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  1. Yes it was nice when it was $10. Still good for$15. Is it still open only on sea days? Hope some port days too. Do you remember when Canaletto was Free? Then $10 now says $19.
  2. Andrea your doing the best thing planning your meals ahead and having things around to eat. I think we lose the best that way but we don't always do it. Great Job! They say at first just diet first, exercise later on. How true who knows? Everyone does it their own way. Just do what you feel.
  3. Melmar and Bolt good loss's. "weigh to go"! Good afternoon all. Hope everyone keeping on track. Anyone exercising? On weekends do you exercise or take it off. Just get exercise by running errands, or going out and having fun? Main question do you exercise at all? Know some of you do but do all of us. I confess I don't do to much. I really do get more on cruises..really walk a lot on them. So I need to cruise 24/7! Enjoy your Sunday what ever your doing!
  4. I read it on Dave's live review of the Zuiderdam that he's posting now. He's posting the programs each day and it says it right there $15 for lunch.
  5. You'll love it. Yes it is the best when ship isn't moving.
  6. In the Caribbean you have to get off. Will take you downstairs..when ship is empty will take you back up. How long you wait will depend when all the b2b's show up. Always seems like someone always shows up late. When you do get back on you can enjoy an almost empty ship for awhile.
  7. Good Afternoon on this Sat. Hope you are doing well. Out of our 100's today. nice day in the 80's. You feel like doing more and not craving ice cream! Sounds like everyone is busy and really trying hard to lose weight for cruises and to get healthy. Good Luck to us all. Everyone have a good weekend.
  8. I would pick the Grand .Know an older ship but has more things to offer. Took to many things away on the Island. The Island isn't like the Coral anymore. Kept the Coral the same and didn't change it like the Island. They were going to at one time but changed their mind.
  9. There is a new game on the ships called The Heist. By Joe Kendra Was on the Grand in May. Think you meet 3 or 4 times on the ship, think mostly sea days, different times like once in morning couple of times in afternoon to get clues to solve the mystery.
  10. I know there is a few good ones that's why said most. One reason what table they give you is how many tables your waiter has at the time. Plus whatever! Least your wait staff is good. Not right you were confirmed for table for 2 and got a bigger table. Hope your enjoying your cruise and not letting this spoil it. Use to have late set dining but enjoy anytime now. Go anytime I want,anywhere I want. Don't have to tell anyone if not going to the dining room.
  11. On Princess ships most of the tables for two are close together. You choose if want to talk with others or not. I find one way not to get a table so close is to eat later when dining room has less people so fewer tables are full. The staging areas are all around. Can't really get to far from them if table for two. That's how the Grand has it.
  12. Thanks Jenny for starting the Thursday Weigh-In. Was gone till late last night and then today busy. I'm up a pound but think it will go off fast, gone all day Wed. and drank a lot of water, been having days in the 100's. Drank more today. Suppose be cooler by Sat. I leave on my cruise in 4 weeks from today. Hope to lose some weight my then, take what I can get. Won't set a goal, sometimes makes it harder. Be happy with what I lose. Welcome ... Carolina...Your sure doing good with all the walking and going to the gym. 2 lb loss is good. Jess...You did good on losing bet you'll start losing more now that you have a plan. Jenny...I hope you get the "food thing" figured out and you feel better. No gain is good. Jo...Come on you can get your small gain off quick. No night snacks. (this is from one too, need to follow my own advice) Robin...Hope your feeling better. Nice loss and getting to a old number is great. Jan...Not a gain that's the main thing. Aren't you at goal or very close to it? Harder to lose at that point. Jasonmom...Good loss this week. Remember whatever you lose by your cruise you'll weigh less than if you didn't try. Andy...Good job getting the gain off. Nice your sister is losing weight with you. Can make it easier at times.
  13. Everyone busy this summer week. Not many talking. Know Diana on her cruise. Hot here, drinking a lot, water, soda and made sun tea. Have to confess.......... had Ice Cream too. love Ice cream, my downfall. But pretty good eating otherwise. OK how are the rest of you doing? Good, Bad or Inbetween?
  14. Daisyloo do you remember how much the taxi was? I'm going from Princess to Holland in FLL. Someone said they saw a sign in the taxi that said $8 (this year) now someone here said $16. Thank you.
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