in today If you have a gain because of the three day weekend You'll get back on track and lose it plus ten Counting today we have four days to lose more weight Then start the Month of June straight Summer will be so different this year Our cruises and vacations aren't near Some states, cities and towns have some things that are open...others do not So enjoying ourselves .. will be whatever.. Some will have choices and some not a lot Trouble is we always have food to enjoy if going out or staying in Hope we can enjoy ourselves by eating healthy and by end of June we will have a Win
  11. Diana..Enjoy your dinner..yes Garage door closed. Be a little cooler on Thursday? I to have been to the Caribbean many times too. Last year did the b2b2b on 2 ships. 28 days! Oh I wish I was on a ship now! Cruising on the sea... of a healthy world.
  12. Sorry Diana at least you got take out and didn't have to cook. Husband will enjoy it another night. Think this way, waiting a little longer to go out.. you can hear/see how things are going in your town and around. Everyone have a good Wed. .
  13. Sorry in one of my posts talking about the virus I said USA.. I meant California. I live in California. The rate is so fast, why I worry about my daughter. The USA/World is Millions which is staggering. Please everyone be safe as things Open Up.
  14. Hello All....Holiday over. Next one July 4th. Wonder where we will be. Semi normal? Hope so. Mel glad you have it a little easier but sorry about the field trips. Sorry you can't see your sister. Don't know why some people don't get it. They don't think about all the people that are effected all around them in so many ways. Diana sounds like a great birthday dinner last night. Made me hungry. Have a good dinner tonight. After write and tell us how it was eating out after 2 1/2 months or so. How they handled it. Be safe. Pac it sounds so easy to eat healthy food and eat no snacks/junk food. But it's not as we know. Know we all have gain or/and loss weight many times but at least we keep trying. WE will never Give Up! Jo I weigh more than then I did on my wedding day too. Plus I'm older too!
  15. Did everyone have a good Monday? Must have been busy or relaxing..no one talked except Diana. Diana I can't understand it either all the people out and about on the TV. Beaches and parks crowded. No masks or staying 6 ft away. Especially today when they said.............,., March 5th the USA had 11 deaths...NOW...over 98 thousands deaths in the USA. And people protesting they want everything open now, no masks, no staying apart beside just nothing to protect. They want it the . same as it was before. Guess what it's never going to be the same...might have to wear masks forever, Who Knows? Diana my daughter bought me strawberries today to. They were on sale and I wanted some plus a few other things. Still worry about her at the market especially after a holiday weekend. She's being careful what else can she do. Now we have two days before weigh-in..how does the week go fast for weigh-in but so slow living/staying each day at home? It's one of those mystery's.
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