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  1. Night Owl Here.....Good Morning Everyone. Hope each of you have better weather today. Enjoy your day!
  2. Rose good to see you. Yes I know stress eating taking care of a husband who's sick. I'm so happy he's getting better. I was wondering how he was since you hadn't been on awhile. Glad you have a cruise coming up to relax a bit and have time with your granddaughter. Hope you can come in more often. Annie glad your kitchen and heating is fixed. Enjoy your holiday Hope everyone else is having a good Friday and enjoy your weekend.
  3. During the week I was down, then today it says...Stayed The Same. What a dinner out can do. Is it fair? No. Did I eat right? Kinda.. Made it last 2 meals. That's life and who said life is fair. Rob...You did good you kept your big loss off. Sometimes it doesn't all stay off. Pac...Sorry you had a gain. Know you'll get back on track. Yes feels like we're all friends on here. Jan..Sorry your in pain for doing something good for people. Great loss! Diana...Your doing good another loss. Annie...When will you get your kitchen done? Enjoy time with your grandkids. I have to say I am sad that the people who use to come in aren't any more Know Dave, Snow and sometimes Jo usually comes in later but where are are the rest. Missing Cruise42, shootr, Mike, Rose and all the other people who come in a few times and then don't come back. Sorry I can't remember all your names, know there was the woman from Germany who had a baby, Shellbelle that name stuck. (wonder why)? We've had people that really were doing good and not so good, we enjoyed talking to them. Where are you? This is a weekly weigh-in and you have to come in one day but we like everyone coming in and talking everyday. Tell us your plan, what's working for you or not. We can ask any questions, ask or give tips. We can do whatever you need for us to do. Sometimes we just need a place to vent about our weight..good or bad. We all understand good days and weeks and also understand bad days and weeks. So I hope our pass people and new people start coming in . Summer is around the corner... Really it is even if doesn't feel like the rain, snow and cold will ever stop.
  4. Cold, rain and snow go away We want a warmer Happy Valentine's Day Wishing you a day of love with family and/or friends and be happy If your lucky an evening with the one you love no matter how sappy One thing we have to watch out for.. All the Chocolate that comes in the door One thing that is nice is we weigh the morning before the day of "chocolate" and food Then we have to not eat it anymore after our Valentine's Day ends and be good Would be nice if we didn't have any sweets of any kind Wouldn't have a gain and we would be happy and fine Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!💗
  5. Belle

    2-7-19 Short Month Of February

    Pac..Hope your son enjoyed his birthday dinner also your other dinner with or without peanuts. How's everyone doing? Getting thru the week alright? Mine isn't. One thing got in car wouldn't start. Charging battery, hoping that is all that's wrong. Have to have it check 1st thing in morning when I'm suppose to be some place else. It's an electric plus gas car. Don't know the ends and outs of it. Wish that it only needs a charge and not a new battery. (this is battery for lights and stuff not the car) Eating wise has been ok but might ate to much tonight.
  6. Belle

    2-7-19 Short Month Of February

    Annie so sorry about the heating pipe. Hope it can get fixed soon. I hope this week you'll be able to at least stay the same after eating out often. Snowcamper good job in joining a walking group. I would have a hard time getting out the door to if very cold and icy. Did you make it out?
  7. Belle

    2-7-19 Short Month Of February

    Diana... husband going back to work.... a good thing or bad thing for you? Bad place for training...cold! His job place will be around where you live? He told them he needs the time off for your cruise, I hope?
  8. Belle

    2-7-19 Short Month Of February

    Congrats Rob..a new hole in the belt! Time to buy a new one for your new waist size. Chicken soup sounds good. Your doing such a great job! Hope you have a warmer and less windy day Sunday. Cold and rainy here. been for days and more to come. Drinking hot tea now.
  9. Belle

    2-7-19 Short Month Of February

    Good Morning this Sat. Is everyone doing alright. Know it's cold every where but hope it's warming up a little each day. We're having rain and cold weather (not as cold as some of you) and your having snow and cold weather. You might think our weather is warm and we think it's cold. Hope everyone stays warm and dry and eats well/healthy this weekend. Cruise's are coming closer.
  10. Belle

    2-7-19 Short Month Of February

    Thanks All. Everyone doing pretty good and look at the cruises coming up! Rob you had a great week! 5 lbs lost! 9 lbs till goal and 11 weeks till a cruise. Jan you had a loss no matter if smaller than you wanted almost 20 and a cruise in 9 weeks Diana good loss of a lb! 6 since Oct and a cruise in 10 weeks Pac you had a "not so good week" but know you will lose the gain. You will get back on track June cruise Dave sorry stress at work and the neighbors is making you unhappy. You'll get the 1 lb off a cruise in 50 days Me I stayed the same I to not doing as good as I could. A last minute cruise to Hawaii in 4 weeks and 3 days So we have reason to be good (not that we shouldn't be all the time) WE have cruises coming up! Have a good Friday and weekend.
  11. Did your weight go off as fast Months go by but seems our weights last WE work hard for our loss's that we seek But it seems the days go faster each week We say we will lose this much by this date We would do it if the months didn't go by so fast..something we hate But we have it.. in us this year YOU HEAR Let the weeks and months go by fast this round We're going to have weight loss's each month by the pound So stand up and say..We're not going to take this anymore! Let the months go by fast..we're kicking the pounds out the door
  12. Belle

    Emerald princess

    I think they will do the same things they did to the Ruby and the Crown. Add The Coffee to make it Coffee and Cones. Change the Grill to Salty Dog and add new food. New things at Pizza. Paint the Hull and clean, things like that.
  13. Belle

    1-31-19 Thursday Weigh-In

    Hello All......One day till weigh-in. Know this is a weigh-in thread for us each week but........ wish we would come in more and talk during the week, me included. Tell how we're doing, what we did to stay on track or to say I need help, give me ideas. Like me it's hard not to snack in the evening (sweets or whatever) so trying to drink hot tea instead. Not hard at this time because of the cold weather we're having. Doesn't always work but I'm trying. What's your tip for night eating>
  14. Belle

    Chairs removed to make more room?

    coupeb..Your one of the lucky ones. As I said before was in room for 25 days, (doesn't matter if 7 or 25 + days) said I needed a chair. RS tried a few times. No deal. Told him they were all gone off ship. That's why brought in chair from balcony. RS said he was going to pass that to new people coming on if ask for chair. Better than nothing. Same with tables in insides. No more. There's nothing to use instead.